"Cool aunt" has become the mainstream of the world, many young and mature unmarried women, no longer bound by the marriageable age, on the road of husband and child, not married and have children, super cool!

The most important female characters in our life course, in addition to mothers and grandmothers, are aunts and aunts!

In family gatherings, we often see them, aside from the gossip of not getting married, and the little children's favorite is the aunts and aunts who have the patience to take care of themselves all day and are willing to listen carefully to their own fairy tales - you may not know that they are the latest definition of "cool".

In recent years, a new type of modern woman has emerged abroad: "Cool Auntie", and the discussion in the community is even more hot: the film labeled #auntielife on Tiktok alone has been viewed 62 million times, #auntie的影片甚至高达9.88 million views!

The social role of contemporary women is changing rapidly, marriage and having children is no longer the ultimate destination of women, in the wave of fewer children, children's resources get more, and they get full of love from female elders who have not had children.

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What does a cool aunt look like? Turns out she's on our day-to-day!

Do you also have "aunts and aunts" around you that you respect and love? Are they very different from their mothers?

The following and you introduce the characteristics of "cool aunt", see which of them you also have~

Feature 1: Most of them are professional women who do not have children or are not married, and who are super siblings and nieces

A new generation of female representatives of the "aunt's house"! In response to the decline in both birth and marriage rates, many groups of women with high educational qualifications and stable incomes have emerged. They choose not to marry or have children, and they perform brilliantly in the workplace, and they are relatives who love their nieces (daughters) and nephews (daughters) very much in the family.

How much does it hurt?

  1. Abba Amuh doesn't buy you the latest game cards? Aunt Cool bought it for you
  2. Abba Amu's not giving you nail polish? Cool aunt help you rub who dares to talk
  3. Abba and aunt do not allow you to fall in love? Aunt Cool teaches you the secrets of love

"It's good for a cool aunt to have a cool aunt on the weekend."

As a sister or sister of parents, even their parents must give three points of courtesy and intercede for themselves, and even the most serious sins can be forgiven!

Without the baggage of being a parent, without the burden of parenting, coupled with a stable income, Ku Aunt can occasionally help take care of the child all day on the weekend, and then share fun information or toys to meet the child's usual difficult parental requirements.

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Characteristic two: "aunt" is the new "sister", aunt laughs and cool aunt laughs

The existence of Cool Aunt has the same age and experience as her parents, but she does not have the rules and authority of her parents, and children can freely share their troubles and receive good advice.

In addition, high education and excellent work performance, as well as the uninhibited freedom of single women, have also become female role models that children appreciate more.

The process of children's growth, in addition to the mother, more close female elders can be referred to. With different personalities and lives, boys and girls can see more diverse career styles.

"Auntie" has changed from a sense of elderhood to a handsome predecessor who is cool and experienced that young people also want to be. Auntie, is the latest sister nowadays!

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Characteristic 3: "Aunt is single" or "Aunt marries", free to be in charge of me

Aunt Ku can be single or married, but these are her life choices, regardless of age or social pressure.

Compared with relatives and friends of the same age with children, they have less worries and more freedom to leave, usually they have a clean home, disposable income, and full travel records.

Cool aunts without children, who charge the workplace on weekdays, get together with friends from time to time, exercise or watch movies, enjoy their intimate relationships, and build a community where they grow up and compete with their friends.

"Cool aunt" has become the mainstream of the world, and many single women of young age are no longer bound by marriageable age and do not embark on the road of lifelong husbands and godsons, and they are building their own "sense of aunt".

Are you also the most popular cool auntie? Share it with your cool aunt and support the cool new era women together!


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