Xu Ruoxuan, who has multiple identities, relies on "planning herself" to renew her perseverance and wisdom. For her, the definition of love is very broad, including how to love herself well and give the best love to everyone around her.

The first part of "Interview with Xu Ruoxuan: Love is very broad, any companionship is a kind of love", we talk about companionship as a kind of love, talk about the journey of self-transformation of becoming a mother, the next part, we talk about how to accompany ourselves in various identities.

Reading books about mothers and babies is a way to find your own favorite

Drawing knowledge from the book, she has patience with the child, can understand why the child does this, and understands the child's growth process.

For example, children like to throw things at a certain stage, adults may be annoyed, think that children are naughty, but at this time the children are exploring the world, is stimulating brain growth through external reactions, they are curious about sounds, and may also think that adults' reactions are funny.

"A child who grows up and is often scolded and punished by adults can easily become a person who has no autonomy and lacks self-confidence." 」 Xu Ruoxuan said with feeling.

There are many mother and baby books on the market, and sometimes they also give the mother's anxiety and oppression, being a mother, the pressure is so great, always expected too much, I asked her what she thinks.

Her answer was unhurried and gentle, "In fact, the more you read, the most important thing is to help yourself find a way you like." There is no need to raise children according to books, there are many schools of books. The most important thing is to find a way that suits you and your children, so that you can feel like and comfortable with each other, rather than relying solely on personality and children."

As an individual who is difficult to express himself clearly, if he knows more about his state, he will know how to love him and love himself.

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How many people love you and still feel lonely? It's been too long since I've been with myself

As an actress, singer and mother, the Little Dome concert on September 3 is imminent, Xu Ruoxuan described her recent self as a "candle three-headed burning", often feeling that there is not enough time and insomnia, but she never thought of giving up her pursuit of music.

"Music is so important to me, whether I want to release a single or an album, I'm used to writing songs when I'm lonely." 」 Despite the fast pace of life and the busyness of work, writing songs is a diary, a self-talk about being alone for a moment.

She pulled out her phone and shared the lyrics of her single "Hi" with Mr. Elk:

Sometimes laughing doesn't mean being happy

I'm on Earth, and there's no one who would be reluctant to give me up

Too much bravery will hide the truth for too long

Missed time I lost contact with myself

"I was listening to the melody and suddenly realized that as a mother, there was a certain piece that was lonely. For example, I will give him what a normal child wants to eat, and if he can't finish eating, I will eat what he left, and there is no way to eat what I like to eat."

For a long time, she had few breaks, until she returned to Taiwan to isolate and was able to slow down. In the dead of night, she curled up on the bed in the hotel, unloaded the strength she had always had, and the usual accumulated pressure and tension were quietly released, and she gently wrote this lyric.

The picture | stills of "First Love Slow Half Beat"

"I haven't greeted myself well for a long time, maybe there are too many identities - it's a wife, it's a mother, it's a daughter,it's a daughter-in-law, it's a company boss, and the audience is still looking forward to the next work, and they don't even find themselves too busy to breathe." 」

"People around you love you, and it's very happy to be surrounded by many people, but why do you still feel lonely at this time?" Because I haven't been alone for too long."

When she feels lonely, she writes a diary, and the diary is transformed into lyrics, singing herself without disguise, and creation is a kind of self-healing, and anyone has this need. Even though the Little Dome concert was a challenge for her, she still wanted to accomplish it.

"Acting is playing someone else, shooting magazines is also a distance from the audience, only with the identity of a singer, is the real me." 」

She has sincerity and genuinely wants to share music with people.

"I'm not the best one in sales, but I hope that as long as I've been influenced and accompanied by my songs, every heart that is as lonely as I was at the time can feel company with each other." 」

"As long as there is such a person, I think we should hold this concert, so that everyone can accompany the real one on that day, sing together, and remember together." 」

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Postscript: Sister V's charming formula - plan like this, reject boring life

Xu Ruoxuan's title of Steel V, after she said this, has a more real sense - "I have always had the habit of planning myself, helping myself set my annual life goals and updating the To Do List every day." I've never said the word 'boring,' only not enough time." The tone of her words was like drinking boiled water.

What no one else can do, she said very easily, as if she did not know that annual goal setting was a pain point for everyone.

"You can't plan yourself, time has passed like this, it's easy to get lost, you don't know what to do, and it's easy to lose confidence after a long time, because the people around you who will plan for yourself are already shining, but you find yourself unable to keep up with others." 」

"Or you can try this, when you are a student, the teachers will arrange the class schedule, and now that we are older, we will be our own teachers and arrange the time of each day for ourselves; Every week, I have to exercise, I want to be a physical education class, and every week I learn a language as an English class."

"Otherwise, every week I see a friend from a different industry and communicate with different people, just like a social class, there is something to learn!" 」

As a growing human being, Xu Ruoxuan constantly renewed her perseverance and wisdom, which surprised me more than her frozen beauty. I also appreciate her imagination of love, very broad, generous, and many of her efforts, I sound, are all about being able to give the best love she can give.

How cute a woman is.