Welcome to "Midsummer Boser Hall", in the ancient times without electricity, how did people get bad before? The ancients' brain holes are bigger than all of you, and all the food and flying are sent out! "Midsummer Boser Museum" arouses the deepest curiosity in your heart to find out how crazy the ancients really were for "love".

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Want to know the bad props of the former people? Today, I will introduce you to the most common sex toys in ancient times: jumping eggs and massage sticks!

Ancient version of jumping eggs! "Burmese bell" that generates electricity with love and love

Image | Baidu Encyclopedia

According to the Ming Dynasty erotic novel "Jin Ping Mei", there was a powerful sex toy called "Burmese Bell" at that time, which was the size of a billiard ball, which was rumored to be from Myanmar and shaped like a bell, so it was called a Burmese bell. This bell gadget is a hollow metal sphere with ornate carvings on the outside.

Why can the Bell vibrate without external force?

The point is, the ancients built in some kind of ominous substance (one said it was a bird that could fly very fast, and some said it was the semen of a bird?!). When the Burmese bell touches the female lower body, it will vibrate quickly and make a jingling sound, and then achieve the massage effect of jumping eggs, making people feel crisp and numb, and directly ascend to heaven ~ 

The image | stills from Netflix's "The Temptation of the Next Woman"

Don't look at the small bell, but it is a good companion in bed that can be attacked and retreated.

Women will first put the bell into the vagina as a foreplay stimulation of sexual desire before masturbating or copulating with men, and if the stimulus placed inside is strong enough, they can even directly reach orgasm!

The crisp sound of this little bell can be said to be the gospel of many women in ancient times. (Shy.)

If you're still curious about what the Bell is, let the movie be directly for you! The Korean erotic thriller "Miss", which was shortlisted for the Cannes Film Festival Palme d'Or, included the erotic drama of the beautiful woman who uses the Burmese bell

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The mighty massage stick of an ancient woman! The colorful and fierce "Mr. Horn"

The picture | Mr. Horn with one and two heads in the "Report on Sexology in Chinese Dynasties"

Mr. Horn is basically an ancient fake dick, also called a horn hat, and in the south, he is called Mr. Guo, who is mostly made of cow horns, newborn deer antler velvet, wood and even ivory, and is an indispensable home companion for men and women in bed. Mr. Horn has a variety of sizes and shapes, and can be said to be a sex toy with many "horns".

The style can be roughly divided into "single head" and "double head" style with boomerang shape, the latter can meet the needs of "double sports".

The single-head model has a shape at one end and a perforated tether at the other end. As long as the silk rope is tied to the calf and the other end is placed in the vagina, the woman can swing the leg for piston movement

The picture | the women who bought mr. horns in the "Chinese Sexology Report of Past Dynasties"

During the Ming and Qing dynasties, although the government strictly prohibited obscene paintings, it adopted a very open attitude towards sex toys.

Among the sex toys mentioned in contemporary novels, the most common is Mr. Horn, among which the Qing Dynasty novel "Gu Yu Yan" once mentioned that a childlike person could not satisfy his wife, so he casually bought Mr. Horn on the road and relied on his strength to help revive his strength!

Mr. Horn can be divided into four main uses:

  1. Used for flirting before male and female intercourse
  2. Let women who live alone DIY
  3. Men with poor sexual performance can be used instead of feeding their wives
  4. Unscrupulous people are used as tools to instigate adultery

On the whole, Mr. Horn is an offensive and defensive, fierce "character" between the beds

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It can be seen that the seemingly conservative ancient times are really bigger than we think! Do you still want to know what ancient blushing heartbeats are spicy encyclopedias?

The next part of "Midsummer Bose Museum" will present more wonderful materials!