Women fans held Taiwan's first gender talk show "Love Show", the scene of thousands of spectators full of seats, Yu Ji, Ryan, Huang Xiaofat, Huang Haoping, spicy challenge gender stereotypes, Taiwan Audi President Rahil Ansari and women fans founder Zhang Weixuan dialogue, deeply moved!

The "Show of Love" gender talk show originated from the "I Love My Day" on May 25 every year by women fans, the tradition of "love yourself" has lasted for seven years, and this year is an unprecedented new attempt to break the framework of gender stereotypes through comedy and expand the imagination of diversity and inclusion - gender initiatives can not only be said seriously, but also humorously!

This time, the performance cast has the founder of "Don't Look at Work" Yu Ji, the comedy noble prince Huang Haoping, the comedy mother Sang Huang Xiaochu, and the most handsome girl in the comedy circle, Ray Ray Ray, who represent different role positions among Taiwanese talk show comedians, each with its own topicality, in a pluralistic way, to help everyone choke on those dumbfounding things in the framework.

After the four talk shows on gender issues, there was a master talk hall, in which Taiwan's Audi President Ansari and Women's Fan Founder and CEO Zhang Weixuan conducted a live dialogue in English, and finally ended with a "Wei Xuan Talk Show". Rich activities and gifts, coupled with the appearance and interaction of masters, make the "Show of Love" wonderful and full.

This love show, 60% of the audience raised their hands to say that it was the first time to watch a talk show. After Zhang Weixuan, ceo of the woman fan, took the stage to open and introduce today's process, she gently put her hand on her chest, and looked down with sincere eyes, and a black pressed audience listened attentively, she said:

"Thank you for handing over the first time to a woman fan." - Then, the drama comes!

Que Ji Stage: Love yourself more than once, first self-love, others will love you

The first gender talk show actor to appear on the stage, with multiple identities such as Taipei City Councilor, entrepreneur, talk show actor, YouTuber, Podcaster, etc., greeted the audience's thunderous applause, and Yu Ji walked onto the stage with his usual humorous smile.

At the beginning, he took the initiative to invite the audience to interact, Andi ji also cared about the audience beforehand, took the initiative to search, and found that someone was watching the show of love in Dcard, he asked on the stage, and the audience himself raised his hand on the spot, igniting the atmosphere on and off the stage.

He made more generous jokes about his "multiple identities", humorously introducing the next few blockbuster talk show actors with "epidemic memes".

The "Show of Love" gender talk show, in the end, hopes that everyone will laugh and cherish themselves, and Yu Ji also humorously shares with everyone:

I take a bath before I love myself, because I clean myself and love myself. First self-love, others will love you, so I will love myself every day, once not enough to love twice!

The show of love

Taipei City Councilor Qiu Weijie "I'm not a stinky man, I'm a leprechaun!")

Ryan Stage: What is love? Your laughter is my antidote

Ryan Ray Ray Ray, known as "the most handsome girl in the comedy industry", jumped on stage to greet the audience lively, taking the lead in talking about the biggest sponsor of the "Love Show" Audi Audi, he said, before the talk show, others asked him if he dared to make jokes about sponsor Audi?

Ryan said that he couldn't joke about everything, "Don't make me an Audi joke, just find me an Audi!" Ryan smiled, "You can drive an Audi, who's kidding?"

Ryan teased himself, "Actually, I'm nervous, I'm a person who will make women fans, but I don't understand women's fans," Ryan, who plays with the harmonic terrier and plays like drinking water, uses himself as a model to target the stereotype of "lesbian".

"As a vulnerable ethnic group protected by the government, traditional lesbians should be short-haired, intellectual, and bored... If you laugh too loudly, I will only have short hair." 」 Ryan laughs at himself between his own image and stereotypes, bringing out stereotypes but also bringing out fun.

When comedians are like tightrope walkers, I share my own stories, and jokes are the way we switch. Your laughter is actually my antidote.

Show of Love Ray Ray

Transforming stories that make people afraid and uncomfortable into forms that can be disseminated, and the pain that girls may encounter, through the same reasoning is quietly soothed, bringing not only comfort, but also a vigilance that grows because of insight.

(Interview with Ryan: Transforming father's funeral into laughter, Dad wants you all to laugh!) Interview with Ryan Ray Ray, the most handsome girl in the comedy industry)

Huang Xiaochu Stage: Humorous mothers have been online, enjoying sex while raising children

The third talk show actor is the leader of the only funny girl group in Taiwan, "Funny Girl", Huang Xiaofat, who shares with the audience as soon as she gets on stage, usually when she calls herself "Xiao Fat", the other party will have a reaction of "You are not fat at all!" Huang Xiaochun smiled and nodded, "I just wanted to hear this sentence before I called myself Xiao Fat."

As a female and "mother" talk show actor, in the home of women's fans, Xiao Fat is the most qualified to tell "production jokes", so the tension of the pregnant woman waiting for delivery, the panic during the pain and the "lack of dignity" of being tortured during childbirth, these seemingly terrible topics, are under her energetic body movements, the audience feels the pain as if they are immersed - laughing to the stomach pain.

In addition to pregnancy and childbirth, even breastfeeding can become a joke? Huang Xiaofat mentioned that as a feminist, parenting choices are very difficult, others say that they do not need to be kidnapped and controlled by parenting, but in fact, she enjoys using her breasts to control children, "look at the left, look at the right, stand up!" 」 And not only the children, but also the husband.

With a tacit expression of "you know what I know", Huang Xiaochu's wonderful stage and physical performance caused a burst of laughter in the audience, and the atmosphere gradually increased.

Weaving the trivial things that happen to your mother every day into something that makes people laugh with humor is the magic of Xiao Fat.

(Interview with Xiao Chu: More relieved after 30 years old!) Huang Xiaochu: Studying Human Nature in Comedy, Finding a Mission in Talk Shows)

Huang Haoping Stage: The Boy's Multiverse

Huang Haoping, who had been ridiculed by the three previous talk show actors for a round, finally came on! In anticipation, Haoping played the issue of "discrimination and prejudice" in the gender talk show.

He first explains that this idea exists in every corner of life, because that is the old way people label the world, and it is impossible to disappear, but if "discrimination and prejudice" persists, then can we, to play with the definition of these prejudices, to ridicule the label itself.

Hao Ping then gave several brain-opening examples in a row, making everyone laugh in the audience, but also unconsciously, expanded the imagination of diversity.

At the end, Huang Haoping made a speech that made the audience listen with bated breath, and also talked about his intentions as a comedian.

"Not everyone can stand up to the powerful, not everyone is strong, some of us are weak, we can only make fun of it, turn tragedy into comedy, and regard forgetting words as our own personal traits!" 」 (Laughs)

I know that sometimes we say something and get scolded, but most of us really don't have malicious intentions, and if there are some places tonight that make anyone unhappy, please forgive me, because we're just like the kids who fail in the party, trying to be funny and easing the atmosphere, we don't have malicious intentions, we just want everyone to enjoy the party."

Everyone can define their own way of "facing prejudice", we can be brave and happy, tell the story into paragraphs, and maybe you and I can heal ourselves.

Show of love Huang Haoping

The way he faces discrimination and prejudice is to pick up the microphone and turn the pain into a funny story, healing himself, but also healing everyone who hears the story.

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Ansari, President of Audi Taiwan: Diverse backgrounds are a challenge and a source of solid strength

The task of making the audience laugh until the stomachache in the first half has been gorgeously completed, followed by the master-level blockbuster stage in the second half!

Zhang Weixuan, CEO of Women's Miwusi Media, and Rahil Ansari, President of Taiwan Fox Group and Taiwan Audi, launched a wonderful gender dialogue.

Mr. Anzari joined Audi AG's Sales Control Division in Germany in 2004 and has extensive experience in the management of global distribution at Audi's German headquarters and the Audi India regional market. Since November 2021, he has officially taken over the position of President of Taiwan Fuchs Group and Taiwan Audi, and is the youngest president of Audi.

Born and raised in Germany, Ansari, a German-Indian, can speak five Chinese, diverse backgrounds, and multinational work experience, and the experience of working with different cultural teams, "D&I diversity and inclusion" has become his way of thinking, but this road is not easy.

Ansari shared a story about how, at the age of ten, he came home from a discriminated school and told his mother that he would never speak Hindi again, that he was a German, and that he would be treated the way he did. Mom listened and just quietly told him that you look in the mirror.

The first time he faced racial discrimination, he did not understand it at a young age, and as he grew up, he gradually understood the wisdom of his mother. Along the way, he can now easily share, "These experiences have made me stronger." My approach is: in the face of doubts, redouble my efforts to prove them wrong." This requires perseverance and wisdom, and unremitting backbone.

Ansari also shared his family experience, mentioning that he grew up in a non-traditional Indian family. Unlike the Indian family, where gender roles are rigid, "men do things and women take care of the family", Ansari's mother is an entrepreneur, and his father works under his mother's business, is also responsible for cooking and cooking, and has a good cooking skill." He is more aware that the potential of the enterprise must be achieved through pluralism and inclusion.

Wei Xuan, the executive director of the woman fan, also shared the story of her 18-year-old coming-of-age ceremony and being encouraged by her mother to take the driver's license. At that time, except for the mother, everyone else was dissuaded: "Wait for the man to come and take you", "To give the man who drives the car, have the opportunity to perform to win your heart" Wei Xuan chose to grasp the steering wheel of his life.

"I like speed. The time in the car is my own private time, I can enjoy the freedom not to be disturbed, I can go wherever I want, it is full of power!" 」

Master the steering wheel because you have the ability to take yourself to any far away place

At the master lecture hall, Audi also brought two wonderful short films: one film featured a little girl winning a medal in a racing car, and the other film was an interview between Audi Color and decoration director. Ansari sincerely sent a question to the stage, after reading such content, what are everyone's thoughts and feelings?

Taiwanese girl Wendy generously raises her hand to share her story in German and English. Ansari, president of Audi Taiwan, walked directly to her and listened to her share.

Wendy says the film reminds her of her father, who died ten years ago. "My father's first car was the Audi, and I grew up in the back seat of the Audi." She remembered her father, who was the eldest son and eldest grandson, whose first child was a woman, and who was always infinitely supportive of her under the pressure of succession.

"Dad saw me as a gem and supported and encouraged me to break through all challenges. This film reminds me of the blessings my father had given me, as if he were still with me at this moment." As we listened from the audience, our eyes instantly turned red.

Another Celine raised her hand to continue the touching atmosphere, confessing to enjoying the Audi Color and Decoration Director film, featuring an older female designer, "because there are few elderly women in car advertisements, it also breaks the imagination of 'who' designs the car."

Then she turned sharply and looked at President Ansari who came to her, "If I can, can I make a wish?" Ansari responded softly, "Of course." She went on to say, "I want to make a wish that there will be more women and multi-ethnic spokespersons in the Audi ads in Taiwan." In this way, in the future, every little girl in Taiwan can imagine herself driving an Audi car to a more free and liberated future. I used to be this little girl. Can I count on you?"

"You can count on me. Mr. Ansari took a step forward and held out his hand to shake her hand, and the audience applauded.

After President Ansari stepped on the stage, he repeated the names of the speakers just now, invited them to dinner, listened to more suggestions, and personally demonstrated Audi's corporate culture of "Listen / Learn / Exchange / Inclusive Inclusion".

On this night, thousands of spectators witnessed the openness and wisdom of Anzari, president of Audi Taiwan, which is a fountain of strength brought by diversity, equality and inclusion (DEI). As an enterprise that attaches great importance to diversity and integration and DEI, Audi will not stop at the pace of progress and continue to move towards a more successful and diversified future.

And tonight, everything that women fans do continue to use humor and love, dissolve the gender framework, share power, become a lamp in people's hearts, and guide the direction of pluralistic communion. Even if you pass through a chaos, you can bravely join hands and explore the far place you want together.

Straight to the afterword

This year, women's fans chose a venue that can comfortably accommodate thousands of spectators, and it was full on the day. Before entering the venue, the audience took photos with the back panel of the "Show of Love" in the hall, and there were also various interesting golden sentences on the ground that could interact with each other:

  • "No need to light up, I am my own light"
  • "Don't get me wrong?" I only bloom for myself."
  • "Be gentle and firm to yourself, have DEI cover you!"
  • "Master the steering wheel, I'll decide where to go today!"

Everyone who entered the venue received a gift bag containing Bio-Oil Bailuo's Bailuo Moisturizing Gel, Xi Xi Kang Pu Tea, Heaven and Earth Combination EXX Bright Collagen Beauty Drink, Green Vine Vitality Subtraction Maintenance Trial Group, and also thanked the Kimo Emotional Balance Gummies, RhinoShield Rhino Shield, and Whofor Wuerfu Light Jewelry Jewelry for the open lottery, which brought health and pleasure surprises.