"Leaders who do not build a sense of security and fear being overtaken are prone to unnecessary small actions. People's time is limited, and a little more security is not done that you will regret later." Zhuang Shufen challenged the thinking that "power is a scarce resource", "Power is influence, the more you share, the greater the influence."

Previous:Interview with Shufen Zhuang: Follow your heart! The perfect choice does not exist, only ask whether it can be single-minded", talk about Zhuang Shufen's frame-breaking thinking and choices, next, we talk about the new generation of leadership.

"As long as you bring one person, you are the leader." Zhuang Shufen's definition of a leader is simple.

However, once you become a leader, you will find that the exercise of leadership is all the time, and it must also be adapted to people's conditions, and you must observe yourself in the process of leading others, and have the courage to renovate yourself, which is a paradise road for lifelong learning.

"Many things are actually the fastest to do on your own, do you feel this way?" Zhuang Shufen smiled and said to me, "But with a group of people to do it, the world is more promising!"

Millennials and Gen Z, with the leadership style they need, lead partners from diverse backgrounds, create a team culture of mutual understanding, and achieve goals, the challenge is one level after another.

Regarding the problem of Millennial/Z leadership, Zhuang Shufen said that there is no universal solution: "Especially in the creative industry, 'people' are the key, 'people' are a lot of changes, it is difficult to have a set of rules to apply to all people and situations. The only truth is to maintain dynamic balance, to observe with the heart, and to break through each one."

Zhuang Shufen's book gives many methods, and she summarizes three in the interview:

  • Flattening: Reduce bureaucracy and make brisk decisions
  • Efficient feedback and rewards: Frequent communication is required to increase the frequency of assessments
  • Give the opportunity to shine: different types of talents, give different stages

"But no matter how it changes, management has two basic bottom lines to keep, one is team culture, and the other is quality." Speaking of which, Zhuang Shufen also believes that contemporary leadership still needs to evolve to adapt to the challenges of diverse trends and tap the power of communion. "Leaders need to keep learning, there is no end, the overall social improvement can not only rely on each break, like women fans, in fact, it is also very suitable for the training of leaders." 」 Zhuang Shufen immediately had a new Idea.

The Challenge of Diversity and Inclusion: I came because I had the strength to contribute

People from diverse backgrounds, getting together to work, is actually not easy. Having led teams of talented people from 14 different countries, when diversity becomes a fact, inclusion must be consensus.

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How to resolve conflicts when encountering conflicts, Zhuang Shufen shared an experience, she once led the group of two companies, one of the company's head is German, the other company's head is Hong Kong, the two have very different styles, avoid each other, each sweeping the snow in front of the door.

Zhuang Shufen said, "My management is usually one-on-one first, and after that one-on-one talk, there is no improvement, so I will find the two of them in the office and tell them sternly, and if this continues, you will watch and do it yourself!" She then joined the effective mechanism and put the communion into the two-person KPI indicator for tracking. "I rarely lose my temper, deliberately to let them know that this is not a fake, it is real." You are not asked to become friends, but you must be able to work together."

She is not afraid of conflict, "constructive conflict is not bad, it is important to see conflict as an interaction, it is important to tell the real idea, and usually speak, do not accumulate resentment and then conflict, then it will be difficult to resolve." 」

It's not easy to be a leader, she says, it's a "I come, I have the strength to give" attitude. A leader's sense of security is important. In addition to the sense of security that comes from environmental creation, workers must also exercise themselves.

"If a leader does not establish his own sense of security, he is prone to worry about being overtaken, and it is easy to do strange things and unnecessary small actions. People's time is limited, and a little more security is not to do something that you will regret later."

Zhuang Shufen challenged the thinking that "power is a scarce resource" and invited everyone to think like this, "Power is influence, and the more you share, the greater the influence." With an open mind, the current vision pattern will be different, and influence is an unlimited resource, from the sharing of power.

Power is influence, and the more you share, the greater the influence.

Zhuang Shufen

Become the ideal look? This homework is so difficult, just don't do it

At the end of the interview, I quoted Woolf as "a person can make himself more important than anything else", becoming a dynamic process of being himself, "Sister Shenan, have you become yourself?" Listening to a very naïve question, Zhuang Shufen laughed and said, of course not, Become is the end of life, the decision is final, "I am still alive!" I want young people to shine and expand the power of communion through our work."

I ask again, have you become what you want to be? Zhuang Shufen paused, "Have I become the ideal person?" I don't know what I want it to look like, and I can't answer that! I'm a Transformer, there's no answer!"

I don't know what my ideal looks like, I'm a Transformer, there's no answer!

Zhuang Shufen

Zhuang Shufen never does career planning, he said that if you grasp the opportunity well, another opportunity will appear, "Life is not straight, my life is bent and turned!" What kind of person do you want to be too early? Don't give yourself this kind of homework, this homework can't be done, it's too hard to think about, don't give yourself such a difficult homework! This question, just let it go." Zhuang Shufen's eyebrows loosened, and there was playfulness in her smile.

"Just be yourself, stay optimistic and confident, and you'll take yourself where you want to be in the future."

Postscript: Chuang Shufen's charming recipe

"I'm a morning animal, exercising every morning, eating breakfast, and taking a bath if I have enough time." Zhuang Shufen finished speaking, I exclaimed, wow morning bath, did not think.

"Yes, only you can take care of yourself, and exercise makes the body have a compound interest effect, I did a physical examination a while ago, and the doctor said that my body is 21 years younger than my actual age!" 」 I exclaimed again.

"It is often said that beauty is a kind of strength, prepare yourself well, and your mood is more cheerful." In fact, there is no secret recipe, basically do a good job, you can do everything!" 」

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