Tearing up Trump's speech in public, supporting democratic representatives who resist totalitarianism, and also traveling to Ukolan in the flames, Pei Luosi arrived in Taiwan on August 2, 2022, inspiring us on the "Island of Resilience", Taiwan's experience can inspire the world, be proud of it!

Nancy Pelosi, the most powerful woman in U.S. politics, arrived in Taiwan on August 2, 2022, to meet with President Tsai and visit the Jingmei Human Rights Park for about 20 hours.

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Pelosi is the first female speaker of the House of Representatives in U.S. history, and his political careers include democracy and human rights, environmental protection, and gender equality. In addition to the current political situation at both ends of the Taiwan Strait, China's statement of this big move is also related to Pei Luoxi's tenacious style of not fearing power and speaking firmly for human rights.

Pelosi's first job as a housewife lasted 24 years

Pelosi grew up in an Italian-Catholic family in the eastern United States. Coming from a political family, his father was a close friend of President Roosevelt Jr., and he served as a member of the U.S. House of Representatives and mayor of Baltimore.

Since she can remember, the guests in the family are like clouds, and Pelosi has round eyes and shuttles through the living room where adults chat, watching how her father has networked with people, served voters, and secured the votes and influence of the constituency. At the age of only 20, Pelosi attended president Kennedy's inaugural ball and coped with president Kennedy and politicians at ease.

At the age of 23, she married her college sweetheart, Paul Pelosi, and after the marriage, she had 5 children in succession and began a 24-year career as a housewife.

However, being a housewife did not cause Pelosi to give up her connection to the outside world.

Pulling out 5 children with one hand, Pelosi worked for her own political beliefs - threading the needles for the politicians he believed in, handling fundraising dinners, etc., and organizing Democratic Party activities at home, continuing to expand her influence in the political ecology of the California Democratic Party.

In Pelosi's eyes, there is no so-called distinction between housewives and politicians, tearing down the line between the "private sphere" and the "public sphere": everything I want to take care of, whether it is children or public issues, I can take care of in the living room. Not limited by the environment and space, where I am, is where the action is about to take place.

It wasn't until the age of 47 that his children graduated from college, and in 1987 he entered politics as a by-election for a representative and became chairman of the California Democratic Party.

What affected me the most on the political road was not my parents, but parenting.

Nancy Perossi

Pelosi has made it clear that what influenced him most was not his political parents, but his 24-year parenting experience, "I was forged by my children." Pelosi's leadership training took place in the family, which he said changed him as a whole.

"I always need to use my time very energetically and efficiently, and I have to be willing to delegate responsibilities to my children. That's going to really change you, no doubt about it."

Just like parents who run between three meals and pick up and drop off their children every day, and at the same time have to solve the growth, friction, problems and disputes of 5 children with different personalities, Pelosi said that it was the best time of his life, and there were some of the worst days. This made him who he is today and the most powerful woman in America.

He also joked, "Compared to my parenting experience, 'going to work' seems relatively easy, isn't it?"

I hope that one day, society will start to see parenting experience as a Gold Star badge on any professional resume.

Nancy Perossi

As a Catholic, he supports same-sex marriage, legal abortion, and AIDS removal

Pelosi was a woman of strong convictions, who had faith but was not bound by religion.

As a Catholic, Pelosi has repeatedly publicly expressed her support for same-sex marriage and legal abortion, as early as the era of conservative customs, supported AIDS pollution, fearlessly opposed the voice in the constituency to promote gay rights, fight for AIDS research funding, all kinds of behavior, annoyed the Catholic leaders in San Francisco, California, was banned from receiving Communion, Pelosi has never retreated.

During Trump's presidency, Perossi, as speaker of the House, was not afraid to publicly express her misogynistic consciousness against Trump. Having publicly torn up Trump's speech backup documents, Pelosi never flinched in the face of the mad head of state and firmly expressed his position.

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There is no shirking of human rights issues: from Tiananmen Square in China, Umbrella in Hong Kong, Tibet, to Taiwan

Pelosi's third year as a member of the House of Representatives coincided with the Tiananmen Square massacre in 1989.

The People's Liberation Army dispatched force to suppress the students, and he mediated to rescue the Tiananmen students from fleeing; In 1991, he accompanied the delegation to Beijing, and together with two other members of the House of Representatives, pulled up a black cloth strip in Tiananmen Square with the inscription dedicated to the martyrs who died for the cause of Chinese democracy.

In 1992, Pei Luosi introduced the Chinese Student Protection Act to provide shelter for students in exile on June Fourth.

In recent years, under the international situation in which China's political and economic rise and the world has looked at the other side of the strait, Pei Luosi has never shied away from his political convictions - he has continued to meet with the Tibetan leader in exile, the Dalai Lama, rescued Liu Xiaobo, cared about the Tibet issue, and also supported Hong Kong students, urged the US administrative system to implement the Hong Kong Human Rights and Democracy Act, and even sent a video message with Lai Qingde to express support for Taiwan's participation in the WHO.

Pelosi's courage to act comes from his extraordinary political skills, courage and ability. Pelosi is the democratic party's most talented politician, amazing fundraising ability, organization and coordination ability, so that his influence has not fallen for many years.

Heading to the war zone where the beacons rumbled, he was also fearless. When the Russo-Ukrainian War broke out in April 2022, he arrived in Kiev to meet ukrainian President Zelensky in person, the highest-ranking leader in U.S. history. Wherever Pelosi supported, he showed it directly in action.

(Extended reading: Ukrainian women on the front line| did you know that International Women's Day originated from the bravery of Ukrainian women?

Taiwan is an island of resilience: don't be afraid of having freedom, we need to be proud of it

According to the reporters, Pei Luosi came to Taiwan to meet with President Tsai Ing-wen, and Pei Luosi described Taiwan as #韌性之島 an "island of resilience", believing that the people of Taiwan are proving to the outside world that with hope, courage and determination, they will be able to build a peaceful and prosperous future.

"Despite all the serious challenges facing Taiwan, the unity between the United States and Taiwan is also very important, and our visit is to show this unity between the United States and Taiwan to the outside world."

I especially love peiluosi's metaphor of the island of resilience to Taiwan, which has great power, can stimulate people's imagination of themselves, and can also create consensus and vision. The island of resilience is not only the way for Taiwan to come, but also the way we will continue to go and live in the future. The Island of Resilience is the vision, but also the will of the people, how beautiful.

Perossi added what he sees as the world significance of Taiwan's experience, "The Story of Taiwan is a very inspiring case for people who love freedom and democracy in the United States, or around the world, and taiwan still has a vibrant democracy even in the face of key challenges." Not only is it one of the freest places in the world, but it's also proudly led by a female president."

During this visit to Taiwan, at first, the mainstream public opinion and media in the United States questioned and argued about Pei Luosi's visit to Taiwan. The reporter pointed out, "However, the recent regrouping of the two parties in the US Congress under Chinese coercion to support Pelosi's historic visit to Taiwan on behalf of the US Congress has been supported by the return of the US government and the opposition."

According to international observations by reporters, the two parties in the United States are currently in cross-party consultations, and there is a good chance that the 2022 Taiwan Policy Act( 2022) will be passed before the midterm elections to expand support for Taiwan's defense and military assistance. And america's strategic response to the "Pelosi Crisis" is also a preview of confidence in the Indo-Pacific allies, especially the first-class military allies Japan and South Korea."

Looking back at Pelosi's actions, rebelling against totalitarianism and fearless action, the moment the 82-year-old Pelosi stepped off the plane in a pink suit also let people see the demeanor and handsomeness of a leader.

Under China's intimidation, I hope that what we all remember is not fear, but the demeanor embodied by the real leader, and her description of Taiwan's "#韌性之島" reminds each of us who have been cultivated in a democratic and free environment to take action courage and strength.

Nancy Perossi golden sentence

Be yourself, understand your strength, and have confidence in what you can make.

Nancy Perossi

Don't underestimate your enemies, but don't overestimate them either.

Nancy Perossi

I see politics as an extension of my mother's role.

Nancy Perossi

Freedom is ensured by men and women in uniform. We must build a future worth fighting for.

Nancy Perossi

Being the first female spokesperson and breaking the glass ceiling is important, yes, but it's time for us to move on to the next stage.

Nancy Perossi

The United States must be a light for the world, not just a missile.

Nancy Perossi

I never left or evaded any of my posts. I'm proud of all my characters.

Nancy Perossi