17FIT co-founder Wang Yunting stepped into the fitness industry from the law department, and although he was confused and worried that his efforts would be wasted, he finally recognized his strengths, bravely stepped out of his comfort zone, and seized the opportunity to start a business.

Yunting Wang is one of the founders of 17FIT, a leading brand of cloud management systems in the fitness and beauty industry, was awarded the Top 100 MVP Manager in 2021, and is the chairman of the Taiwan Sports and Fitness Digital Transformation Development Association. However, she is engaged in the fitness industry, and the department she studied in college is a completely different law department than her current major!

Find your strengths and decisively get out of your comfort zone 

I believe that many people have faced a conflict between university departments and career choices, Wang Yunting did not choose to engage in legal work, but legal education made her do things more accurately, plus found that she had business acumen, so she decided to give up the exam. Through the introduction of my senior, I resolutely decided to work in China and break away from the traditional legal circle.

"More than 90% of my classmates are engaged in legal work, and when I first switched tracks, there was a lot of psychological pressure, and of course, there was a lot of confusion and uncertainty about the future."

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While working in China, Wang Yunting realized that he actually had a preferred industry category and ability, so he decided to return to Taiwan for a period of time.

At this time, her good friend in the early days of entrepreneurship, that is, the co-founder of 17FIT later asked her for entrepreneurial advice, but she did not expect to receive an invitation to join the entrepreneurial team, which became the biggest decision that affected her life.

Referring to the moment of deciding to devote himself to the field of entrepreneurship, Wang Yunting said:

Because I was too afraid of failing the interview and worried that the job search would not go well, I simply gave myself a job, and then desperately let this matter continue forever!

Recalling the opportunity to switch runways, Wang Yunting admitted that he was completely uncertain about whether he had the ability or whether this plan could be developed.

With no connections and no resources, she just thought it was worth trying, and if she failed, she would go back to the exam or find a job, so she decided to join.

It takes courage to switch tracks, but it's also important to be brave enough to put them down

After several thoughts, Wang Yunting believes that his investment in entrepreneurship depends on two reasons:

1. Seize the timing

Wang Yunting revealed that her experience working in China has taught her that the timing of entrepreneurship is very important, and that it is necessary to seize the opportunity to invest in it, and the opportunity will not be missed.

On the contrary, the national examination that makes her hesitate will be held every year, and if she really can't do it, she can always put in preparation again.

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2. Tangling on immediate regrets will only miss more

When considering whether to start a business or take the exam, Wang Yunting once sought advice from a professor who had always encouraged different developments in legal practitioners, so when she mentioned the regret of not getting a license, he said:

In the future, you will find that there are many regrets in life, and it will definitely not be only this matter.

Hearing these words, Wang Yunting suddenly opened, no longer entangled, and began to start a business.

There is no wrong way in life

Before devoting himself to entrepreneurship, it is inevitable that he will hesitate and worry that his efforts will be in vain, but Wang Yunting said categorically: there is no wrong way in life.

The decision to start a business allowed me to find a path that truly belongs to me, find my life's career and career, and achieve self-realization.

Wang Yunting also shared his outlook on life, saying that as long as you try your best to make the best decision in the moment, you will find that these invisible cushions in the future are the accumulation of energy, which will help you bear fruit in a certain aspect of life.

This concept has also brought positive influence to her in the face of the challenges and mentality of the "post-epidemic era".

17FIT has promoted audio-visual learning courses in the "post-pandemic era" to help customers learn by themselves at any time.

In addition, she revealed that what the team wanted to do had been delayed before the epidemic, but during the epidemic, there was an opportunity to promote it, and achieved clear results, turning the impact of the epidemic into a turning point.

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The transformation of the fitness industry in the "post-pandemic era"

Taiwan's fitness industry has only developed rapidly in recent years, and before the emergence of 17FIT, there was no SaaS service in Taiwan designed for the fitness industry.

Although the technological development and iteration of technology are very fast, the situation of the fitness industry is that when the business model has not yet been finalized, the orientation and depth of technology tools have been changing, because there is no experience in the past, and venue operators will face more market challenges and operational issues, and will need more in-depth services.

Wang Yunting believes that she is lucky, because 17FIT is to help practitioners in the fitness and beauty industry to grasp and manage the information they can collect more quickly, and at the same time make analysis to assist managers in making judgments and decisions.

Therefore, in the "post-epidemic era", the team of 17FIT has strengthened the content of consulting services and the depth of teaching, hoping to enable practitioners to master the tools to strengthen entrepreneurial confidence, improve operational stability, and expand operations.

And this also happens to meet the needs of consumers, because they need clearer service information, faster transaction processes, easier to find usage records, etc., not only to help practitioners find the direction of operation, but also to solve consumer problems.

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Balance between body and mind is a challenge in modern life

The more information explodes in life, the more we need to return to inner peace.

Wang Yunting said that through technological tools, information on everything is becoming more and more transparent, and more and more participants (stakeholders) can be added. Various software tools and software services have completely occupied our heads and lives.

So how to filter information, quickly grasp the necessary information, adapt to the fast pace, and how to slow down your own pace, precipitate yourself, and achieve the balance of body, mind and soul, I think is actually a life challenge for all people in modern times.

Returning to the solution to his own tense emotions, Wang Yunting will learn to withdraw from this emotion, leave the current environment (not necessarily a high-pressure environment), try to invest in another thing, and will get emotional/ideological relief.

"Because things can't be done, you can only do one paragraph, but we want to make sure that everything is moving forward, so it's important to allocate small work goals or results."

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17FIT promotes subscription-based consumption

Wang Yunting finally added that he hopes that consumers can support venues that are willing to provide subscription-based services, because it takes courage to provide innovative sales models.

The subscription system is the most secure and least worrying way for consumers to consume mines, and at the same time, it can also allow everyone to find their own laws of inertial motion and solve the problem of procrastination.

If you also want to promote your exercise habits, you may wish to use the power of 17FIT to create your own exercise plan!

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