Women Fan DEI Vision of Diversity and Inclusion Awards Registration Kicks Off! LinkedIn(LinkedIn), the world's largest workplace social platform, took the lead in responding and joined hands with women fans to promote Taiwan's first multi-faceted enterprise selection!

Diversity, Equity and Inclusion are the workplace cultures that have been promoted internationally in recent years, and are also the core of the development of many multinational enterprises, and are closely related to the 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) of the United Nations.

DEI promotes the development of nine of the goals of the UN SDGs, including "Gender Equality", "Right Work and Economic Growth", "Peace, Justice and Sound Institutions" and "Pluralistic Partnerships".

Womany women fans will hold the first DEI Diversity for Better Tomorrow Awards in Taiwan to recognize DEI competitive companies, and the registration page has received many attention from business partners since its launch on July 13!

Zhang Weixuan, Founder and CEO of Women's Fans, said: "In the women's fans workplace survey data, up to 96% of the public believe that diversity and inclusion are the key factors in joining the company, showing that under the impact of the epidemic, employees' needs and satisfaction for work have been different, which is also a major challenge in talent management in recent years. Diversification and inclusion is not only a long-term investment that enterprises should make, but also an important key to achieving talent sustainability."

Zhang Weixuan further pointed out that the Women's Fan not only invited to the world's largest workplace social platform LinkedIn (LinkedIn) to co-organize, but also invited Taiwan's largest accounting firm - Qinye Zhongxin United Accounting Firm to supervise the selection process, which will combine the three aspects of credibility, professionalism and index, so that enterprises committed to the development of DEI can be affirmed, and let more people see the positive impact brought by diversified inclusion!

LinkedIn and women have formed a strategic alliance with DEI to create a diverse and inclusive workplace culture

LinkedIn (LinkedIn), which has long been concerned about the diversity of leadership in the enterprise, officially announced that it has become a co-sponsor of the Womeny Woman Fan DEI Multi-Inclusive Vision Award, and from the report on the diversity results announced by the LinkedIn, the number of senior managers from all ethnic groups has grown, of which the proportion of female technical positions has also increased by 1.3 percentage points, and the proportion of women in the leadership class has stabilized at 41.8%.

LinkedIn also said that he will continue to focus on four major aspects to promote diversified and inclusive policies: a workplace environment with a sense of belonging, the development and growth of maintaining the diversity of employees, diversified recruitment, and diversified strategic partners. This year, for the first time, we have partnered with Womeny women fans who have long been committed to gender issues to jointly promote diversity and inclusion in Taiwan.

Regarding the first cooperation with LinkedIn (LinkedIn), Zhang Weixuan excitedly said: "LinkedIn (LinkedIn) is like a stage for companies to showcase their culture and achievements, portraying the first impression of job seekers on the company, and we have also seen many corporate partners convey the corporate image of diversity and inclusion through LinkedIn (LinkedIn), looking forward to this year's Diversity for Better Tomorrow Awards. Encourage every business partner to continue to create a workplace environment that attracts employees and is trusted by society."

Taiwan's first multi-inclusive selection began! Exclusive offer for the inaugural session: No entry fee for corporate entries

The female fan DEI Vision of Diversity and Inclusion Award registration page has been officially launched on July 13: https://womany.net/dei/awards, because the first time was held, the participating companies were exempted from the registration fee, and dozens of enterprise inquiries were received less than a week after the event was launched, and each award was hot!

In order to effectively include the selection of diversified inclusion policies, industries and enterprise scale, Womany Women Fans has planned a total of 19 DEI awards in different categories, of which the highest degree of inquiry is the 4 major enterprise awards, namely: the annual DEI influential enterprise, the annual DEI backbone enterprise, the annual DEI small and medium-sized enterprise, the annual DEI potential start-up, according to the size of the enterprise group selection, so that the award selection mechanism is more fair.

In addition, nine major industry awards have been piled up according to the type of industry, including: finance, transportation, technology, media, beauty, life manufacturing, information, biotechnology, and construction, so that dei policies of different industry types have the opportunity to be seen.

Zhang Weixuan, founder and CEO of Women's Fans, pointed out that in the design of the awards, it also hopes to conform to the spirit of "diversity and inclusion", so in addition to the basic corporate awards, five special awards have been launched, including the "DEI Digital Application Award", "DEI Enterprise Employer Award", "DEI Initiative Creativity Award", "Best Rainbow Friendly Enterprise Award" and "Best Female Empowerment Enterprise Award".

Zhang Weixuan said: "In this award, the 'Best Female Cultivation Enterprise Award' is the longest discussed award among women fans, and under the current situation that there is still a significant gap between the salaries and working hours of men and women in Taiwan, we hope that these excellent female cultivation enterprises can be seen, and more enterprises can join the response to create a gender-friendly workplace."

In addition, the selection will also vote for the top 10 DEI representatives of the year, so that opinion leaders who have contributed to diversity and inclusion can also be recognized. Entries will close at 12:00 noon on August 26 and the winners will be announced in October.

Women fans "DEI Vision of Diversity and Inclusion Award" entry page: https://womany.net/dei/awards

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