Do you want to miss the students' mood for the summer vacation every year and July, but do you want to go out and take a walk, but not without money or not? Today we are going to introduce several interactive online travel websites, allowing us to go to the Vatican to look at the murals, the earliest frescoes from France, or even open your adventure genes to a corner of the world, even if you are sitting in front of a computer.

If you want to look at the mural, art gallery

(1) Sistine Chapel (Sistine Chapel)

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Sistine Chapel in the Vatican, except for the residence of the bishops, is a picture of Michelangelo's hand-drawn biblical picture-a picture of the Angel singing from paradise to God's touch with human fingers, and you can sit on the front of the computer.The better is the details that you don't have to see in the field, and here you can see the eyes of God, the details of the court's clothing, the pattern of the floor.

womany for a tour guide: the addition minus on the lower left of the web page can reduce the scene or pull it away, and if you want to experience it more, then you can remember to open the sound to make the music a background music for you!

(2) Louvre Louvre

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Bonjour! The most famous art gallery in France is not the Louvre, but the people who have been there will tell you that there are people everywhere.The Louvre introduced an online tour that allowed you to visit the huge Egyptian show in the museum and the Apollo gallery in 1661, which was later destroyed by Louis XIV ’You can also go into history and see the most primitive appearance of the Louvre in 1190.At the time the Louvre was a moat, and France was built to protect Paris against attacks.Today, the moat is preserved, and you can walk along it and see the history of protecting Paris 900 years ago.

womany for a guided tour : After entering the website, you can choose which show you want to see first, then you can walk right and left, and the black arrow on the floor will take the room into the room and see what it is!

If you want to look at the library, enter history

Smithsonian National Museum of Natural History

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The largest museum community in the United States today, even in the other end of the world, you can visit the main scene of a museum's horror night.At the point, standing in front of an elephant, you can choose to go left to the right, and visit the entire NMNH three stories and dozens of halls.When the first floor is finished, the map at the top right can go to the second floor, and do not need to climb stairs.

womany tips: In the course of the tour, don't forget to look at the closets of the exhibits, the details, and the details.

(2) The Caves of Lascaux

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Do you know that there is a Paleolithic, 17 300 years old Stone Age in the cave walls of South France?The frescoes in the 1940 caves were discovered after the discovery of the frescoes, which were later reopened.But, like all monuments, the carbon dioxide that is spit out by tourists quickly fades the legacy of these historical relics.In addition, the black mold and other conditions that are harmful to health are created, causing caves to be closed to outsiders, and the stories of these former people can only be seen through the Internet.

womany Corner tour guide : The lower right corner of the web page can see where it is now in the cave.The form you pull out of the arrow on the left of the web page can also select A Visit to the Cave to jump from one hole to the other.

If you want to take the risk

The Secret Door

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Sometimes we don't know where we want to go, but we just know that we want to go out.By pushing this door open, the website will randomly take you to a corner of the world: it may be a forgotten ruins, perhaps a beautiful palace, or an office that everyone is wearing, wearing an animal mask.If you want to stray but don't have time and feel insecure, you might as well start here!

womany for a tour guide: You can open a new adventure by pressing the upper left corner of the web page.

Travel doesn't have to plan ahead, walk out of the house, even at home, at the front of the computer, breathing out of the Internet!

Don't go out, you can walk around the world!
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