At the end of the year, in addition to reviewing your work performance in the past year, it is also important to review the status of your relationship with your partner! Before the New Year, you may wish to have an afternoon tea date with him, and through this article's 10 questions to enhance intimacy and 5 love actions, find a charming formula that makes you love more and more~

"Has our relationship gone further this year?"

The end of the year is a good time to take stock of ourselves, so that we can adjust our direction and pace by looking back on the efforts and gains of the past year.

At work or study, you may use performance appraisal or data analysis to evaluate whether you have achieved your expected goals;

However, in interpersonal relationships, even intimate relationships, because subjective feelings are involved, it is difficult to measure whether we and our partners have the same level of psychological satisfaction.

That's where in-depth and effective communication is so important!

This article is a collection of 10 questions to improve intimacy to bring you closer physically and mentally, as well as 5 concrete actions to promote relationships and create memories.

Whether you want to tell the truth with your partner or have some fun with each other, just a cup of coffee can bring a full sense of happiness!

Next, invite your intimate partner to discuss the following questions!

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10 relationship questions: Let's get a little closer

Reveal your inner truth and feel the intimacy escalating

  • Was there a point in time when you were particularly glad that we could meet?
  • What do you know about me now compared to when we first met?
  • Usually at what point do you feel that I am reliable and able to rely on?
  • Is there anything about me that you're curious about and would like to learn more about?
  • Is there any part of our relationship that you like?

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Discussion of advanced relationship questions to condense future consensus

  • What did I say that made you feel jealous?
  • Do I have any lifestyle habits that you would like to adjust? How can we find a mutually acceptable approach
  • What is the part you are most looking forward to/fearing about the concept of "building a family together"?
  • What do you think of each other's careers? After having a family, how do you think about the difference in working hours and wages?
  • When we have conflicts or disagreements, how do you want me to express it will let you know that I still love you even though we are different.

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5 Loving Actions: I have you now and in the future

  • Service Exercises! Do one thing for the other person before the end of the day and wait until bedtime to tell the other person
  • Take advantage of the other party's lack of attention, secretly take three photos of different moments and pass them on to the other party as a surprise
  • Write down your ideal one-day date itinerary and practice it together within a month!
  • Find a couple of friends we all love, have a meal together, and enjoy the evening
  • Build your partner's playlist (including songs that belong to you) and miss each other even when you're not around

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After discussing these issues, do you still feel that you are still unsatisfied?

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