Hey, 2022 first half over, are you doing well? For half a year, you may experience the panic of the epidemic, the diagnosis of yourself or your relatives and friends around you, there may be changes in work and life, there may be happy moments and troughs, and you have come all the way.

The busier you are, the more you have to keep it for yourself for a while, and get out of the confusion

If your life is busy, your head may have these thoughts floating through from time to time:

"Do I have to switch runways?" Or do you want to keep going?"

"My emotional state is not ideal, what can I do?"

"I'm not sure if I'm on the ideal path..."

If you encounter confusion, how do you usually face it?

Looking at horoscopes, doing mental tests, drawing tarot cards or other forms of divination, and finding people around you to give you advice are all paths that may help.

In fact, you can also try it, turn the direction inward, explore from your subconscious, and retain a period of time to precipitate yourself. Many times, you actually have answers deep in your heart, but you just need some tips and methods to help you see your inner wisdom.

"Don't go outside to see the flowers, my friend, don't bother with the trip." You have flowers in your body, a flower with a thousand petals." —Kabir, "Now, the Flowers Bloom"

Photo | Photo by Han Chenxu on Unsplash

But how exactly do you see the flowers within? How do you explore inner wisdom?

If you want to try easy and fun ways to know and heal yourself and get inspired; I also want to have a time to have a healing conversation with myself and let myself feel recharged; Or, when you are confused, you will have a way to see your true expectations of yourself and find a solution to the problem. We would like to invite you to participate in the healing self-charging experience course of women fans, follow your classmates to use the "ONE MORE TIME Women's Power Awakening Card" produced by women fans, with the journey of women fans to guide questions, start a dialogue with yourself, see the flowers blooming inside you, give you to yourself, and see where you will lead yourself and where you will go.

Female Awakening Card Collector's Edition: Every moment of life, you can live a wonderful life

The Awakening Card is a set of subconscious projection cards that help you project the inner message of the subconscious mind through images and text cards, as well as coaching guides to ask questions.

The subconscious mind influences daily decisions but is not easy to perceive, and through the cards, it is easy to perceive the subconscious and know yourself better

The "iceberg theory" proposed by Freud pointed out that the human mind is an iceberg, the tip of the iceberg on the surface of the water is "consciousness", and the huge iceberg under the surface of the water belongs to the "subconscious", storing many memories, instinctive desires, emotions, dominating our lives, and the subconscious mind is also the internal drive that prompts a person to carry out specific behaviors, which is an important key.

"For Jung, there are many other aspects of the subconscious mind, in addition to shadows, that are nourishing people to grow and thrive, and the more you dig into the content of the subconscious, the more likely you have to make your life complete." 」 - "Subconscious Self-Healing"

Ordinary people use the brain consciousness to think rationally, but there are many deep emotions and behavioral decisions, which are actually affected by their own subconscious and are not easy to detect. Cards are a very effective and easy tool to help yourself become aware. Readers who have used the Awakening Card put it this way:

  • Through the image and talking to yourself, I found that there were different ideas in my mind
  • I actually had the answer in my heart, and the cards helped me find the answer more easily
  • For being aware of yourself, A little worried about not knowing how to reflect, but after drawing the card, the thoughts welled up, super unexpected XDDD

We invite you to sign up for a 2-hour experiential course, embark on this journey, talk to yourself together, practice listening to your inner voice, and finally discover that you have the ability to guide yourself, know yourself better, and heal yourself.

This experiential class is suitable

  1. People who believe they have different possibilities
  2. People who want to increase their awareness
  3. The one who taps into inner wisdom
  4. People who want to know how to use the Awakening Card

You will experience it

  1. Know yourself differently
  2. How to guide yourself and dig for subconscious answers
  3. Use the Awakening Card to manipulate the conversation with yourself
  4. Healing and relaxing journey of self-dialogue

Experience the lesson syllabus

  1. Self-knowledge: Who I am
  2. Explore Yourself: Past Present Future You
  3. Explore the answer: my perception
  4. Heart-warming exchange and sharing

Experience lesson information

  1. How to apply: After logging in, go to the "Fascinating Experience" page and tell us "Why you would like to participate" (we would like to know!). )
  2. Time: 8/13 (Sat) 14:00-16:00 (13:30 Registration)
  3. Location: 12F, No. 102, Guangfu South Road, Taipei City (near Nianguan Station near MRT Country)
  4. Course format: physical experience course, please wear a mask in accordance with the epidemic prevention regulations throughout the whole process
  5. In order to achieve quality, small class teaching is adopted, and only 20 students are accepted
  6. Application Period: From now until 31/7/2022, we will announce the list of participants on the application page on 8/3/2022

Course FAQs

Q: Do I need to prepare cards to participate in this class?

A: The class will prepare card teaching aids for the same group of students to share, if you like to use themselves, welcome to buy cards directly, you can bring use: click I buy the Female Awakening Card Collector's Edition (8/3 from the order order to start shipping).

Introduction of the lecturer

Merci Kuo | Senior Operations Associate of Women Fans
Transition from UIUX designer to product manager, and then from product manager to operations supervisor. He has created the Women's Fan Daily App (2015 Google Play Selected Best Taiwan App), organized the first gender-based violence prevention hackathon, and is also a lecturer in The Womany Original Energy Management Course and the Manmy Original Handbook Application. From one person to leading a cross-functional team, from leading a team to succeeding to replicating the best of a successful experience to a student, look forward to creating moments that inspire others.