2022 How charming is "Blush Body Bed Tour" for women's fans? From the dialogue between brand illustrator Phoebe, product PM Audrey and founder Wei Xuan, let's get to know this set of exquisite sex cards at the level of "artwork"!

Text | Sersha Lei

What does the sex you imagined and experienced look like?

Sex is often located in boudoirs and is considered private, shy, and requires closing the door. In fact, for sex, we all have a desire to explore, looking forward to being able to talk about it comfortably and make sex more beautiful.

I remember that in 2020, women's fans launched the first generation of "Blush Red Bed Card Cards", allowing players to spread sexual issues on the table and say it, which was well received. So what's next after talking about sex?

In 2022, "Blush Body Bed Game" will be released, with 48 sexual positions, leading players to explore new areas.

This time, a conversation with Phoebe, the brand illustrator, as well as the product owner PM Audrey and the founder Wei Xuan, will take everyone to a deeper understanding of "The Forty-Eight Hands of Love!" Blush Body Bed Tour".

Sexual style: a treasure hunt for body exploration

Open "Blush Body Bed Tour", arrange the cards, like seeing a magical world, and reach out to invite you into the fun.

A fusion of Eastern and Western elements, Western-style rose or Chinese blue and white porcelain, cultivates a rich fantasy image.

Illustrator Phoebe says that he loves to borrow from East and West and weave it into works with Eastern elements and Western brushwork, "When I discussed it with Audrey, I thought it was good, I didn't want to follow a specific style of Japanese, Chinese or Western, but integrated the atmosphere into all the pictures."

If you can present such a style, it will jump out of the standard style and make the picture more interesting. "In this overhead universe, sexual pleasure knows no borders." Audrey said with a smile.

Wei Xuan added that there is a deeper meaning behind this: when Westerners first arrive in the East, they are confused and fearful, and may feel that they have come to a barbarian country, but after deep exploration, they discover the beauty of the East and get a glimpse of the rarity of the artwork.

"It's very similar to blushing and what this deck of cards is trying to say. Many people feel confused and even scared at first, but when you start this journey, you feel good going to a place you haven't been before."

New Orientalism, combining Western elegance and Chinese classicism, aesthetics are no longer absolutely single, there is a vastness, meticulous and restrained and freely open; Just as we are exploratory, it is also a process of understanding ourselves. Desire is not an unapproachable filth, but a treasure of divine beauty.

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Sexual language: Girls can take leads in sexual matters

In addition to the fusion of Eastern and Western elements, the characters on the card map also show the diversity of body and desire.

48 cards, 48 postures, nearly 100 character looks. It includes a variety of skin colors and body types, and also accommodates the possibility of different genders and sexual orientations.

"I deliberately let the gender of some characters not be able to tell whether they are boys or girls." Phoebe shared his design philosophy, "I hope that this deck of cards can be open to players to interpret and imagine in terms of gender language." An can tell that I am male and female, so the space opens.

"In the process of thinking about the asana, we have been discussing, can this asana be completed regardless of whether it is female, male or female?" Audrey said, "You will eventually find that there are many ways that a position can be done, and we actually have to look at it with a creative eye."

In addition to the indistinguishable design ingenuity, there is also a deep flipping meaning for gender and sexual interpretation.

For example, Pheobe, "I personally like the picture of the 'Back Bridge', when I paint, I depict a tall girl wearing a fake and entering the boy's body."

In traditional sex scenes, the word insertion often implies the imagination of men taking the initiative and women passively accepting.

Audrey points out that the words thrusting, inserting, entering, etc. are only from a gender perspective, "I'm curious, if we describe it from a female perspective, how are we going to talk about it?" How do you say, 'I want to do it with you'?"

This is the topic that the team constantly reflects on and asks themselves during the discussion of developing products, "Women can take leads, and take the initiative to send out the message of desire." Audrey said firmly.

Often we just get used to the original sexual language, and of course there are other possibilities. This deck of cards is to redefine the subjectivity of "sex" and recreate the language of women talking about sex, such as: women actively sit in, accommodate with vaginas, feel full, and so on.

"Even if the girl is really 'inserted', she can be the one who takes the initiative to convey the message in expression." Phoebe raised his eyebrows and said, showing a kind of self-confidence, "It's like a girl can say 'I want you', 'I long for you to let in now.'" The free expression of language is also one of the active forms.

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Sexual expression: Acknowledge your desire without pretending

Continuing the discussion about sexual language and how sex is expressed is also a special part of this product.

"I encourage girls to let their spouse know during sex, whether you are comfortable or uncomfortable, whether you want to go clockwise or counterclock, whether you want to go faster or slower."

Phoebe believes that direct communication is the best way for partners to understand their needs, "This deck of cards can act as a bridge to open up the possibility of communication."

For example, the two can choose a posture card they are interested in, try to follow along, and then discuss whether it is comfortable to use props as a communication medium, so that people who were originally embarrassed to express their lust and preferences have the opportunity to express their thoughts and feelings.

Audrey said that women don't necessarily know how to describe it, but women are less encouraged to express ideas about sex.

In the 2021 "Orgasm Survey" questionnaire for women, respondents were invited to try to describe the ideal sex scene, and in less than two weeks, nearly 2,000 answers, "Everyone is super good at writing!" It can be seen that women's imagination space for sex is actually very large."

The function of this deck of cards is also to guide the player to turn on the imagination switch, "through each picture card to challenge him how to make a position, and even reimagine other possibilities of the pose."

"This deck of cards is full of imagination, there are no standard instructions or ways to play."

Wei Xuan happily said that the design of the card has curtains and rooms, as if it can open up universes, "Like experiencing a journey, you are not familiar with the road, so you may need some guidance, but you can still interpret it in your own way."

Let more people have the courage to understand their bodies and sexes, "admit their desires and feel satisfied."

Phoebe then proposes another audience that he wants to reach, who may not have explored their own erotic ideas and do not think that there is a need to buy sex products, "To arouse the interest of this group of people, 'think it is fun and good-looking' is a factor."

Phoebe decided to start with illustration, "I hope that when people first see the cards, they don't think that this is an adult's thing, a sex position." She used the concept of making a painting to think about each card.

"Try to draw artwork that even I would like to hang on the wall. Visually arouse the interest of the audience first, and then let them understand the deep meaning behind it, then this product has the opportunity to become a use item for them in their sex life."

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Sexual senses: Every touch, there is a touch

A sex, how to flirt and tease, is far more important than we think.

In 2021, a total of 1,973 women participated in the Blush Climax Survey, in which nearly 70% of women answered that it was the foreplay caressing process, and only 14% of women thought penetration was important.

After talking about the data, Audrey added: "This deck of cards can join everyone's intimate life. When you start using it, you are opening the beginning of sex, entering a process of lust."

"Blush Body Bed Tour" comes with a very special gift: a gentle streamer. Imageically, it is an extension and expansion of the sexual imagination; Practically, it is also a tool for enhancing the taste, which can be used to tie hands, blindfold, and do anything you can imagine.

Wei Xuan compares the body to a valley and a mountain river, the body is natural, vast and far-reaching, and there is room for greatness, "Sex can connect to the universe, through the special touch that floats to the skin, bringing users different sensory touches."

It is often said that the skin is the largest organ of the human body, and Audrey believes that the skin is also the largest "sexual organ" of the human body, carrying many emotions and desires, "This deck of cards has a lot of body zoom in and zoom out."

Using streamers, we can amplify our feelings through its movement; We can also focus on physical sensations through limited techniques such as binding. Do meticulous and macroscopic combing of the body."

How to use the streamers depends on the player's mood, or explore and frolic with your partner. "We deliberately don't visualize the streamer, and users can use their imagination, which is where it's fun," Pheobe says. Perhaps, quite naturally, the body will take you to realms you have never been to.

It's like opening a surprise box, opening the curtain, and walking into the room, where it's safe and you can enjoy it freely.

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Fish and Water Joy: Sex is an intimate game

At the end of the conversation, I asked Phoebe, Audrey and Wei Xuan to share the card that impressed me the most. The palms and backs of their hands were full of meat, and the three of them struggled for a while before finally deciding on their favorite.

The illustrator himself, Phoebe, took the lead. She said that her favorite is the number 47 "snuggle", the two bodies in the picture are entangled, although there is no sexual intercourse, but full of love.

"His concept is that two people are hugging each other and have nothing to do with the private parts. When I look at all the cards and look at this picture, he is no less sexy than any card!"

Phoebe shared excitedly, which made her feel that it was growing and spreading, "its imagination is very wide, there are no sexual organs, there is no large-scale performance, but it feels as if a lot of things are about to happen."

The memories of the finished work were vividly remembered, and when Fang came back to her senses, she was immediately amazed by the surprise that this card brings.

Wei Xuan, who loves the image of mountains and rivers, chose the number 12 "Yellow Eagle Flying Valley", with a chest like a mountain peak, saliva like a stream, stretching from the valley, "from which I feel a vast vitality, which is given to each other, expanding and full, I think it is a great and sacred feeling."

The last one is Audrey, who admits that the choices chosen by Phoebe and Wei Xuan also happen to be her top three.

So Audrey shared the number 1 "Iwakishimizu", "When we saw this card, we knew that the whole deck of cards would lead us to reimagine how sex could happen."

As the first card in the deck, it is also the starting point, presenting the core value that the whole product wants to express, "A woman leans back slightly, touches her hair, sex can happen to be mastered by women, and can be very enjoyable."

In the end, the three of them offered their expectations for "Blush Body Bed Tour".

As a product illustrator, Pheobe hopes that every player can find their own interpretation in her creation.

"I want to give the power of interpretation back to the people who see it, the people who use it. What this deck of cards does is to open one's imagination, and no matter what you find from it, I hope you can find yourself in all kinds of symbols."

Audrey said that it is not forgetting that no matter who you are, you can have the initiative of the body, "The people who will enjoy and use this deck with me, we can be full, we can be enjoyed, we can be satisfied and abundant."

What Wei Xuan never forgets is the vastness of the body, "The universe is very big, the body is very beautiful, enjoy all the joys that you can have as a human being."

In this deck, you can open your imagination, find your own interpretation, and find a way to make sense for yourself.

Illustrator Phoebe Chen

We are full, we are active, we are enjoyable, we are satisfied and abundant.

Woman Fan Sales Head Audrey

The universe is big, the body is beautiful, enjoy all the joys of being human.

Women's fan CEO Zhang Weixuan

Sex is the joy of fish and water, it is intimacy, it is the experience of knowing oneself again and again, and it is a game of surprises.

As Phoebe, Audrey and Wei Xuan said, "Blush Body Bed Tour" throws guidance, no framework, does not give the right solution, your body answer, you must discover by yourself, in order to really reach the breakthrough.