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Again, starting with a week, do you still have a lazy weekend?Today, women are tidying up four new things happening all over the world. You know, New York is about to see a swimming pool on the river. How can gay men in the United States not donate blood?J.J., Krolin's anonymous introduction to the new book was not appreciated, and the Taiwan shoe industry's new show was marching into Paris.Let's see what's new. Let's sweep the blue and blue Monday!

New York will have a floating pool

The current most popular foreign fundraising program abroad will make New York the world's first floating pool.The idea from the beginning was that they thought the Hudson River was too dirty for New Yorker to enjoy the pleasure of swimming.As a result, the swimming pool concept was gradually formed and was supported by many people.So far it has collected more than 270,000 US dollars, and they will use the money to set up an experimental small swimming pool.It is believed that in the near future, the swimming pool will become the most attractive tourist attraction.(Extended Read: Living in a designed city )
* News source: huffingtonpost

U.S. male comrade protest against blood

US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has a provision in the blood donation of men who cannot donate blood if they have sex with other men who have had sex with men in the first 12 months of 1977.The law was set up in a time when AIDS screening techniques were not developed. However, science and technology are now well developed. The AIDS sufflance can only test yin and yang by drawing blood.This provision is out of date and is an unreasonable treatment for comrades.Recently, the gay and blood donor organization in the United States has planned about 50 demonstrations to express their demands.(Extended Read: Gay pride on Gay, Amsterdam )
Newssource: abcnews pic via: here

Taiwan Shoe Challenge LV

The shoe company STELLA, founded in Taiwan, is about to enter Paris, and is expected to open two stores by the end of this year.In 1982, the STELLA was started from generation to generation, and most of the companies that were surrogers were internationally renowned brands such as Miu Miu, Gvenchy, Prada, and so on.They want to be an international brand, and the goal is to bring more affordable products to women around the world. (Extended Read: Affordable Brand Brand Designers )
* News sources: BoF

Harry Potter author's latest novel rejected

Potter author JK Rowling, in April, used the pseudonyname of a new crime novel. After the discovery of the 15th, the editor of Orion's publisher admitted that she was illiterate and refused to publish Rowling's book.In April, when Rowling published a new book, Rowling received favorable reviews from a writer who wrote a crime novel, but sold only 1,500 copies of the book.But after the release of the real name yesterday, the novel became the top Amazon Amazon "bookstore" list. (Extended reading: Go to the bookstore )
* News source: the independent

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