A male nursing student posted on the Internet that he was rejected because of his gender as a dental assistant; What are your thoughts on this?

A male nursing student posted on the Internet "Why are all dental helpers girls?" The post said that he was rejected because of his gender, which triggered heated discussions among netizens.

Denying men from applying for dental assistance violates the Gender Equality Act

In accordance with Article 5, Paragraph 1 of the Employment Services Act, employers shall not discriminate against job applicants or employees hired on the basis of sex, sexual orientation, age, marriage, appearance, physical or mental disability, etc.; The penalty ranges from 300,000 yuan ~ 1.5 million yuan."

What do netizens say?

Some people are unhappy, of course, some netizens think that women are more suitable to be dental assistants, because assistants are girls, and they are less likely to have sexual harassment controversies because of accidentally touching.

However, trust the professionalism of healthcare workers and do not need to question their gender.

In medical work, it's not just dental assistants who touch patients. Why is this job often limited to women? Let's think together.

Photo | by Bakytzhan Baurzhanov on Pexels