Want to enjoy sex well, but feel ashamed to talk about "sex"? Following the first generation of "Blush Red Bed Game Card Card" in 2020, in 2022, women's fans will upgrade and launch "Blush Body Bed Tour", a set of boutique-level erotic art card cards, opening up a diversified body dialogue space, and women can also grasp the initiative of "sex"!

Text | Sersha Lei

Spread out "Blush Body Bed Tour", like opening the curtain of sex, multiple backgrounds, characters, positions, revealing the atmosphere of Renjun's play, the imagination of sex is infinite, like a guiding sister whispering in your ear: Hey, you can find yourself here with peace of mind.

Inheriting the first generation of "Blush Blush Bed Game Card Card" launched in 2020, in 2022, "Blush Body Bed Tour" will take over the baton and explore the deeper path of sex.

In 2014, women's fans launched a sub-station blushing to help the public communicate more freely about sexual and physical issues, gaining a lot of attention and success, and the 1:1 gender ratio on the site shows that in the discussion of sex, regardless of gender identity, everyone may have needs.

The product PM Audrey also revealed that in recent years, more and more people have been willing to disclose their sexual experiences on the Internet, so they are thinking about how to deliver this theme in product development or content release.

Wei Xuan, who worked with Audrey on "Blush Body Bed Tour", also mentioned that sex has always been regarded as a very shameful topic among women, so women fans and blush are constantly talking about sex through new angles, "We integrate the imagination and observation of contemporary sex, leading everyone to see their own needs."

Sexuality unfolds in three stages: destigmatizing, naturalizing, and enjoying it

Sexual discussion is a gradual process. Initially, what women fans and blush were doing was to make sex understandable, let the issue enter the eyes and hearts of the public, promote the waves, and remove the stigma and shame of sex from multiple point of view articles.

The second step is to make sex a natural thing. Wei Xuan said that even if the stigma of sex gradually fades, it is still not easy to make performance feel comfortable talking about at any time.

Audrey continued, "The first generation of the Blush Bed Card was a question-and-answer board game in the hope that 'sex' had the opportunity to be put on the table and countertop to play."

Users wrote to thank them for such platforms and props, saying that when playing cards, they can imagine that they are the party who actively expresses themselves.

After the launch of the first generation of cards, Audrey received a lot of feedback, "Users told us that they would discuss with female friends to know what they liked about each other, and they could see that the cards really made sex discussions easier."

And light is naturally easy, still not enough, sex should also be fun and satisfying, so the third step is to make sex more enjoyable.

Therefore, "Blush Body Bed Tour" was born, "sex has different needs, allowing women to create their own pleasure in it, including the use of language and picture presentation, as a kind of base."

Wei Xuan believes that blushing has set off an ideological enlightenment movement about sexuality, gradually "reshaping the language of sex, and also reshaping the possible patterns of sex."

Give sex a new angle, a new voice, flip the mainstream impression, and create a more free look.

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Your orgasm is beautiful! Sexual imagination from a female perspective

The reason why "Blush Body Bed Tour" focuses on starting from a female point of view has a deep relationship with the imagination of sex in mainstream society.

Wei Xuan gave an example: "For a heterosexual woman, her sexual learning is likely to come from the male partner, and the male partner gets what she needs from the A-ray."

Most of the A-movies on the market are subject to the perspective of heterosexual men, and the sexual needs that are really close to the female experience are often ignored.

A large part of the reason for the excitement of this product is also to pour out women's voices.

Audrey said: "I want to put the language of women's experience and lust in the cards. Women's ideas about sex must be supplemented so that our audience and users can explore and express what they want and create pleasure through it."

And the language of sex, itself contains power, such as: "I want to insert you", "I want to be 'inserted'", all implicit power relations. Even if you don't have to be serious about sex, in sex after sex, it really works.

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"How do I establish the power of the subject in it?" While throwing out the question, Wei Xuan also responded simultaneously: "This time, the card is designed from the pattern to the text, and the initiative of the female body is emphasized."

Audrey also shared that she had previously seen a theory that in many discussions, male genitalia are explicit and female genitalia are implicit, so it will always give people a relationship of aggression and being attacked.

"But could it be that the female genital imagination can be a more tolerant invitation?" The change of active position may only be a thought.

"There is an orgasm unique to women, called fullness." Wei Xuan added brightly, "It is full, it is abundance, I can expand, I can accommodate all things, how important this thing is."

Language is located in everyday life, how and why we talk about sex, revealing the active and passive positions and relationships of sex. When the language of sex can be re-replaced and interpreted, women can also master their own perspective on describing sex and orgasm.

Different from the sexual experience of biological men, it is the focus of "Blush Body Bed Tour" that wants to add more ink.

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Enter the universe of polylust and find your own sexuality

Audrey emphasized: "The purpose of this deck is to allow people to think outside the past when choosing and finding their own sex language, rather than creating another single option."

When we say that sex is pluralistic and free, we mean that it is not tight but also the variety of positions, as well as the accommodation of various genders, sexual orientations, skin colors and body types.

At the first glance of the card pattern, the first thing you feel is the beauty of the indistinguishable male and female characters, and then look closely at the second, third, or even more times, you will find that it has a delicate surprise, deep and light skin tone, large and small body shape, unlimited, sex is as wide as the ocean, you can find your own secret place.

Blush Body Bed Tour is a collaboration with illustrator Phoebe Chen.

Wei Xuan introduced the highlights of the card design, "The first ingenuity is Diversity in Sex, which creates a gender spectrum that can identify (identify) which node of one's own gender and let everyone identify themselves."

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As for the second ingenuity, it responds to what was said earlier, putting sex on the table to play.

"The product box is a vista of a room, about to explore the fantasy world; On the front of the card, the curtain is lifted, inviting everyone to enter and talk freely about the joy of the boudoir; Turn the cards over, and it's a small boudoir, a three-dimensional space that can be created."

Open the card and you will find that our pleasure is connected to the mountains and rivers, and the sun, moon and stars are so naturally embellished. It was a negative orgasmic experience, with constant excitement and extended satisfaction.

Your body is the mountains and rivers, and the climax is the sun, moon and stars.

Women's fan CEO Zhang Weixuan

And the product development process itself is also a kind of creation. "As we did it along the way, we gathered more different experiences and brought what we wanted together."

Constructing this sex universe with the illustrators and team members, Audrey said, "It also inspired me to imagine how I could unfold and enjoy my place in the sex spectrum."

Audrey  and Wei Xuan compared "Blush Body Bed Tour" to a box treasure, hoping that it will become a new way of inheritance and communication between women.

"Could it be a new gift – perhaps a mother giving her daughter, a daughter giving her sister, a sister giving her partner, opening up and perpetuating a new universe?" Starting from a female perspective, it opens up new ways of writing eroticism and opens up a new view of the sexual world.

For example, as a biological woman, I hope to gradually feel my body through "Blush Body Bed Tour", have a dialogue with it, and find my own way of practice.

The orgasm is an inflated pleasure that people can play in regardless of gender.