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Tuesday, today helps to organize eight news stories related to health, fashion, and diet.You know what?At the time of the gradual increase in Internet shopping, you can still try to wear clothes once again at home, and South America has even introduced an environment-friendly cola after the last frozen Coke bottle.How much has the fashion in London changed over the past 100 years?If you want to know more, let's continue to look at the news that is collating today.

Green Coke appears in South America

In Argentina, the nearest shop looks like a green-labeled Coca-Cola, which is called ’ Life ’, meaning "life".So, what is the special thing about this can cola?In addition to a prominent green, cola's recipe is healthier, and the sugar in which the stevia is extracted replaces the original sugar of the cola.The bottle body is also environmentally friendly green material, with 30 percent of the raw material from the plant fibre, and the whole bottle body can be recycled.You love coke, you have healthier choices in the future. (Extended Read: Why I Do Not Drink Hand-Hand Tea-The "Secret" )
News Source: npr news

New experience in network shopping-3DFIT

Are you tired of the flat shopping website?Or is it always inappropriate for you to buy something on the Internet?Now, a company in the United States sells eyeglasses to develop 3D technology that can test products on the Internet.As long as you scan your face, you can see your eyeglasses on IPAD when you select the glasses you like.In this way, it solves the uncertainty of the Internet shopping, and it is assumed that the product of this company will be welcomed by the vast majority of the products! (Extended Read: Infinite with 3-D Printing, High-heel handsets )
* News sources: huffingtonpost

London Fashion 100

Before Westfield Stratford City, the UK's largest shopping center, filmed a funny video-a 100-second change in the fashion trend in London from 1911-2011.From a long dress with elegant hats to a disco pup skirt and sunglasses, not only changes in clothing, music, and dance styles will also show popular changes.( Extended Read: London Fashion 100Year )
* Press Source: youtube.com

Five Blind Points for Gender Communication

Men are from Mars, women are from Venus, and men and women are not in the news for a long time, but gender expert Barbara Annis often makes it difficult for men and women to communicate, often because there are blind spots.She put forward eight of the biggest blind spots, including: Are girls really emotional?Do boys really have ears in the right ear?If you want to know more, please extend reading: Five Blind Points
Newssource: freeenterprise.com

The British Royal Society decides the name of the other baby in the country

Many newborn babies in the UK do not have a name because the Royal Baby is not yet born." I want my baby to have the same name as the little princes and little princesses.A British mother told me.The Royal Baby affects not only the name of the British, but also the recipe for Kate's pregnancy and the clothes they wear are enthusiastically shared.It can be seen how big the British hope for the Royal Baby is!(Recommended reading: What you should know as a mother: learn to wait and lose ) news source: femalefirst.co.uk

Seven great places to drink coffee

A cup of hot coffee is a necessity to wake up in the morning?Apart from being able to sober mind the coffee, there are also seven interests that may not be known to the coffee.If you would like to know, please continue to read: Seven good places to drink coffee

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Writing can heal the mind and heal wounds

professor of health psychology at the University of Auckland recently conducted an experiment.She observed 49 healthy elderly people and divided them into two groups of people: A group is writing about their deepest pain every day, and the group B is writing about things that don't matter every day, and doesn't include feelings or memories.After two weeks, she removed a little skin from each of the elderly's arms and left a little wound.After five days, she found that 76 % of A group's wounds were healed, but only 42 % of the group B recovered. (Extended Read: You can love yourself )
News source: TIME Magazine

The Seven Great Alcohol Drinks for Obesity

Love drinking little wine, and you have to pay more attention to your body during the summer.

  1. Beer: One can of beer is about 150 to 250 cards; light beer is about 100 large cards
  2. wine: one shot is about 60 big cards
  3. whiskey: one shot is about 60 big cards
  4. one shot is about 70 to 90 grand.
  5. Apple wine: 500 ml is about 189-230
  6. womany is a small reminder: Excessive drinking is not good for the body, and it's quite a good feeling of being in a bad mood. (Extended Read: The benefits of moderate alcohol consumption )

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