As dei's concept of diversity and inclusion blossoms, creative workers around the world have incorporated it into their work. If you're curious, read on!

What kind of person do you think can run a marathon?

Man? Woman? Child? Or can anyone?

The promotional poster for the 2023 Tokyo Marathon is eye-catching!

Photo | Tokuyo Marathon Foundation

Retro tones and diagonal composition create an overall sense of rhythm and dynamics, driving the lively atmosphere of marathon events;

Wearing clogs, leather shoes, snow boots, heels, sneakers and other types of shoes, with different outfits and feet that cannot see the upper body, symbolizes people across gender, culture, race, whether it is a game or daily life can participate in it, towards a better tomorrow "step forward", let people full of infinite imagination.

DEI (Diversity, Equity & Inclusion) pluralism and inclusion is a common trend in contemporary social development.

In addition to seeing the uniqueness of different genders, religions, races and sexual orientations, and attaching importance to and accepting their diversity and differences, many groups, organizations, and institutions have gradually joined the ranks of promoting DEI to jointly create a fair and friendly environment, so that multiple individuals can find their own value and sense of belonging in the process of participation.

As DEI is gradually accepted by the world, "pluralistic communion" has changed from an abstract concept in language communication to a physical output that can be seen and touched, some are full of childlike fun, some are thought-provoking, next, let's take a look at these cute works related to DEI!

We are all the same V.S. We are all different

Picture | picture book author Elise Gravel IG

Canadian picture book author Elise Gravel's works often take the concept of "diversity and inclusion" as the starting point, using intuitive and childlike creative techniques to impress readers large and small as long as they have seen it.

She also shares these visual works on her own website, providing parents, teachers, libraries and other educators related to children's education, and printing posters of her works for free (only for educational purposes) to convey multiple values.

Picture | picture book author Elise Gravel IG

Picture | picture book author Elise Gravel IG

Picture | picture book author Elise Gravel IG

Portugal IKEA: Build our home together!

Image | designer Maria Figas & Sara Ferreira

In 2021, two Portuguese designers worked together to produce a series of visual designs for the local IKEA's Equality, Diversity & Inclusion Week (ED&I).

With the slogan "Build Our Home Together", the event featured IKEA's most iconic product assembly features; The classic logo is remade in the hand, and the "IKEA" is full of vitality, highlighting the core of IKEA's human-centered design.

The colorful little people outlined by the simple lines will include adults, the elderly, children, the disabled and other ethnic groups, from the visual image of the brand's ideal of equality, diversity and tolerance, and look forward to everyone can easily build a safe and comfortable home through IKEA.

Image | designer Maria Figas & Sara Ferreira

As a world-class chain jewelry brand, IKEA has been working towards a diversified and inclusive tomorrow, and looks forward to bringing more inspiration and surprises to people every exposure.

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Nintendo Japan: Advocate the partnership system and create an equal rights environment

Image | the official website of Nintendo Corporation of Japan

"Let everyone associated with Nintendo smile!"

In July 2022, Nintendo of Japan updated the "CSR Intelligence" information on the company's official website, advocating the company's internal "partner system" norms, and explicitly prohibiting all kinds of differentiated speech and sexual harassment related to gender identity, hoping that members from diverse backgrounds and different characteristics can work in an equal and high-quality workplace environment.

At the same time, Nintendo is also promoting the promotion of female activity, and expects to increase the proportion of female regular employees to more than 30% in the five years starting in 2021, saying that "the use of a variety of talents is an indispensable focus for improving the company's comprehensive capabilities."

In Japan, where gender equality and same-sex marriage issues are relatively conservative, Nintendo's CSR policies in recent years have not only kept pace with the times, reflected the trend of the times and the potential needs of society, but also become one of the benchmarks for Japan to move towards a pluralistic and inclusive society.

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Our love is absolutely equal

Image | artist Lauren Mitchell

Absolut Vodka, a world-renowned vintner, has partnered with South African artist Lauren Mitchell to demonstrate the Absolut Creative Competition in 2019, promoting "Wherever we come from, we are human; Everyone should have the freedom to express themselves and all genders are equal" brand belief.

The creative competition features participants from all over the world and showcases the unique charm of diverse values, such as the following works:

Photo | Photo by Daniel Devoy on Absolut Creative Competition

Photo | Photo by Anda Mncayi on Absolut Creative Competition

In fact, the brand has been working with artists since 1986. It is said that the master of modern art Andy. Andy Warhol, who once brought the bottle of "absolute vodka" to the club, showed off his use as aftershave (a liquid that men apply to shaved areas after shaving, which may contain antibacterial agents such as sex-denaturing alcohol to avoid post-shaving infection), and declared, "I like this bottle, I want to do something with it." [1]

Since then, Andy. Warhol became the first artist to create original work for Absolut, and the brand embarked on an influential campaign, collaborating more than 100 times with contemporary artists.

Shaping self-identity: a new generation of "Barbie" dolls

Image | Mattel

Since the launch of Barbie in 1959, we can find mattel, Inc. constantly updating the image of Barbie dolls with the trend of the world.

From 60 years ago, every girl wanted to have blonde hair, blue eyes, exquisite figure, thin and slender limbs, to today's diversified appearance of a wide range of skin colors, body shapes, traits, and genders, in addition to reflecting the gradual liberation of the capital market from a more single value, but also gives every child the opportunity to find their own role model in the process of growing up, stimulate imagination, and establish self-identity from the inside out.

"Barbie is not just a doll, she's also a pop culture icon. She has proven her staying power by continuing to lead and reinvent the fashion doll category by remaining timely and timely." Mattel President and Chief Operating Officer Richard Dixon has said so. [2]

The new generation of Barbie dolls embraces all ethnic groups and professions, sends a positive message of "you have unlimited possibilities" to children, and lets children know that no matter what they look like and what kind of person they want to become, they are worth pursuing and loving.

Image | Mattel

In a new series of "Inspiring Women", launched in recent years, Mattel has embodied the world's great women, proving that a doll not only stimulates children's imagination of themselves, but also explains to them the importance of concepts such as equality, respect and honor, and becomes one of the good teaching materials. [3]

Image | Mattel

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The "Tree of Diversity" that houses the flags of many countries

Image | designer Diego Morales

Diego Morales, a designer who lives in San Francisco, USA, creates a mural of the Tree of Diversity to promote the concept of diversity.

"As designers, we always need to express what we really believe in. Now, more than ever, we need to talk about diversity. Using a bunch of different elements from the World Flag, we created the 'Tree of Diversity.' This image was drawn by The Margin Agency in Richmond, Virginia."

Let's take a closer look, can you find the flags of which countries are on it?

Image | designer Diego Morales

After reading the above visual works, do you have a deeper understanding of DEI?

"Pluralistic inclusion" is not just a slogan, but also an objective fact in life, and the difference lies only in whether our perspective on the world is broad enough to perceive and tolerate the existence of "difference".

If you'd like to, welcome to start with any small change in your daily life and work with us to create a more equal world.