Being a parent is invincible and strong, but it also needs to heal the body and mind! 3 ways for parents to take care of their own body and mind in the busy epidemic prevention.

Dear parents, before the summer vacation, they were upset by the suspension of schools, resumption of classes, suspension of classes, online classes, cancellation of clubs, cancellations of travel, etc., and then the children finally let go of the summer vacation, did the parents become more relaxed? - There should be none.

Although children from kindergarten to high school have been vaccinated recently, and the threat posed by the epidemic seems to have slowed down, the parent group still reports from time to time:

  • "Someone in our brother's class was diagnosed, and I have to ask the company for leave to pick up the child QQ."
  • "It was hard to survive until the summer vacation to send ann in-laws class, and as a result, some teachers and students were diagnosed, and the children were taken care of at home..."
  • "My sister has been sick for my sister, I have been taking leave to take care of my children for a week, can I still take leave now when I am diagnosed?" T^T」

Parenting is a profession, and even the major is divided into kindergarten, primary school, middle and high school, middle school, high school and even to the university, if anyone can learn to teach children, then why do teachers study for many years of professional divisions? Epidemic prevention is also a profession, but at this time, parents are required to know everything and do everything.

Women fans want to say to their parents and caregivers, "It's really hard!" In addition, I hope to provide a few ways to soothe the body and mind of parents, you may know it, but you may be too busy to forget...

That's okay, let's think back now!

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3 ways for parents to take care of their own body and mind in the busy epidemic prevention

1. Give yourself the space to be alone

I know that taking care of children is busy, but "without happy parents, there is no happy family", so remember – your happiness is important.

And where does happiness come from? Part of it comes from "doing what you love." So even if you're too busy to finish your work and housework, it's a good idea to leave the chores that don't explode immediately and leave it for yourself for a while when you have a rare little focus time (such as a child napping, before class, or after bedtime at night).

That "ME TIME" time may be reading favorite books, meditating, taking a bath, knitting, watching movies, playing games... as long as it is something that makes you feel relaxed and feels good about yourself.

Stop socializing, warn your family in advance, don't let anyone interrupt your own exclusive moments, you who have been doing things for others, deserve this precious moment and a half.

It is important to be alone, because it allows our souls to return to their place, to re-feel the connection between our breath and the world, and then to recharge our batteries in order to face the infinite problems and endless things of our children again.

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2. Seize the moments to exercise

I know that moms and dads must be too busy to exercise, but "parents" can often be stimulated by various magical potentials, for example, in the middle of the night, when they hear their children's cries, they can wake up instantly, 30 minutes from preparing ingredients to making three dishes and a soup + fruit, shouting that they are late every day but can perfectly control the means of transportation to get to school safely and on time.

So exercise is a small thing that you can do too!

The scene may be half an hour before waking up the child, the quiet morning when the dawn first appears, laying a yoga mat on the ground, waking up the body with exercise or stretching, and then making a nutritious breakfast for several people to start a new day;

Or take the children to the park to let go, while the children climb up and down to dirty themselves, you can learn a variety of "freehand fitness" videos on YouTube, or with jump rope and elastic belt, let yourself also sweat, I believe that the parents who slide the mobile phone next to them will also be moved, gradually, you will find more and more adults exercising in the park.

Over time, your figure and physical fitness will be much better than that of parents of the same age.

Most importantly, the exercise secretion of endorphins can definitely bring you positive help, so that the stress during the epidemic can be released, so that the difficult days can be spent comfortably.

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3. Maintain a social circle and support system

I know that having a child can be like losing a friend, but in fact, friends can help you broaden your horizons, and good friends are good partners on the road to parenting!

Whether you are married or not, whether you have a child or not, this does not affect your appointment with friends to visit your home, or even socialize with children or adults outside.

People live better by dividing up the work, so maybe you can prepare a good table (called takeaway is also very good) to feast on friends, fresh-faced friends can accompany children to play games and bring them new excitement, or find friends with different talents and sports expertise to gather, so that children can experience the diverse world.

Of course, if you are a friend with children of similar ages, the social skills you practice when playing together are a precious experience that parents cannot give.

In addition to the benefits for children, the most important thing is whether there is a benefit to "yourself"? Will you be happy with friends? Have you enjoyed this activity schedule? Don't sacrifice your own happiness just for the sake of others.

Find and build your own social support system, from family, colleagues, neighbors to friends, when you feel vulnerable, remember to ask them for help at the right time, because only by helping each other can we live well in a turbulent environment.

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Fun time in summer, take your children to taichung National Opera House

I believe that many parents in Taichung already know that the "Taichung National Opera House" is a very suitable place for walking children, the museum is bright and spacious, and there is even a warm book area for children to enjoy free high-quality picture books.

This side recommends two programs for parents in local and other counties and cities, and it is also very suitable for taking children to a day trip to Taichung! (Then remember to let yourself relax XD the next day)

I. "The Troubles of animal doctors"

Description: A musical gift   for children Explore the whimsy of animals

When there is a strange disease in the zoo, the animals are isolated, the humans do not come to visit, and the king of all beasts who dare not inject - the lion is scared to escape from the fence... Fortunately, there is an animal doctor to serve as a bridge of communication!

Composed by violinist Li Yijin, cellist Lian Yixian and pianist Wang Peiyao, "The Troubles of animal doctors" is adapted from the famous suite "Animal Carnival" by French composer Saint-Saëns, depicting various animals such as lion roaring, elephant heavy steps and Guo slowly creeping forward through vivid music such as oele, piano and percussion, while guiding children to feel the change of musical speed with animal walking posture and pace rhythm.

Director and choreographer Wang Yuguang will also lead the young dancers of the Cloud Gate Dance Collection Dance Classroom to join this fantasy adventure that combines music, dance, drama and interactive games, and complete the task of animal doctors and solve the physical and mental troubles of animals!

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Show Time :

  • 08/06 (Sat) 11:00, 15:00
  • 08/07 (Sun) 11:00

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2. "Candy House"

Introduction: No matter how sweet the honey   is, it is not as good as finding a way home

This is not only an adventure in a fairy tale world, but also a strange journey that unexpectedly erupts from the daily life that you and I know well...

At the end of the 19th century, the German composer Humperdink's opera "Candy House", which was a sensational success when it was first performed, was called a masterpiece by Mahler, and is still the "introductory opera" regularly performed for teenagers in major operas. Its melody is beautiful and vivid, clear and easy to remember, the tune is rich and deeply infectious, and many of the songs in the play have become well-known children's songs in Europe and have been sung to this day.

This summer, the opera house will give Candy House a new look from a modern perspective. Directed by interdisciplinary artist Ballboss, the exhibition is produced by a medium-sized orchestra, which moves the scene to today, cleverly closing the distance between fairy tales and real-life experiences.

The story describes the daily life of the family of Hancel and Gretel, because the parents are busy filling the fear of "poverty", but ignore the inner world of the children who are eager to have relatives to accompany them; One day, the brothers and sisters accidentally break into a familiar and surreal forest, and while struggling to escape the witch's sugar-coated trap, they also let the family who love each other embark on a magical and profound journey home! In the middle of summer, follow the beautiful and childlike melody to find love for each other from the lost real society.

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Show Time :

  • 08/12 (Fri) 19:30
  • 08/13 (Sat) 14:30
  • 08/14 (Sun) 14:30

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