Half the week, today womany helps us to collate nine news stories, from the English Royal Baby, to the newly Ming language in North Australia, and to swipe from the nod to the technology diapers that need to be changed."If you want to know how to smell the smell with air, you can still read it.

Five things about the royal

Before the Royal baby has ever met the world, let's look back at the five interesting things of the Royal Baby!

1. The government minister has witnessed the birth of a royal baby in 250 years
From 1688, government ministers will be involved throughout the birth of the Royal Baby.The first was to crush the rumors that the Queen was not pregnant at the time, and that the child was holding back from the outside.Later, until 1936, Princess Elizabeth II's cousin, Princess Elizabeth II, did not have a minister in the maternity ward.In 1948, the prince was officially stopped before his birth. Go to fan-share if you want to know the other four things.
* Newssource: cnn.com

UK same-sex marriage is on the road

The House of Commons has just passed a bill to approve same-sex marriage, and will now wait until the House of Lords has approved it.If approved as scheduled, the first same-sex marriage will begin as early as next summer.

Newssource: independent.co.uk

Children invent new languages

Scholars discovered a new language in a remote village in North O's remote village, and even more to say that all the people who would talk about this language would be under the age of 35.This new language is called Warlgiri rampaku, and some 350 people say it has its own grammar structure, not just the integration of other languages.The new language is often found, but this is the first time that a new language has been recorded since the beginning of the process, scholars said.

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Technology news

Predict where you will be after 285 days

At present, there is a Google researcher working with a Microsoft researcher to develop this product!They installed GPS on 300 volunteers, and they recorded their daily journey, and they searched 150 million places, and they developed a program called FarOut.They surprise people that they think they have a lot to do, and most of them follow the path of the habit.

* News source: FastCompany

Hit the card with a swipe

Do you want to buy things and forget about your credit card?The Finnish company UNIQUL invented the face-sensing payment machine!If you just stand before the investigation machine and confirm your purchase, the investigating machine will automatically find your ID, so you can pay just as soon as you have a head! * News source: FastCompany

Intelligent diapers

This new, smart diaper can help your mother track the baby's health!The color of QR code will deepen when there is a QR Code record baby's urine on the diaper, and when there is a bacterium in the urine of the baby.After the diaper is used, the mother can also scan the QR Code to see if the urine of the baby is abnormal and ensure the health of the baby.

News source: TIME

Urine can be used to charge

Cell phone is often unpowered and forgot to bring the charger?Human urine can be used to charge mobile phones, according to the study.The greatest feature of using urine to charge is that we use waste produced in the body to generate electricity, unlike solar or wind power generation.Although still at the stage of research, we can imagine the benefits of using urine to charge special power generation in the future. The benefits are very environmentally friendly, but it is another matter if it is acceptable to the public.
* News sources: The Huffington Post

A crowd of fundraising makes the music repeat

Global music has recently started a crowd-raising program, hoping to republish the extinct black plastic record with fundraising funds through a wide range of music fans' support.For example, the unplugged performance of the orchestras, the jade and the jam of the Jam are all good music that may be recreated in the future.

News source:
The guard

Fragrance camera

Have you seen the movie perfume?The smell is more important than we thought, because it often has a direct link with our memories.One British artist has made a fragrance camera, using the flavor of the machine to record the flavor, and then put the extracted flavor into the perfume bottle.The way that life is recorded in the future is no longer just an image, and even the smell can be stored together.

News sources: The Huffington Post


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