Going further ahead of the curve with The Devil In Prada, what kind of job does a global pop forecaster do? Why does such a forecaster say that it is enough to prepare "five sets of the most beautiful clothes" in a month?

How many sets of clothes do you think you need to have every month? Ten, twenty, thirty?

If someone says that just "five sets" is enough, don't you believe it? And wouldn't you be more surprised if this advice came from a "global fashion forecaster"?

Emily Liu, a longtime fashion forecasting analyst in Europe and the United States, is sitting in her office, analyzing and sorting out the fashion trends eighteen months later through observations gathered around the world. At this moment, the clothes on you and me are likely to have been designed and manufactured eighteen months ago at her suggestion.

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You might wonder if she's like Miranda in The Devil In Prada, calling the wind and rain in the fashion industry? Emily laughs and says:

"No, I'm ahead of fashion magazines." Because fashion magazines are promoted for goods that have been manufactured, the service target is consumers. But I am engaged in the prediction of the popular industry, and the object of service is the popular manufacturer, so I must stand at the 'source of manufacturing' and sort out the future direction of the industry eighteen months ago, so that I can start preparing for production from raw materials such as yarn."

Emily, who is at the forefront of fashion, has produced a book "The Most Beautiful Five Sets: Texture Life Wear", telling you that compared to the full cabinet of Chinese clothes, but can not find the clothes suitable for themselves, you just need to prepare five sets of clothes every month, you can shine every day, confident to go out!

Once a month, play "Fashion of the Month" with yourself

The five most beautiful outfits come from a painful experience by Emily five years ago. She now lives in Princeton, USA, and one morning she woke up to find herself oversleep, and in a hurry, she grabbed a piece of clothing and took her daughter to school and then to the office to work.

It wasn't until she sat at her desk that she had a chance to see exactly what she was wearing. "It was a very ordinary dress, and I kept thinking about whether to throw it away, so I put it on the outside of the closet... Just as she was regretting the day's outfit, the assistant reminded her that there was a speech in the afternoon, "Mom! I'm dressed ugly today!" Emily wanted to cry without tears.

She began to reflect on why she had a whole wardrobe of fashion items, but why didn't it come in handy? "Obviously, I have a room full of ammunition and cannons, and when I really want to play, I only have a slingshot in my hand!" 」 Emily vividly describes.

So she decided to launch a "clothing revolution", at the beginning of each month, pre-arranged for herself the "most beautiful five sets of clothing" for the month, as long as she bothered once a month, the next month, she did not have to worry about clothing, grabbed clothes and could easily go out.

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Starting from the current wardrobe, the most beautiful five sets of practice methods are as follows:

  • In the first step, the wardrobe is first classified according to tops, bottoms, dresses, bags, accessories, etc., and can also be sorted according to color.

  • The second step is to find out the "set of outfits" that can be matched from the current wardrobe. This step can help you understand what products you currently have and what kind of choices you have. Multi-faceted arrangement and combination, try on to see, different clothes put together, which clothes work best on the body?

  • Next, decide which five outfits to start with: Considering the life situation of the month, which five outfits are best for you this month? When you wear these clothes, you should feel that your body has become better, and the whole person looks more colorful and comfortable.

"Remember that 'you' is always the focus, not the clothes!" Emily points out people's blind spots, often focusing on clothes rather than themselves, "but obviously we're wearing clothes, not clothes."

  • Finally, test whether these five sets of clothes are suitable in reality: after deciding on five outfits to wear every month, the next step is to wear one of them every day to feel how this set actually feels like to wear it, is it as you expect?

  • Next month, according to this experience, we will continue to update the five most beautiful sets, and use these understandings of ourselves as a guide to buy new clothes.

You may be worried, will the clothing repetition rate be too high? But taking five working days a week as an example, it means that it only appears once a week, "If it is the most beautiful look, a few more appearances can impress others, just like Jobs's black turtleneck top, or Obama's dark blue suit!" 」

Even if Emily is in the fashion industry, she performs five of the most beautiful outfits every month, "The goal I want to achieve is to have wonderful outfits every day, but I don't have to spend time dressing up or tidying up my wardrobe first." 」

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It's the fault of the clothes, not the fault of your body

Emily has always believed that dressing is never just an external matter, but a true reflection of our relationship with ourselves.

"The modern Internet is full of XX years old must learn to wear, or XX years old landmine wear, such a single standard of guidance, in fact, are pulling our eyeballs, so that a person who does not know you at all, tell you what is right." 」 We are always accustomed to focusing our eyes on others more than we spend on ourselves.

So this book is like a mind-stopping exercise, allowing you to put your eyes back on yourself, "through the five sets of clothing updated every month, constantly observe yourself, and explore the fashion, and practice putting the fashion on your own body, it is a necessary ability." 」

Emily mentions in the book, "If a piece of clothing doesn't fit, it's not your body's fault, it's the clothes' fault." Because ready-to-wear is made according to the general standard figure. "But who in the world is really 'standard body'?" Most people's bodies have their own special places!" Emily said this solemnly with wide eyes as if to wake everyone's heads.

A piece of clothing is not the fault of your body, but the fault of the clothes. There is no 'standard body', most people's bodies have their own special places!

Emily Liu, global pop forecaster

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I said that this point of view is so soothing that everyone does not have to blame their own body, Emily emphasizes: "I am not trying to comfort everyone, I am just pointing out the facts!" 」 Just like she also believes that there is no so-called "wrong clothes", every piece of clothing that does not fit, in fact, gives us some information to know more about ourselves, is to help you buy the next piece of clothing code!

"For example, I will make a 'breakup mine table' and write down the reasons why my clothes are not suitable for myself as a reference for the next time I buy clothes." 」 She found that she did not fit the complicated sleeves, because she had a lot of hand movements when she spoke, and the design that was too cumbersome made her uncomfortable.

Emily says it's a lot like falling in love: "The more you leave yourself to introspect, the clearer the conditions will become." Rather than ending a relationship and immediately investing in another, it is better to find someone to get along with for a long time in the future."

For the most beautiful you, always keep your curiosity

After the book was published, some people wondered if Emily's claim would go against their job, telling consumers that five sets a month would be enough.

Looking back on the original intention of the publication, emily was shocked by the dynamic power of nature during the epidemic. She reflected on the fashion industry to produce more and more clothing, but people's clothing problems have not been solved, why do you always feel that the wardrobe is one less?

"I think fashion and environmental protection do not need to be opposites, I am not advocating that everyone will not buy clothes from now on, but use my profession to help everyone have more ways to buy clothes that suit them, but will not cause waste." 」

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Emily describes the fashion industry before the Internet as a "monarchy", where industry people make their own decisions behind closed doors and choose what fashion is, and people just have to follow it; "But with the online community, the fashion industry became a republic, and everyone was a media outlet, able to make their voices heard and define all kinds of beauty."

People may feel confused and confused because of this, but also know that there is no longer a single standard, which means: "You are free!"

When external information flows, the only thing you have to do is to go back to your heart and find out why you are wearing clothes. What message do you want to convey through your clothes? What kind of power do you gain?

The spirit of the five most beautiful outfits is: "Don't stop exploring yourself and the world!"

Emily gives you a map, you don't have to go on a rampage and leak all the way, as before, but there is a clear way to take you step by step to break the boundaries and update yourself through clothing.

Emily always tells the reader, "The best look hasn't come out yet, so don't just stop there!" The so-called better look, in fact, is to start from a better understanding of themselves, and has nothing to do with appearance, age, body, we are changing all the time, to embrace ourselves happily, to meet the fun and interesting new beauty.

Emily lives in Princeton. Image courtesy of Emily |

It was as if she had stumbled upon several packets of seeds lying in a drawer during the quarantine of that outbreak. She planted it on a whim, and a few months later found a ball of flowers that was red, purple and pink, growing taller than her.

"Is such a huge amount of energy and life force lying in my drawer?" Everyone's soul is also like this pack of seeds, constantly stepping out to try, you never know what will be planted, blooming in your life!