2023 Women's Fan Handbook Evolution to the sixth year, is to accompany you through day after day, better to become yourself!

Hi everyone, I'm Mary, Product Manager for 2023 Play with Time Handbook.

2023 Women's Fan Handbook officially launched to the current short period of time, has accumulated more than two thousand people's love. And in the first week of the sale, it has not even been made public, only for the past users of private sales, they received full of affirmation and support, really very, very grateful to everyone.

Originally thought that doing the sixth year, finally can be easier, right?! Really not, this year's handbook, not at all easy.

First, let's talk about the design side

This year for the first time, we invited misc, a designer who has been in favor for a long time, and the team wanted to invite Misc because we saw a lot of vitality in Misc's design, and this is the image that we want to convey to everyone this year.

It is an energy and motivation to get up and move, grasp the initiative in your hands, and enjoy the energy and motivation to build your life by yourself!

After the actual cooperation, I found that Misc and the women's fan team are also very similar in some aspects, and they are very persistent and self-demanding workers, and this year, just because of the cover vision of the handbook, we discussed about 15 proposals back and forth, and found a version that we were all satisfied with.

Several of them are very different design styles, from vibrant anthropomorphic energy, atmospheric minimalist light patterns, to the current rising, hopeful sun. Although the process of going back and forth and adjusting is arduous, the current results really give us full confidence that it is a work that people will be proud of.

Let's talk about making noodles. 

Every year we constantly adjust the details of the handbook, the binding method, and the pre-reserving paper (raw materials are out of stock worldwide)!

Our printing partners have been adjusting and optimizing the binding details of the handbook since the beginning of this year, and I believe that when you get the handbook, you will be like us, and you will be amazed by the flattening experience of this year's handbook.

When I saw that the handbook finally reached our ideal standards, I really felt a sense of relief!

There is also a special page for this year

In addition to the classic format, there will be 4 new pages every year, bringing new ideas and new ways to play for everyone.

This year's special page is really different. We are more ambitious and have higher expectations for the impact this short four pages can have.

We want this year's special page to be not just fresh and fun, but to really help you reach your goals and make the #changes you want during the year.

So we reviewed our own experience, referred to various methodologies we had tried, and sorted out a set of habit formation methods, from setting goals to practicing the four major steps.

These four steps are actually a journey to become yourself. At the beginning of the year, with the leadership of these four pages, you can definitely establish the direction of the next year, and on the road of practice, you can also walk more relaxed and rhythmic.

I'm very, very much looking forward to it myself, and then we start sharing stories after we start using the handbook!

We also really care about your feedback

Women's fan accounts have always been the crystallization of our co-creation with everyone. Several of this year's changes are adjustments we have made based on everyone's feedback.

For example, we finally have our own bookcase, and we are launching two material options in one go (according to our personalities, there will probably be more XDs next year)

For example, we've added more blank pages for everyone to write for free, and there are currently 26 pages, so that each month can be used to a blank page across the month, doing reviews and clippings for the month.

In fact, when discussing this change, some colleagues considered that this move would increase costs (global paper prices have soared amazingly recently), and may not sound very attractive in marketing; But in the end we decided to do it because we knew it was the space that people really wanted to write.

For example, many people are using the handbook for the first time and are still figuring out how to use it, and this year we launched a complete demonstration electronic file, as well as a free online handbook course (not a short 10-20 minute video, but a full-time one-hour lesson with sincerity!). )

I hope that everyone can really find the most suitable way to use it and use the handbook for a whole year.

Responding to everyone's wishes sounds very handsome, but it is really not easy to implement in practice, especially whenever we want to make a change, we must repeatedly ask ourselves, after the change, will some people not like this adjustment? Could there be any impact we didn't expect?

But as we shared with everyone with great anticipation this year's changes, from the reactions we gave, I knew that we had made the right choice.

If you're also impressed with our theme and changes this year, really, just take this notebook home!

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The core spirit of this handbook has not changed, that is, she wants to #陪你走過一天又一天 and become myself better!

Every year we do user surveys, and from the feedback we give us this year, we feel that we really have the original intention to achieve our original intention.

Some people say: "The handbook of women fans is beautiful and textured, and accompanying me through every day is an important partner that I must have every year!" 」

Someone said, "In the past, the writing account never filled a year, and often the pause became a blank in the middle of the way. After buying a woman's fan account, it was the first time I completed a full year's record."

Someone said, "Thank you for having a play with time account that has accompanied me in my self-writing, self-healing, and self-growth over the past two years."

For me, in the process of making a good handbook, women's fans not only become their own light, but also see many people growing energy for themselves by recording their daily lives. Therefore, I sincerely thank you for your company, because with you, the handbook is meaningful. (The team bowed deeply)

Finally, I would like to thank misc, the partner who worked with us to complete this year's handbook. Thanks to Misc's design, it gave this ledger the most important vitality, and the feeling of "it's good to be alive".

After a few years of the epidemic, I really hope that next year, from the handbook, you can give everyone some sunshine and life energy.

If you hope that in the coming year, on the way forward, one more companionship and support force, please take it home and let the next day become the ideal self a little!

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