Women's Fan "Workplace Abuse Survey", 73.5% of the 1,894 respondents said: "The workplace is really sadistic!" When everyone steps on this train together and pays together, can we go to a better tomorrow together?

If the workplace is like a train, remember when you first set off, where is the destination written on the ticket?

A stable income, let life worry-free? Unleash your abilities and create a sense of accomplishment?

When you step into the carriage, you expect the passengers in the same car, how to interact with each other, and what kind of atmosphere to create?

Be open and inclusive, no need to hide yourself; Regardless of the seniority, everyone can express their opinions; Or is it flexible to work hours and locations, which can be selected according to individual needs?

Every year in the graduation season, fresh people with expectations for the workplace, their eyes glow and prepare to get on the car and contribute together; But you and I both know that the train of reality sometimes drives in the opposite direction.

In May 2022, women fans launched the "Workplace Abuse Survey", and in just four weeks, they received 1,894 responses, of which 1,395, equivalent to 73.5%, said: "The workplace is really sadistic!"

The reason for the sadism, in addition to the work content itself, is often related to whether the corporate culture is diverse enough, can integrate different voices and needs, and treat employees as "one person".

This is like on a train, most of the passengers are sullen, it is rare to walk together in the vast sea of people, but because the workplace environment is not diverse and friendly, people are eager to jump off the train.

We would like to ask, when everyone has stepped on this train together, and worked hard together, can we go to a better tomorrow together?

The workplace is sadistic and "five is not two low", and more than six adults want to jump out of the car and leave

"What percentage do you think is in line with the ideal value in the current workplace?" At the beginning of the questionnaire, we asked this question first, and 51.7% of people gave a score below 60% and failed. Nearly 10 percent even believe that the current workplace is completely out of line with ideals.

The factors that make people feel sadistic in the workplace include "five not two low":

  • Low achievement (59.3%): The job lacks career growth and a sense of accomplishment
  • Imbalance (49.9%): Too much stress at work, or too many hours, leads to an imbalance in life
  • Non-communication (48.7%): The company lacks a culture of communication, or the information pipeline is closed
  • Disrespect (44.5%): Authoritative orders are the mainstay, and employees' ideas and suggestions are not listened to and accepted
  • Low pay (42.1%): Normal overtime but no overtime pay, pay is not consistent with income
  • Inequality (29.5%): Companies do not offer the same opportunities for people from different backgrounds in recruitment and promotion
  • Unfriendly (22.3%): The company discriminates against employees, such as targeted tendencies, age, seniority, stature

The most sadistic reason for everyone is the lack of career growth and a sense of achievement in the work, and the number of people who feel discouraged about this is as high as 60%; Nearly 50% of people also said that the work pressure is too great, the working hours are too long, resulting in an imbalance in life; The company lacks a communication culture, and the supervisor only orders, not communicates, which makes them feel sad.

Sadistic workplace culture, let people want to leave the car, more than 60% of people say, will consider leaving, and even 10% of people, have long been due to sadistic culture of departure experience.

In the past two years, there has been a wave of large shortage of workers, and many enterprises have struggled to recruit talents, which has become a headache for the human resources department. It is difficult to recruit in, but it may not be able to stay, the human resources bank survey shows that the re-recruitment to fill the vacancy, on average, about 84 days, equivalent to 3 months, time-consuming and laborious.

You often see this sentence on the Internet: "What I quit is not my job, it's my supervisor." More than 60% of the respondents believed that "management lacks diversified and inclusive management training and communication difficulties" as the main reasons for the sadistic workplace.

But supervisors are employed by companies and regulated by corporate policies and culture, and if they don't have a friendly workplace experience in the past, they may not be able to imagine a different way of leading.

Cai Hongqing, the founder of the Taiwan Institute of Directors, once pointed out: "The Chinese community is basically a patriarchal or patriarchal system." Business leaders have the greatest say, unlike the Western culture that emphasizes that everyone has freedom of expression.

But even the bosses who have the right to decide will be affected by the overall environment of Taiwan. Therefore, the problem of workplace abuse cannot be attributed to a single person or a specific role position, but must be discussed and confronted and acted upon together. We are all passengers, looking for our way together.

From sexual harassment to pregnancy discrimination, victims can also be perpetrators

The fraternity seat on the train is a caring service for passengers with special needs, and in the workplace, we will also encounter life, old age, illness and death. When it is necessary to sit in the Fraternity Seat, can employees feel comfortable and at ease? Or more fundamentally, is there a fraternity seat in the workplace?

In this survey, we received several heart-wrenching stories of pregnancy discrimination, sexual harassment, and the difficulty of asking for parental leave, sick leave, and bereavement leave.

In the questionnaire collection stage, a reader once told us: "Halfway through the questionnaire, I remembered that I was once sent by my boss to force a pregnant applicant, I felt a little angry at the time, but I couldn't say why, after filling out the questionnaire, I suddenly understood that it was because it was unfair!" 」

Under an unsound system, we are victims and can become unconscious perpetrators.

In recent years, the problem of school bullying has attracted much attention, but not only the children's learning environment needs to be improved, although we in the workplace are all adults, we also need to pay attention to how to be friendly and inclusive, see the needs of different groups, and give relatively fair resources.

To make diversity and inclusion a new culture in the workplace, Taiwan's first DEI award began

Seeing this, I wonder if you feel a heavy heart, the workplace train seems to be driving in a tunnel where no light can be seen?

In fact, in recent years, the world has begun to pay attention to workplace culture issues, and is vigorously promoting "DEI" (Diversity Diversity, Equity Fairness, Inclusion Inclusion), from corporate policies, employee training to social initiatives, from the inside out to create a friendly workplace and social atmosphere.

In this questionnaire, we also proposed ways to improve the workplace environment, including creating a communication environment (72.6%), providing equal benefits (52%), flexible working hour options (51.6%), and establishing a multi-inclusive system within the company (44.8%), anti-discrimination course training (40.3%), and a distance friendly policy (40.2%).

As in the March 2022 Survey of Women's Fans, a whopping 96% of people pointed out that whether a business organization has a DEI is a key factor in deciding to join. Both surveys have once again verified that "dei dei diversity" is the common voice of this generation of workers.

The action we can carry out together is to bring the concept of DEI into the company and share it with colleagues; Put this article in the community and invite more people to see it.

Women fans have begun to pay attention to DEI issues since 2018, writing more than 250 case studies and strategy sharing, and also promoting DEI corporate internal training courses, hoping to accompany companies that have the heart to change, but do not know where to start, have a steady start.

We believe that DEI push will bring about a transformation of the workplace landscape in front of us, so that DEI is not a foreign concept, but a DNA, the standard equipment of each train.

Some leading companies in the front, such as Pfizer, a pharmaceutical factory that women fans have reported, encourage employees to take parental leave, not to see job vacancies as trouble, but as opportunities for the rotation of the company's talents.

Or micron technology in the male-majority semiconductor industry, every year to improve the board of directors of women, so that women can fight for more equal rights to work.

These business examples all let us see, a little bit of hope shines.

Beginning with the Workplace Abuse Survey questionnaire, we have planned the "Workplace Healing Train" feature, and from August to September, we will invite "Workplace Elder Sisters" to guide everyone and talk about their career changes and how to build a more inclusive environment within their own sphere of influence.

The train will continue to drive all the way to the "Women's Fan DEI Vision Award for Diversity and Inclusion" in October this year.

By recognizing companies with DEI policies, we hope to accelerate the positive change of DEI culture in Taiwan by recognizing companies with DEI policies and encouraging them to join their allies.

Whether you are a founder, supervisor or employee, if you have expectations and visions for a better workplace, please follow our website and join this change.

The international version of the award is called "Diversity for Better Tomorrow Awards", please click here for entry. Let the diversity and communion become the atmosphere of the carriage and the scenery on the road, and we will drive together to a better tomorrow.