clash of conflicting movies
How do you balance between Taipei and Kaohsiung, Peking Opera and electrotones, Taiwan and mainland China, traditions, and modernity?
Premier Zhu believes that only "Love" can defuse everything

, walking out of the path to the

film was the dream of the Premier, and when he returned from the United States in 2003, the film was not mature enough, so he entered Goto and began with marketing. After two or three years, he developed a culture of Godot, and also served as a television producer.

In 2009, the release of the "Sea corner 7" allowed Zhu to determine the film's development." No one knew that this film would be a miracle, but the director, Wei De-sheng, was willing to work hard and mentally, to improve the quality of the film and the quality of the product."I was deeply moved, and I thought back when I was back from the United States to make a film," I can't do it now, then what am I waiting for?So it took a year to make preparations, and this was his first film, the first director, a lot of the first time.

order to complete this dream, the director has not only borrowed money from abroad, but even mortgage-backed his own house to raise 20 million dollars."It's easy to do things that you don't have to do," he said. " It's a tough thing to do right at first.You're going to tell you about the dangers and the things that don't work, but if you feel dangerous, that's not going to happen.He says that he has the ability to drill a horn tip, and he believes that one thing needs to be done and a lot of perseverance."I also know that this road is not easy, it's a lot of trouble, but since it's decided, it's going to be done, even more difficult and harder than I thought."Because this is my choice, I have to be responsible."

you still believe in love?

May, Grandma was a traditional Chinese painting master grandpa and a bridge between the grandsons of the cyan grandson who played an electric voice. She not only took care of her grandfather's life, but also her grandson's personality.At the beginning of the show, she died of an incurable disease, and she wrote a family letter hoping that the grandson of the school would take good care of her grandfather.

structure of many of the conflicts in the dramas, Taipei, Kaohsiung, Peking Opera, and electric, Taiwan, and mainland China, traditional, and modern, binary confrontations.How do you balance conflict versus confrontation?Only love and love can dissolve all discord.
of the friends' gatherings, there were probably six or seven pairs of couples who were divorced. The remaining three or four were not divorced, and were probably in dispute over custody or alimony.This surprised him that modern marriages are so fragile that marriage is easy, and that divorce is easier.People have skipped inclusion, tolerance, and grinding."Do you still believe in love?"Do you believe in life?He asked us.Now, more and more progress is being made, and everyone is forgetting patience, communication, coordination, and simple concepts, "The hands of the child, and the old son." If you can't believe in love, then life becomes fragile and there is no hope." Film is the only place to dream.The simplest value is that if you can't be insisted on by everyone, then life is really too hard.I just want everyone to go to the movie theater to see the issue of "coming out of May, crying, laughing, and thinking about love." So, this film is worth it."

's impossible to become possible-Peking Opera is integrated with the

Music is an important link in the May >one of the most important elements.At the beginning, when creating the film, it was necessary to find a musician who could complete the work of the Chinese opera, which was a headache for Zhu.It is very difficult for Peking Opera to be reintegrated in China in the history of the Chinese history, and there are very large rules in it.It wasn't until I heard an album, "I was on a white horse," with an extreme music model, which allowed the Taiwanese opera to return to life.So he contacted Su Twe-ta, and, "It was also a guy who was passionate and very hard to do," in which he worked together to collaborate on the soundtrack of the film."
request to music is that the score should be taken out alone, with beautiful melodies and beautiful scenery, but in the movies, it's a good thing to make a movie out of it, but it doesn't make any sense
""Every detail is full of perseverance, and the score demands perfection."As a result, the theme song < < visit to the
> integrated with Peking Opera and Modern, has been spent about a year and has undergone numerous modifications and has finally been completed.

family book was not sent to her grandson, and was sent to the performer Zhang Miao Xiang, who studied Peking Opera. She was deeply moved by her grandmother, who took care of her grandfather, and decided to complete her last wish.

Bless trees, starting and ending of

For the school in mind, one of the big trees in the dream, the production crew spent three million Yuan, and went to Xinjiang to take the scene.Many people have asked Zhu to go to the east of the Hualien station, and to have a history school, there are also 100 years of history. Why do you have to spend this money?The plot in the film was in China before the liberation of 1945, and as long as there was an audience, seeing a scene suddenly sober, thinking that this image was somewhere in the Taiwan area, he would jump out and come back to reality." The film was originally a dream. I want you to dream, believe in my love, and believe that this dream is a fake, and that it is the biggest failure.He modesty says that as a director, he is not particularly much better than other people, but rather is to use his sincerity to face the audience, and he must therefore follow through with his sincerity.

In addition to financial difficulties, it is also going through a wave when looking for the big tree in the eyes of the old tree.Finally, on the Tianshan Mountains, a vast plateau, the 200 km radius of the square is the golden grass, and they see this tree, a blessed tree, as the starting point and the end point of the love in this piece."This tree has given me great power to believe that any difficulty can be resolved.""Because I insisted I was not going to be angry because I didn't do it because I didn't do it, but I did, and I remember this movie, remember this one, remember this tree, it had its own life, and it was representative.""

represented the tradition, and it also represents the sadness and the unhappiness of the ancestors, how to escape the pain of the loss of Grandma in May, the origin of the "May".But why is it named May?The director still sells Kuanzi. He says that this is the peduncle in the opera, and it has to be seen in the theater before it can feel the fun.

good or bad

A film has no soul, it's a boring thing.In the case of films, Zhu believes that there are no art films, commercial films, and Chinese films. For him, only dickfold, "good-looking and bad"."I hope to go out of May is a good niche, and I can simply let people like to go to the movie theater, and see if people cry and laugh, they will be moved, they will be accepted, and they will be able to appreciate it."He sincerely said that.

don't want to be categorized as a director, but the point is that all my work has to be valid, and it's enough for everyone to feel it, and I hope I can always stick to that.""
the end, the director wants to share:" A lot of things can be decided by themselves, but once a decision is made, both good and bad have to be held responsible for this decision, and must be maintained."" sincerely and firmly, let us feel that his heart is so stubborn, and that we are willing to believe in him, believe in love, believe in yourself, and you?