About the "Women's Fan DEI Vision award for diversity and inclusion"

1. What is the Dei (DBTA) for Women??

Women fans have been working hard for ten years to diversify and integrate, seeing the restructuring of global jobs, and enterprises are facing the attack of lack of work and high turnover. If you want to strengthen your corporate image, recruit outstanding talents, and double your performance, DEI (diversity, fairness, inclusion) is the solution!

The 2022 Women's Fan Planning DBTA Awards for the first time, praising enterprises with DEI policies, hoping to encourage enterprises to join allies and accelerate the positive change of DEI culture in Taiwan's workplace!

2. Why should I participate in the DEI Vision of Diversity Award for Women Fans? What are the benefits for businesses?

This is one of the most challenging times, and community opinion is always more enthusiastic than "encouraging". A business may have been working hard for ten years, and once it is inflamed for 10 seconds, it may be destroyed.

Not only silently doing good deeds, through the "DEI Vision award for diversity and inclusion", the company's multi-inclusive cultivation can be seen by the public:

  • Expand brand benefits and recruit opportunities for talent: Up to 96% of the public pointed out that high-paying benefits are no longer the only indicator of attracting talent, and whether the organization has DEI is a key factor in deciding to join. The DEI Vision Award for Diversity and Inclusion allows talent to see the bright spots of the business, and among the job opportunities under the same conditions, companies willing to invest in a multi-inclusive environment will be slightly better.
  • Strengthen the team's sense of identification with the company and accelerate team effectiveness: The McKinsey report pointed out that companies that promote diversified inclusion have 4 times higher performance in terms of high performance, and a good workplace environment drives business operations. In addition, the "DEI Vision Award for Diversity and Inclusion" can also increase the team's recognition and sense of honor for the company. If you have the corresponding media exposure needs, please contact charminglab@womany.net let us customize the planning for you.

3. How many times is the DEI Vision for Diversity and Inclusion Awards now? What are the co-organizers?

The first edition will be held for dbta in 2022.

Women fans invited linkedIn (LinkedIn), the world's largest human resources platform, to jointly hold the DBTA Awards with Deloitte, the world's leading accounting firm.

In addition to jointly producing the "Diversity Trend Report" and reviewing the credibility of the selection process and indicators, the two companies will also share their own enterprises' years of cultivation in diversity and integration at the award ceremony on October 27, and encourage them to join the participating companies.

4. What are some of the best-known companies that are driving DEI and have a positive impact on them?

At present, most large multinational enterprises have begun to promote the implementation of the DEI policy. Many studies have also shown that DEI multi-integration brings high profits to companies!

A McKinsey & Company survey of 366 U.S., Canadian, and U.K. public companies found that companies in the top quartile of the Gender and Racial Diversity Index made 15-35 percent more financial profits than the median in the industry.

At the same time, the research team also found that for every 10 percent increase in the racial diversity of the corporate level executive team, the company's pre-tax profit increased by 0.8 percent.

What is the difference between DEI and CSR and ESG?

1. What is the difference between DEI and CSR?

CSR, or Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR), covers the strategic concept of corporate external operations and sustainability; DEI is a mobile indicator implemented internally, which affects the employer's brand image and corporate culture.

DEI focuses on the core "people" that are the most critical to corporate sustainability, implements the focus on talents and diversity tolerance, obtains better talents and performance, wins the hearts and minds of the people and the corporate image from the inside out, and recruits talents!

2. What is the difference between DEI and ESG?

ESG consists of 3 abbreviations for E, environment, social responsibility, and corporate governance.

Starting from 2021, under the guidance of ESG goals, the report card of future enterprises will no longer only have simple financial figures and environmental protection carbon emissions, but also focus on human resources and talent sustainability. DEI is the embodiment of human resources and talent sustainability.

Award registration related questions

1. When is the award announcement and award?

Announcement will be made in mid-October, and the Organisers will send out a notice of the award through DEI's dedicated mailbox and invite The Corporate Officer to attend the award ceremony on 27 October. The winners will also be announced on the official website of the Dei Vision Award for Diversity and Inclusion for Women Fans.

2. What kind of companies can sign up to participate?

  • Taiwan enterprises: registered companies or businesses in accordance with the law, established in Taiwan and operating or operating in China, are public and private enterprises in the territory of the Republic of China.

  • Foreign enterprises: company registration or business registration in accordance with the law, established in Taiwan and operating or operating in China, for foreign enterprises within the territory of the Republic of China.

3. What is the definition of influential enterprise, stalwart enterprise, small and medium-sized enterprise, and potential start-up? Why the distinction?

Women fans want to encourage companies of all sizes to promote DEI, so they will distinguish between different levels of enterprises according to "annual revenue" and "founding seniority". Whether the size is large or small, it is important for the internal team and the overall social culture!

The following are the definitions of influential enterprises, stalwart enterprises, small and medium-sized enterprises, and potential start-ups, please select the category when registering:

4. Are there any fees for registration?

There is no registration fee and administration fee for the first edition.

As Taiwan's first diversity and inclusion award, women fans encourage enterprises to participate, so there is no need to charge entry fees and administrative fees for the first edition. Subsequent annual fees shall be mainly based on the selection methods issued in the current year.

5. How is the specific judging mechanism of the award established?

  • According to the most international "Human Rights Campaign", the CEI indicator for measuring DEI is released, and the key indicators are taken as the evaluation project.
  • Ratings are based on application materials submitted by companies and specific policy disclosures in public reports such as CSR/ESG.
  • The industry's representative judges will jointly select and certify and evaluate the final winner list at the final review meeting.

6. How do I register?

  • Download the brochure and registration attachments, fill in the information according to the selection instructions, and fill in the registration form and upload the information before 12:00 noon on August 26 to complete the registration.
  • Brochure and registration attachment download: https://womany.net/s/zjf298e
  • Online registration and uploading: https://womany.net/s/zjf2bfc

7. Will there only be one winning company in a prize?

The number of awards varies by award, and women fans expect DEI to be a corporate movement, with a single award that will award at least 3 companies and recognize those who have achieved success in terms of diversity and inclusion.

The number of awards presented is as follows:

8. If I register but do not win the prize, will I be announced?

Based on the principle of confidentiality, female fans will not disclose the information of the registered enterprises, and the announcement list is only for the winning enterprises. But regardless of whether they win the prize or not, all the entrants are already the dei leaders in Taiwan, jointly driving positive change.

9. Will the registration materials be properly handled after they are handed over to the Organizers?

The Organiser shall be obliged to maintain the confidentiality of the participating enterprises. In addition to requiring the review to sign a confidentiality agreement, after the event, we will also destroy it after a certain period of preservation in accordance with the individual assets law.

10. What should I do if I need to make up for the supplement or contact the Organiser during the registration period?

Please send a letter to the dbta@womany.net mailbox, there will be someone to serve you.