In addition to the pursuit of fashion, it is often a unique product that makes people love not to bail out.One of the most fearful things for every girl on the road is to come to the face and come to a person who is dressed exactly like you.Even if the clothes were beautiful, they had to put it in the closet, as long as they hit the shirt.In an era of individualism, everyone wants to be able to wear the most unique forms.Many of the jewelry cards seem to hear people's voices, and they have introduced customized services. They can directly design your shoes and bags on the website. Let's see how they can play their own fashion list!

Shoes of Prey

Step One: After entering the site, tap on the Start Design above and then go to the screen below.Select your favorite shoes, from the bottom sandals to the high-heeled shoes, and there are 16 beautiful shoes for you to choose.

Step Two: After you select a shoe type, you can begin to design parts of the design.The shoes are divided into several areas, each of which can be filled with different materials and colors.The field on the right is the selection tool bar for material and color, and on the left is the price of the pair of shoes.

Step 3: Great success!If you feel too monotonous, you can press Style Extras to add lace, bow, or little pendant on shoes.And finally, save your design and put your shoes in your shopping cart, and become the ladies' shoes designer!Free international shipping and annual warranty, are these custom services attractive to those who love shoes?

Laudi Vidni

In addition to shoes, bags are an essential feature of the personal style.With different occasions, with the most appropriate mix of packages every day, the overall shape will be more divided.

Step One: After entering the website, one of the nine packages first picked out one of your favorite.

Step Two: Pick your favorite leather, serpente, paint, weave, texture, and mix.

step three: the rest of the details include the color of the line and the material of the button, so that your bag is perfect.

Look at the final outcome, isn't it beautiful?The most important thing is that this is a limited number of bags in the world. Don't worry about being hit by others on the road!


After introducing the unique customized bags and shoes, let's take a look at how the stylish styling and images of foreign countries make this image. Polyvore This site allows you to make a fashion list like a magazine.So how do you make your own style with a diagram of fashion?

Step One: After entering Polyvore , tap on the CREATE of the above and enter the screen where the image is made.

Step two: Select a different format in the toolbar above the right toolbar.Then, in the toolbar of All items, select the various clothing and accessories, directly dragging to the grid on the left side.

Step Three: Adjust the selected items to a suitable location, plus photos, text, or patterns in addition to the background.And finally, on the left-hand side of the tool bar, Finish, Jane's complete the drawing of your inspiration.

After reading the introduction, do you not wait to design your shoes, bags, and just open the website to try it out?If you don't know how to design a fashion list, you might as well go to shopping shopping Shopping for our featured designer\!

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author: womany editorial/Janice Wei