Taiwan's First Vision Award for Diversity and Inclusion Winners! Female managers in the tech industry climb 75%, and the winning companies adopt a diversified recruitment system! Women are obsessed with the 3 key competitiveness of diversity and inclusion culture: efficiency, co-creation and sustainability.

Womany women fans have been promoting gender equality and diversity and inclusion culture spirit through influence for 11 years, and held Taiwan's first "DEI Diversity and Inclusion Vision Award" for the first time this year, selecting 28 corporate models for implementing DEI policies.

In addition to multinational companies such as technology manufacturers Dell, Hewlett-Packard, HSBC Commercial Bank, and Baoqiao Home Products, there are also many outstanding Taiwanese local companies such as Advantech, Laurel, Pinkoi, MoMo Fubon Media Group, etc.

Zhang Weixuan, Founder and CEO of Womany Women's Fans, said: "As a social enterprise, we are based on the largest women's community in Taiwan, and we are honored to work with enterprises this year to create a diverse and inclusive ecosystem and create a friendly workplace environment for more people."

Zhang Weixuan said that Taiwan's first diversity and inclusion enterprise selection is the starting point for promoting DEI actions, and looks forward to calling on more people to join the ranks of diversity and inclusion.

The selection invited LinkedIn and Dinye Utrust Accounting Firm to respond together, as well as Yan Chuyou, chairman of the Entrepreneur Co-creation Platform Foundation, Zhu Ping, founder of Kenmeng, Lu Xinjie, CEO of Rainbow Equality Platform, and Yu Xiuzhi, director of Taiwan Disabled Women's Equal Rights Connection, joined the judging lineup, with the three aspects of institutional integrity, policy diversity, and implementation action as the main axes, to review the eligibility of the registered enterprises for the award with high standards.

"A diverse and inclusive workplace culture can not only recruit outstanding talents, strengthen employee identity, but also create excellent operational performance. Although many multinational companies have been promoting for many years, most companies in Taiwan are still waiting to see if this recognition will accelerate Taiwan's DEI culture and bring about positive changes."

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Jian Lifeng: DEI is a necessary foundation for digital transformation, and it is also the key to the overseas scale of Taiwan's industry

Womany women fans invited Jian Lifeng, former managing director of Google Taiwan, as the introduction of this DEI enterprise selection, Jian Lifeng said: "Taiwan's digital territory is smaller than the actual land on the world map, as an island country, we should embrace the world outside Taiwan and drive Taiwan to the Pacific Ocean, and DEI is the essence of all this."

Jian Lifeng emphasized that DEI can not only solve the problem of enterprises, but also solve the problem of Taiwan's digital land restrictions, and help local enterprises enter the international market. He also pointed out that under the trend of industrial digitalization, the shortage of labor will increase day by day, and at the same time, it will also promote the growth of DEI demand, and diversity and inclusion will be the key competitiveness that enterprises need to have in the next decade.

In this selection, it can be found that many multinational companies have launched DEI actions for many years, and the most significant results are reflected in the rise of female talent, taking the technology industry where talent is scarce, as of April 2022, women account for half of the seats on the global board of directors and supervisory boards of SAP, a leader in the global enterprise solutions market.

Cai Yuling, president of the Taiwan Women Directors Association, said that 69% of listed companies governed by women in 2021 achieved annual revenue growth, and it is expected that Taiwanese enterprises can also keep up with international trends in the future, improve the diversity of board members, and make enterprises more competitive.

Tap into the gold mine of talent! Diversified recruitment drives a positive cycle of talent sustainability

According to LinkedIn data, the talent turnover rate has increased year on year, by 25% globally and up to 60% in Asia Pacific. However, maintaining a stable talent and balancing turnover is an indispensable part of business growth. A diverse and inclusive workplace culture not only enhances employees' sense of belonging, but also is the key to talent sustainability.

Among the awardees, 75% of the winners took a diversified recruitment system as their main policy, and Standard Chartered, Unilever and Bayer all provided LGBT+ employees and their dependents with the same benefits. Pfizer is more hit
Create a "patient-friendly workplace" to help patients connect with work; In addition to a reserve talent zone for people with disabilities, Laurel also employs Japanese and Vietnamese workers to increase the diversity of the workplace environment.

In addition, cultivating robust talents from ethnic minorities is a trend in DEI. UNIQLO, which won the "Gold Award for Impact Enterprises", has been actively recruiting people with disabilities in Japan since 2001, and at present, Taiwan has also ensured the employment quota of people with disabilities at a number higher than 1 times the legal number, with 47 employees in Taiwan, with an average salary of 5.6 years, and several are about to reach 10 years.

A friendly workplace environment is the foundation for the stable work of people with disabilities, and it has also become a driving force for the sustainable growth of the organization.

Ruoshui International, which won the "SME Gold Award" and "Digital Application Award", combined business and technology to empower more than 400 people with disabilities to become professional digital workers, not only creating unique AI data services, but also stepping into the construction industry with BIM building information modeling integration services, finding a competitive advantage for the company from the market.

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Women's fans analyze the trend of diversity and inclusion, and call on enterprises to rely on DEI to build three major competitiveness

LinkedIn released survey data showing that 77% of HR experts around the world believe that diversity and inclusion are essential for future recruitment, and Womany's DEI survey data also pointed out that a whopping 96% of people in Taiwan regard DEI policy as the main reason for evaluating whether to join a company.

Zhang Weixuan, Founder and CEO of Women's Fan, said, "Among the awardees, we have seen the attention of multinational companies to Taiwan's talent market and the importance of local companies paying attention to diversity and inclusion policies. Diversity and inclusion is not only a welfare policy that is traditionally regarded as passive, but also a turning point that can drive corporate transformation."

She also shared that a diverse and inclusive workplace culture can help organizations combine different strengths to bring about higher performance and growth, and that the three elements of DEI policies: "efficiency", "co-creation" and "sustainability" are necessary conditions for sustainable growth and alignment with international trends.

About Womany

Since its establishment in 2012, Women's Fan has continued to accompany women, LGBTQI+ and other diverse partners to explore themselves and grow together with physical activities, self-exploration courses, and knowledge-based content. Encourage gender dialogue and create influence so that everyone can be themselves fearlessly.

Woman Fan held Asia's first gender-themed hackathon in 2016 and represented Taiwan at the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC), sparing no effort to create change for a decade. Women's fans are committed to creating an environment of "diversity, equality and inclusion", so that different voices can have the opportunity to be heard.

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On-site corporate interview Q&A

Senior Vice President, HSBC (Taiwan) Commercial Bank Xiao Baijuan

Q: What will your company do in the future in DEI diversity and inclusion?
A: We hope to make better use of data, find out the needs of employees, and continue to strengthen the diversity and inclusion policy.

Standard Chartered International Commercial Bank Co., Ltd. Chief Human Resources Officer Chen Weizhi

Q: What will your company do in the future in DEI diversity and inclusion?
A: Internally, we will continue to strengthen the happiness of employees at the three levels of body, mind and spirit, and externally, we hope to unite the strength of Standard Chartered's customers and the public, continue to promote DEI, and transmit the spirit of diversity and inclusion with greater influence.

Dutch business Taiwan Dell Co., Ltd. Taiwan Branch R&D Center Co-managing Director Zhuang Yuhao

Q: What will your company do in the future in DEI diversity and inclusion?
A: We will continue to work gender ratio, and have set a target of 50% female employees and 40% female senior managers by 2030.

Taiwan Uniqlo Co., Ltd. Senior Manager, Human Resources Department, Overseas Marketing and Publicity Strategy Department, Gao Xiaojun

Q: What will your company do in the future in DEI diversity and inclusion?
A: Next year, we hope to have 15% of our employees being foreign students, second-time employees, and students, and increasing the diversity of employees.

Tian Yingying, General Manager of Taiwan Biogen Co., Ltd

Q: What will your company do in the future in DEI diversity and inclusion?
A: Biogen is a company with only 15 employees in Taiwan, we hope that through this award, we can encourage more corporate partners to join DEI, regardless of the size of the company, DEI is very important. Next year, we will deepen our career choices in the DEI part.

2022 Women's Fan Diversity and Inclusion Vision Award winners

Influential Enterprise Award Gold Award (Foreign Investment)

  • Bayer Co., Ltd., Taiwan
  • Standard Chartered International Commercial Bank Limited
  • HSBC (Taiwan) Commercial Bank Limited
  • British Virgin Islands Swire Coca-Cola Coca-Cola Co., Ltd. Taiwan Branch
  • Baoqiao Home Products Co., Ltd
  • Pfizer, Inc
  • Dutch business Taiwan Dell Inc. Taiwan Branch
  • Singapore business Hewlett-Packard Global Technology Co., Ltd. Taiwan Branch
  • Taiwan Uniqlo Co., Ltd
  • Hong Kong Shangjilia Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. Taiwan Branch

Influential Enterprise Award Silver Award (Foreign Investment)

  • Unilever Limited
  • Taiwan Lilan Animal Protection Co., Ltd
  • Taiwan Esmoore Technology Co., Ltd
  • Texas Instruments Industries, Inc
  • Taiwan General Mills Co., Ltd
  • SAP Software Systems Inc
  • Taiwan Fox Co., Ltd
  • Taiwan Biogen Co., Ltd
  • Golin Highgrade PR

Influential Enterprise Award Gold Award (Local Enterprise)

  • Taiwan Port Corporation Limited
  • Fubon Media Technology Co., Ltd

Influential Enterprise Award Silver Award (Local Enterprise)

  • Advantech Corporation
  • Zhongding Engineering Co., Ltd
  • Taiwan Fuxing Industrial Co., Ltd

Stalwart & SME Gold Award

  • Ruoshui International Co., Ltd
  • Guoyi International Cultural and Creative Co., Ltd. (Pinkoi) 

Silver Award for Backbone & SME

  • Laurel Industrial Co., Ltd

Special Award Best Rainbow Friendly Business

  • Hong Kong Shangjilia Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. Taiwan Branch
  • Standard Chartered International Commercial Bank Limited
  • Unilever Limited

Special Prize Best Female Empowerment Enterprise Award

  • Fubon Media Technology Co., Ltd
  • Bayer Co., Ltd., Taiwan
  • Guoyi International Cultural and Creative Co., Ltd. (Pinkoi)

Special Award Best Digital Application Award

  • Ruoshui International Co., Ltd

Special Award for Best DEI Initiative Creativity

  • Laurel Industrial Co., Ltd
  • Wing Fung Commercial Bank Co., Ltd
  • Taiwan Fox Co., Ltd
  • Unilever Limited

Special Award for Best DEI Business Employer

  • Bayer Co., Ltd., Taiwan
  • Taiwan Port Corporation Limited
  • Ruoshui International Co., Ltd