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womany today webs take you to six interesting news stories spanning health, technology, babies, and education.Want to get popular apps free of charge, go to the Apple App Store.It may be important to pay attention to the Chinese people who drink cola and drink cola.I don't want to be a kid.Look at the news you're most interested in today!

May Pregnancy Premature

If the mother is pregnant in May, it is easier to have a young baby, and these babies will be more likely to have health concerns in the future.mothers who were pregnant in May just had a peak in the flu season in the middle of pregnancy, and if they had flu, they would increase the chances of premature birth.The research team at Princeton University, with its first research team, analyzed the 650,000 brothers and sisters in the New York area by eliminating other factors that could affect early production, such as race and economic power. (Recommended reading: planned pregnancies with a planned pregnancy )
news source: the independent news

The regular sleep time allows the baby to be smarter

a study with more than 10,000 observations, the cognitive development of babies and children will be affected by an irregular sleep time.The study tested the reading, mathematics, and space concepts of the children of the two groups, and found that the three-year-old children with fixed sleep schedules were performing better than they did not have regular sleep time."The irregular sleep time has an impact on cognitive development: distraction of day and night rhythm (changes in physical and mental behavior), sleep deprivation and ability to look at brain development," said the researchers at the Journal of Epidemiology and Community Health." (Recommended reading: Intimate is the starting point for upbringing: cultivating a good sleep of the child )
Newssource: the sky news

Apple App Store 5th birthday big birthday

July 10 will be the fifth birthday of the Apple App Store, and for Gyeongsang's (7/ 8) Apple App store yesterday (7/ 8), all of the apps will be available for download at no charge.These free download experts are only expected to be the beginning of Apple's birthday. People can open their eyes and see what good will happen to them!(Recommended reading: Changing the world's modern hero: Steve Jobs )
news source: CNN news

Pepsi wants to adjust the carcinogenicity formula

is a carcinogen known as 4-MEI in the Pepsi formulation, but now they are actively removing the 4-MEI in the manufacturing process.PepsiCo stressed that after the discovery of carcinogenic substances in their products, they were actively addressing the issue with the R&D Department because they attached great importance to the health of all consumers.They are expected to cut the dose of 4-MEI in the product in February 2014.(Recommended reading: Why I don't drink hand tea-a secret that the beverage industry is not able to say )
News source: Bloomberg Businessweek

US brand TOMS donated up to 10 million pairs of shoes

The U.S. Trend Brand TOMS announced that in seven years of their creation, they have donated more than 10 million pairs of shoes to poor children around the world.The TOMS brand manifesto is: One for One, you buy a pair of TOMS shoes, and they send out a pair of shoes for the kids who need it.(Recommended reading: Summer hottest casual casual shoes )
* News source: TIME Magazine

UK Student Scrap Password

The British government half supported a competition to encourage students between the ages of 14 and 16 to produce and decode their passwords.In the competition, students must disassemble a series of passwords, decompose messages hidden in messes, and create their own passwords.With global cyber attacks rampant, the British government has been able to identify talented children who have been trained to fight cyber attacks in the future through the competition. (Recommended reading: The child's bright future, starting with the learning writer? )
* News source: DW News

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