[Woman: Sharon] She and he talk about: policy: from text to life

News of the News Lens editor-in-chief of the News Lens, Hong Kong East Star news agency Yang Shi-yu

If you are interested in editors/reporters ......

The golden age of the Internet writing, you have to know,
How to see the truth in the age of an information explosion, build a personal view
How to overcome the anxiety caused by the massive information and make good news packages

is an editor, she is a journalist, and let them tell you how to be a competent text curator and make you closer to your dreams!

If we want to know how to work happily ......

Day after day seems to be a kind of virus and a passion for us.
Sometimes I wonder whether it's a life or a job or a job.

Let's find a way to troubleshoot your work.Let every day be a bed of dreams rather than an alarm clock.

If we like womany ...

likes womany and brings you a better choice, maybe you'll want to know how we capture information, create a point of view, and enjoy it.
likes womany to believe in his/her passion for work, and perhaps, like us, aspire to build a career that is closer to dreaming.

womany invites two senior media people
to share the challenges and surprises of text jobs
Let's find a better way to move forward with your dreams!


  • Yang Shifan

The News Lens co-founder, News Review Platform founder and Editor-in-Chief.It is hoped that the voice and voice of the people will be heard, with the ability of editors and the power of the community to bring more generations of readers to the Internet.

He has been the co-founder of the digital content editorial office in the business week, and the co-founder of CNET Taiwan, who is the co-founder of the Brunswan Coffee.Several columns have been compiled, hundreds of 3C products have been tested, and dozens of whiskey has been drank.It's a fake wrestling reader who doesn't leave the Internet.

  • Pui-

Current Hong Kong Correspondents/Women's fan correspondent.

In seven years of interviews with news stories, he was a reporter for the China Daily News, China Daily News and Life Center, online entertainment special reporters, and sweet potato rattan celebrity special reporters.Expertise Interview People, Life, Entertainment News.There were interviews with poisoned milk, pig sty, and the Big S Hainan Island wedding.In addition to the rich experience of the interviews, the "character profiling" is written in style, with a unique tree.

[Moderator Introduction]

  • Chen Yi

Women memoe womany.net editor-in-chief and Co-Founder.

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