When buying tickets at movie theaters, do you also see which films have to be released?Have you ever found out that most of the posters appear on film posters, and that most of them are men, even if they have It seems to be that girls are also only acting as a supporting role .This phenomenon seems to have been used as a way of thinking that women's true face seems to have been thrown out of the mind , but why is this phenomenon occurring?

Hollywood has no permanent heroine

According to data statistics, only 28 % of all speeches, large and small, were women in the 2012 selling movies.In this context, only 3.4 % of corporate leaders and 4.5 % of senior political officers are portrayed by girls.On average, there will be a female role for every family of all the family members. If a group appears on the screen, only 17 % of the films will be female.The film star, Geena Davis (Thelma & Louise 1991), watched as children's programs observed the serious gender gap, the creation of a See Jane Organization that wanted to change the seriousness of the stereotypes that girls were portringin by the media as well as the number of media underdeveloped.The SeeJane Organization is currently the only research guide, in the media entertainment industry, in the media entertainment industry, in promoting equality between men and women, reducing stereotypes and creating multifaceted women's roles.

There is only one type of girl in Hollywood?

Zooey Deschanely's role in the role of Mr. Zooey Deschanely (Yes Man, 2005) and the 500 Days of Summer (2009) are all in common?

The film critic Nathan Rabin made the concept of Manic Pixie Dream Girl that the only meaning of such a female presence is to be the male lead, and that their goal is to make the male lead happy, even at the expense of sacrificing herself.In the past, there was a difference between the reality and the fictional character of a female character, saying that the dream girls in the film would become a reality of life, but would not be allowed to stand up.

These are only the role of film television, and what does it have to do with our daily lives?Unreal and real life are not the same.

When I was a kid, how many young girls wanted to be a princess in a beautiful dress and glass shoe after listening to fairy tales?When you grow up, look at romantic romantic comedy, don't we want to have a story like that?The story is not separated from life, and the story becomes a part of our life.( Don't be taught by love movies!))

Unreal and real life is different, but fiction affects real life.

700 years later, Hollywood will be equal

Ge ena Davis observes the ratio of men and women to the current screen. She says we are 700 years away from the ideal target for the entertainment media industry to strike a balance between men and women.Although these years have been a film of "The Hunger Games" Katniss Everdeen, or "Bridesmaid", a female film star, the industrial structure cannot and will not change in the near future.In an interview, Davis once pointed out that every time a woman starred in a movie, the media would be excited to say that this is the beginning of change, but nothing will change every time the rush is over.

We may not be able to change the entire film industry, but we can start from ourselves.You can suppress, hide, but you'll wake up and find that it's not what you're going to do when you're not in the middle of a story.You don't have to continue to change yourself, and you can start writing your own story, and you can start to play the role of your own.

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