Before we welcome the new year, let's take a look back at seven must-see Netflix series for 2022! "First Love" breaks through the siege in a word-of-mouth Korean drama, which not only evokes the memories of the youthful first love in the audience's hearts, but also allows us to learn to cherish every fate in front of us.

As 2022 draws to a close, what heartwarming episodes have you watched during the year?

At the end of each year, many people will review their growth and goals in the year, and their mood will be affected.

However, no matter how many projects we have completed this year, at the end of the year, we should thank ourselves for working hard to live this year and say to ourselves: hard work.

Through the healing episodes to be introduced below, you can also find a touch of warmth in the cold winter and cheer yourself up!

Image | stills from "First Love"

"First Love": To you who were once reckless and dazzling

The Japanese drama "First Love" starring Hikaru Mitshima and Ken Sato has won the love of many audiences after it was launched.

Inspired by Hikaru Utada's two songs "First Love" and "First Love", this drama shows how the couple honestly face themselves and face this emotion after going through time, environmental changes and self-growth.

At the end of each year, many people will begin to look back on the growth of the past year, and "First Love" will remind you of the reckless but dazzling self of your youth.

When we grow older and forget to go back to taking care of ourselves, the series successfully evokes not only the remembrance of youth, but also the passion for life.

No matter how old we are, we should know how to grasp everything in front of us, whether it is a passing fate, a CD of symbolic significance, a snow that cannot be sought, or a person who makes you feel heartache and heartache at the same time, no matter what the outcome, these future moments will be flashes in the memory of a long life.

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Image | stills from "First Love"

"Our Blues Time": A warm cup of coffee

Starring Lee Byung-heon, Shin Min-a, Cha Seung-won, Lee Sung-yun, Han Ji-min, Kim Woo-bin and others, "Our Blues Time" focuses on how people living in Jeju Island overcome difficulties through their own help and growth through the help and growth of others when facing difficulties at all stages of their lives.

The characters in this series have distinct personalities and different lives they pursue, so I believe that the audience must have a way to find empathy in the story of a certain character.

Through delicate brushstrokes, the screenwriter writes lines that can bring warm strength to everyday life.

In this cold end-of-year season, "Our Blues Time" is like a cup of hot coffee, holding it in the palm of your hand warms your hands and heals your heart at the same time.

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Image | stills from "Our Blues Time"

"Twenty-five, twenty-one": Say goodbye to regret

Before introducing this series, I would like to introduce the screenwriter Kwon Duen, who wrote the script of "Twenty-Five, Twenty-One".

She served as a screenwriter's assistant to Kim Eun-suk, a well-known Korean TV drama screenwriter whose works include "Lonely and Brilliant God: Ghosts" and "Mr. Sunshine".

Later, Kwon Du-eun wrote "Please Enter Search Term WWW", which describes the stories of women in the workplace, and is good at depicting realistic and touching stories.

"Twenty-five, Twenty-One" starring Kim Tae-ri and Nam Joo Hyuk, the story structure is the same cross-generational story as "First Love", telling the enthusiasm of pursuing dreams in youth, the beauty and regret of first love, and open-mindedness and ease after becoming an adult.

This series is very suitable as an opportunity to say goodbye to past regrets, take advantage of the end of the year to sort out your mood, and have a new start in the new year!

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Picture| stills from "Twenty-Five, Twenty-One"

Thirty-Nine: Age doesn't define what you look like

"Thirty-Nine", as the name suggests, tells the story of the three protagonists at the age of "thirty-nine", starring Son Ye-jin, Tian Mi-do and Kim Ji-hyun.

What do you want your life to be like before you turn 40?

The three protagonists in the series have their own answers, some seeking stability, some seeking excitement, and some waiting for love to blossom, but either answer, they all convey the message that no one can define what thirty-nine should look like.

A new year is coming, and in addition to being a year older, the responsibilities seem to have unconsciously become heavier.

However, we should not let age or social expectations define our lives.

Just like the three protagonists in "Thirty-Nine", although there are always people around them to give advice, in the end, they all choose to follow their inner voice and find the key to their happiness.

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Picture| stills from "Thirty-Nine"

Your Marriage Is Not Your Marriage: What Future Do We Want?

Following "Your Child Is Not Your Child" in 2018, Gongshi once again teamed up with friDay Video to create a new Taiwanese poetry anthology TV series "Your Marriage Is Not Your Marriage".

The series consists of five stories, namely "The Holy Basket", "Tail Number 1314", "Happy Event to Visit Zengjia House", "Meili" and "The Book of Sand", which explore the contradictions that inevitably face in relationships.

These five stories are all different in tone, suitable for looking at each other's relationship with your partner, whether it is something you want to improve or a part that you feel is done well, it is very suitable for taking time to focus on each other's imagination and planning for the future as you enter the new year.

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Picture| stills from "Your Marriage Is Not Your Marriage"

"She and Her She": Learn to embrace your vulnerability

If you are injured, please stay this year.

Starring Xu Weining, Li Chengbin, Li Peiyu and Wen Zhenling, the story begins with a successful woman in the workplace waking up from a car accident and discovering that the world has changed.

The protagonist Lin Chenxi has created a "new" world because of the psychological trauma she suffered as a student, which is an important way for her to heal herself and a way for her to regain her life.

If you also have unspeakable wounds in your heart, I hope this wound can remain in 2022, and learn to embrace your vulnerability and growth in the new year.

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Picture | her and hers

"My Runaway Diary": Who said that marginalized people have no right to happiness?

Looking back on this year, did you follow the steps of others and did not have time to turn back to care for yourself?

"My Runaway Diary" tells the story of three siblings who want to escape from the life of reaching the limit, and their "marginal" is not only psychologically and identified, but also lives on the edge of Seoul, creating a situation where the three protagonists are difficult to get along with urbanites from the inside out.

However, who says that marginalized people do not have the right to be happy?

In the process of growing up, we always unconsciously live in the way society expects, or if we do not conform to the traditional definition, we are not a passing person.

"My Diary of Runaway" truthfully presents the life dilemma of the so-called marginalized people, when there is a comparative mentality in the heart, the eyes will be focused on the achievements of others, and ignore their own beauty.

This series does not have a climactic plot, but it allows us to reflect on the way we see life and learn to let go of our clenched fists in order to grasp more things.

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Image| "My Runaway Diary"

The end of the year does not mean that we must achieve greater things next, but we can use this opportunity to look back on our past growth, as the line in "Our Blues Time" says:

"If you feel depressed in life, look behind you, and when you turn around, you will see another world."

If you've ever missed the above 7 episodes because you've been busy, you might as well take advantage of the year-end holiday to calm down and heal yourself with warm episodes all year long!