Lu Shi'an, the founder of "HR Weekend", is from the insurance industry, but with the spirit of diversified development and courage to challenge, he has stepped into the field of human resources and constantly made breakthroughs in his career, which is not only the behind-the-scenes driver of the largest human resources exchange community in Taiwan, but also a model in the hearts of many people who want to change jobs!

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Lu Shi'an, the founder of the "Little Weekend of Human Resources", the largest human resources community in Taiwan, is known as the "Human Resources Missionary". Although he is from the insurance industry, he holds the spirit of diversified development and the courage to challenge, and constantly makes breakthroughs in his career.

"At that time, society did not have a particularly strong awareness of career and career, most people believed in the 'career destiny', read whatever department and do what work, like me to change the track, there are really not many people." 」

Recalling his first job as a company member, Lu Shi'an worked as a marketing planner for the insurance industry, responsible for developing channels, including banking cooperation, and gradually developing into an amateur lecturer trained by enterprises in the process of implementing the case.

"Insurance is an industry that can be done for a lifetime, most of my classmates stay in the same industry until retirement, I am the more special one!" 」 Lu Shi'an said with a smile.

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Cross-domain transfer period, independent learning is uninterrupted

At the age of 34, Lu Shi'an was recommended by his direct supervisor to serve as a small director of internal training in the company's telemarketing company. Having the courage to accept the challenge, he also seized the opportunity to involve different jobs in the organization, laying the foundation for becoming a full-time HUMAN RESOURCES worker in the future.

"I think hryctic and helpful, which can help people play better and stronger within the organization; The hr major is also cumulative, unlike marketing, which is necessary to constantly learn new things, otherwise it is easy to be eliminated by the times."

Lu Shi'an said that the human resources profession is to enhance the sensitivity of long-term observation of people, and with the blessing of experience, there will be a feeling of more and more fragrant.

However, he also stressed that no matter what industry you are in, you still need to have the ability to think and learn with the times, "For example, the current recruitment of human resources will rely on the community, the next wave may use the power of AI, if you are not willing to learn new technologies, it is easy to keep up with the pace of the world, and then it will be eliminated." 」

Lu Shi'an recalled that during the transfer period, he had a crazy study period of 3 to 5 years, not only returned to campus to enroll in credit classes to study hard, but also actively participated in famous human resources clubs and gatherings in northern Taiwan, by deliberately knowing people related to the industry to establish his own network of contacts.

"90% of the students in the class have changed jobs in non-human majors, so everyone is very eager to communicate and strive for progress!" 」

The accumulation of that period of time also became the nourishment of Lu Shi'an's establishment of the "Human Resources Weekend", allowing him to invite talents from different fields to give speeches in the future, "I hope that through these sharing, everyone can absorb the practical skills that can be applied immediately, and work more smoothly!" 」

Now, HR Weekend is the largest HR exchange platform in Taiwan, with regular invitations from top lecturers from the industry to hold lectures on Friday evenings to promote interaction and dialogue among HR workers.

With more than 11,000 members, 35,000 cumulative participants and more than 600,000 online live broadcast participants, the organization has created a unique human resources ecosystem and helped build connections between people.

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Lack of communion stems from a lack of effective communication

A multi-inclusive workplace is a modern trend and a top concern for many human resource partners.

Lu Shi'an recalls that when he was working at the Zurich Products Insurance Company, a new foreign general manager promoted many partners one year, and even 60% of the first-level supervisors were women, which impressed him very much.

He shared that in fact, the spirit of "diversity and inclusion" is not unfamiliar to him, because this concept has long been included in the "corporate citizenship behavior" of the management discipline "organizational behavior", encouraging members of the organization to share information and dare to discuss, and Lu Shi'an also described himself as a person who abides by the "corporate citizenship behavior" code.

"But it must also be admitted that not everyone thinks this way." After a meeting, Lu Shi'an was stopped by the supervisor at the time and asked him: "Why do you always start with the interests of the company first, rather than thinking about the operation of the department first?" The supervisor's remarks surprised him and made him a little confused.

In his view, any decision should be based on the development of the company as the first consideration, and the director's words faithfully presented what is the "barn effect", that is, the excessive division of labor within the organization, resulting in the lack of information circulation between departments and too independent operation, making him realize that there may be a lack of effective horizontal communication within the company.

Later, he realized that his proposal would make the department invest more resources, but not necessarily get additional rewards, which was not a situation that supervisors were happy to see.

Despite some grievances in his heart, he apologized to the other party privately, and secretly made up his mind that no matter what happened in the future, he would ask himself to consider different levels, so that each solution he proposed could try to meet the positions of different roles.

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"Non-work-centric" communication enhances links

In the "2022 Workplace Abuse Survey", up to 70% of women's fans feel sadistic in the workplace, mainly due to "low achievement in work content", "work-life imbalance" and "lack of communication channels and culture in the company". In response to the above three reasons, Lu Shi'an shared his observations separately.

He believes that limited development of enterprises and overly detailed organizational division of labor are the main reasons for the low sense of achievement in work - most companies have a tendency to "stability and laziness" and are accustomed to letting employees stay in familiar positions.

Without deliberate organizational change, day after day, the degree of work challenge and learning space is reduced, and it is easy to affect employees' satisfaction with career development.

In terms of work-life balance, he cites the experience of friends as an example.

The friend is the head of transnational projects in the financial industry, collaborating with partners in different countries such as Japan, Hong Kong, Singapore, etc., but every six or seven o'clock in the evening, colleagues from other countries are off work, and only he has to work until nine o'clock to leave.

"This also requires everyone to think together, what is the line between work responsibility and personal life? Is such a system reasonable?"

In his eyes, the workplace has been changing, especially the epidemic has brought great changes to the professional style: "There are more and more people operating a slanted identity, not only more income, higher pay, work and life can also be effectively balanced, it is a good idea!" 」

The popular "coaching management" in recent years provides an solution to the lack of communication channels and culture for enterprises - the "non-work-oriented" communication between organizational leaders and partners can enhance the connection between members and have a better chance to fill the dialogue gap in traditional enterprises.

Lu Shi'an describes his vision of a "good company": "Everyone is busy and challenging, but the work is very happy, and this is the most important thing! Working too easy is not a good thing, indicating that there may be problems in the company's operations, and there are also club limits in personal learning and growth."

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Three charging methods to meet the tiredness of the workplace

As a person who has worked hard in the workplace for many years, Lu Shi'an has a lot of empathy for the tired feelings in the workplace, and further shared three charging methods that can help self-repair.

1. Develop personal hobbies and switch leisure modes at the right time

Developing leisure activities outside of work can put people into another state of learning, such as trying different types of sports and going outdoors.

"If you want to find a balance between the independence of the individual and the communion of the team, it is important to relieve stress outside the working state!" 」

2. Join your favorite community and seek common ground

In the community era, everyone has the opportunity to participate in different groups, cut out different interpersonal networks, and even create a lot of "weak connections" to meet friends outside the workplace.

From the standpoint of human resources, Lu Shi'an smiled and said: "The person who will help you find your next job will be the person you didn't expect!"

3. Don't be too concerned with healing yourself, but with how to become diverse

Proper healing can help restore inner balance, but Lu Shi'an suggests that people should think more about how to make different lives such as life, work, and study more diverse. Striving to create a "comprehensive" effect is the way to effectively cultivate positive energy in the face of tired heartache in the workplace!

Imagine one day being frustrated in the workplace, if a person who lives a wonderful life, he can still find a sense of accomplishment and belonging in life, friends or other fields of study;

You will not feel that your life is broken because of the failure of one aspect, but you have the opportunity to rebuild your self-confidence from other places, and even find solutions, and you will not be easily knocked down by the current difficulties.

Entering the workplace for more than thirty years, Lu Shi'an has stepped into the field of human resources from finance and insurance, relying not only on enthusiasm, but also on the good habit of unremitting learning.

If you are also facing a heart-wrenching situation in the workplace, have a broad vision, have the courage to accept challenges, and make good use of community and network resources, use the power of "people" to help yourself out of the predicament again and again!