What is the difficulty of having a good learning environment?In March of this year, a documentary film was released in the United States ( and argue for the right direction!)Girl : Nine girls from nine countries were filmed, and the nine girls shared a strong desire to be educated, but they were unable to do so because of the environment.When I was 16 years old, we had a bus on a high school uniform. After school, we went to the Hsimenting area to go to the Hsimenting area to see the movies.At the same age, the 16-year-old Pakistani girl, Malala, is working to fight for the right to education for women .

In an interview with CNN:

"I have the right to education, I have the right to play, to sing, to go to the market, and I have the right to appeal."

Maraara is a BBC columnist who is truthful to tell the world that under the threat of the Taliban, the people of Pakistan live in a real life.The restrictions on the right to education of women were subsequently openly opposed by the Taliban."I want to serve society and I want all girls and all children to have the right to education," she said.However, after exposure, she was exposed to the ambush by the Taliban.Luckily, the gunshot wound did not cause permanent damage to her.After months of recuperations, Malala continued to struggle for her rights.The United Nations has since then announced November 10 as the day of Malala, calling for global attention to the issue of girls' education.(Extended reading: Finnish education: the more meta, the more equal )

The United Nations Ambassador Goodwill Brown said: "In some parts of the world, the Korean peninsula, Afghanistan, and Africa, girls and educationalists who are pursuing equal education are living every day in intimidation and violence."

statistics, a total of 66 million school-age girls worldwide are not educated, and more than 40 % of girls in developing countries do not attend school.Women's education is uneven across the globe, and according to the World Bank, girls' enrolment rates remain at the same rate as in the UK in 1810, in Mali, west of Africa.In Malala's home country of Pakistan, the average girl child was enrolled for five years in a low income family.At the same time, the rate of attendance of girls is reduced by 20 per cent as a result of the inaccessibility of the land at a distance of half a kilometreRecently, the Taliban regime has repeatedly destroyed the local women's schools. Apart from poverty, political turmoil has prevented the children from obtaining complete education.(Extended Read: Attitude and the environment for her study )

Malala's father says:

"She is the daughter of the world and she is dedicated to this society."

The Malala incident touched the world, including UN Ambassador Angelina Jolie, who donated 200,000 US dollars to the foundation of Malala.In Taiwan, the nine-year compulsory education that was promoted in 1968 has brought school age to 99 % of school attendance, and the difference in education between men and women gradually faded away.While the right to education is relatively intact, we must not forget all corners of the world, and many small girls are longing for a day of schooling.(Extended reading: We, the world's protagonist )

Every woman has the right to do better
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