Welcome to the Midsummer Pavilion, in the ancient times when there was no electricity, how did people break it before? The brain hole of the ancients is bigger than all of you, and all the food and flying are sent out! "Midsummer Pork" arouses the deepest curiosity in your heart to find out how crazy the ancients were for "love"!

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Feed the ancient Romans with their lower body desires! I can eat "Yang G bread" that I can use.

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The first part introduces you to the oriental version of the ancient dildo, and today I turn the lens to the ancient Roman era of BC, when there was a good thing called "#Olisbokollix Bread dildo", which means a penis made of bread, and the outside can be eaten (used) by smearing olive oil.

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Sounds incredible? Let's just reconstruct the live with real pictures! Nowadays, many archaeologically produced ancient Greek and Roman containers "Amphora" have pictures of girls holding a basket of bread and even preparing (food) for making (food), which is very realistic :)

Not only on the clay pots, but also in the drama of the time. The first ancient Greek anti-war comedy "Lysistrata" with women as the protagonist, in which women launched a war between the sexes to stop the war between the sexes in order to end the Peloponnesian War that had been fought for too long, using "sex" as a bargaining chip, refusing to negotiate with men, and finally successfully ending the long-standing war. Among them, the women used bread to quench their thirst during the protest, cool down!

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The sinful love of the English prince! The "Three People Love Juice Chair" of an old brothel

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Queen Victoria's eldest son, King Edward VII, was a full-fledged Play Boy when he was a prince. He made the famous name of Le Chabanais, a brothel in Paris, which also included a special elaborate chair.


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Even if you want to go down to the brothel to pick flowers, you still have to be equipped with extraordinary dignity. Prince Edward made a special one, with a gorgeous rococo style of exquisite double chairs, extending the elegant curve of the handle & stepping mat, can be said to be the prince and the crush of the three P good friends.

Due to Edward's physical weakness, the bottom of the costume is the bucket waist instead of the male dog waist, so the mystery of this chair is that when the prince enjoys multi-person exercise, he can steadily support his weight, and let him do less movements, the better, which can be said to be a functional and visual throne.

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It can be seen that the seemingly conservative ancient times are really bigger than we think

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