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Apple Computer, Pixar Animation founder Garbers, this controversial legendary character has finally moved on to the big screen!womnay described Jaabes as a model for big , and his 10 ideas for Apple's success , and his inspiring speeches and quotes from Stanford University encouraged us to stay with the geniuses of the time of change, Stay Foolish!

Apple Computer, Pixar Animation founder Gabriel, has finally moved on to the Big Screen

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Steve Jobs created Apple in 1976 with friend Stephen Gary Wozniak, who left Apple in 1985, founded the NeXT computer company and was the most advanced computer technology at the time. Pixar, an independent computer animation firm, was set up in 1986.

1997, Steve Jobs returned to Apple, first introduced Apple's iMac, followed by a series of popular markets for the world's Mac OS X operating system, iPod, and iTunes Store, and popular products.On June 29, 2007, Apple unveiled a landmark iPhone mobile phone that caused a sensation and sales boom in the market for five years.Of course, in addition to the iPhone family, on January 27, 2010, it was a surprise to Apple fans. At the launch, the first iPad tablet computer using the iOS system was released, creating a new situation for the tablet market!

Not only did the film find Mr. Ashton Cucci, who was also a young man, acted as a preponder of the major task of "legendary Apple", directed by Joshua Michael Steen, a former director of political satire [key voting].

as the most powerful businessman in the year.

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