Berlin Fashion Week ended successfully on July 7.This year's fashion week aside, aside from the big and new designers of the fashion industry in Germany, the most notable is the hottest topic in Berlin: green fashion (or environmental fashionable eco fashon).(Recommended reading: Good design!What is a green design?)

The so-called "green fashion" is not just about environmental protection, sustainable development, and organic materials; it promotes fair and open transactions, as well as brand and brand trust and respect.Over the past two years, Berlin has nurtured many green brands, so "green fashion" and "organic design" can be said to be the two main players in the international market for Berlin.So this year's Berlin Fashion Week has set up an exhibition space to show 42 green time brands, most notably a newly created independent brand Aluc.

Quarterly commodity-based Retailings

Founder Luise Barsch founded Aluc as the concept of upcycling (upgrade recovery).In the fashion industry, each season's merchandise is unique, and so long as the season's merchandise or cloth is lost.In some of the larger brands, as long as there is a small flaw in the goods or cloth, it is very likely that the bulk of the goods will be thrown away.Barsch saw this phenomenon in the view that materials that were unsuitable for the fashion industry could also be made into beautiful clothes.So she and her three partners began to develop a piece of cloth that used recycled cloth to piece together a unique style.

Berlin's Green Stretch

Plus the 42 green brand presented, the Berlin Fashion Week has a total of over 100 brands and plans this year related to environmental protection.These brands advocate for many environmental concepts, such as organic cotton , shorter production processes, and more reasonable wages for workers.This year, many buyers and fashion reporters participated in the "Green Show Space" and "The Organic Fashion Show", which shows that the "green issues" are gradually getting hottable in the fashion industry.But for consumers, the "green fashion" is not as organic as food, so the current fashion industry is working hard to promote it.

Buy Ideas and Buy Style

Barsch insisted that all processes should be transparent when creating the brand.At Aluc's website, they describe in detail all the manufacturing processes of clothing, not just the material environment, but also the production process.Aluc's clothes are sewn at the nearest social institution in the clothing shop, such as a workshop for the disabled.If there are any remaining cloth or materials, they will donate them to these social institutions, so that they can make use of small ornaments and jewelry to sell them.Barsch said:

The consumer who buys our clothes actually also bought the story behind it.Not only do you have to wear our clothes to make you different, you also do a good thing."

The fashion industry is gradually emerging as a green cyclone, and Aluc is one of them.They represent a lifestyle that they represent with other green brands, and they have created a new idea in an age where the resources are being wasted.So when we go out, we can think of the story behind every piece of clothing, and it's not just a beautiful single item, but it's a fashion statement that belongs to the world.( valuesEach tree!Green fan ecobook notes )

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