Christmas is coming, still wondering what to give in exchange gifts? Below is a list of three types of gifts, as well as a minefield of gifts that must be avoided, and this holiday season will make you a gift-giver!

At the end of each year, the streets are filled with sparkling lights, and Christmas songs echo in the ears, making people feel that the end of the year is really a season full of warmth and happiness.

And with the Christmas Eve consecutive holiday coming, are you still worried about the choice of gifts when you are ready to exchange gifts with relatives and friends?

The following is a recommended list of 10 Christmas exchange gifts, I hope you can perfectly avoid lightning and give each other a heartfelt warm gift.

Before entering the recommended gifts, let's take a look at the three minefields of gift exchange that you must not step on!

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Christmas exchange of gifts for thunderpins

First, the most important gift: mugs

Although mugs may seem practical, they are also one of the most indispensable items in anyone's home.

Unless you clearly know that the gift recipient is collecting a certain series of mugs, or the other person is paying attention to a particular style of mug, mugs are definitely the next gift choice.

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Second, low practicality: photo frames

As mentioned earlier, mugs still have practicality, and photo frames are gifts that even have little practicality.

If you really want to send photos of each other's memories, it is recommended to make a memoir album instead of using frames to symbolize its meaning.

But if you send a picture frame that was designed by your own hands, that's a whole different story! A handmade gift is more precious than any other item.

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3. High risk: skin care products (face masks, hand creams, lotions...)

If you think that skincare products are safety cards, you are very wrong!

Each person's skin needs and favorite taste are different, so there is a high chance that the other party will not be able to use the skin care products. Unless you know exactly how the other person is used and have a slight test of his preferences during the chat, giving away skincare products can be a rather risky choice.

Summing up the above minefield sorting, did you find that gift-giving is not a simple science? In addition to observing the other person's preferences, it is also necessary to consider the overall feelings brought by the gift.

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Next are 3 types of Christmas exchange gift recommendations, if you are still hesitant to give gifts, you may wish to refer to it!

Christmas Exchange Gift Recommendations | Home Utility Type: What Can You Buy From NT$ 500 to NT$ 2099?

1. Cavallini| Recreate Time Succulents Succulents 1000 Puzzle NT$ 850

Many people grow succulents at home, but this time instead of recommending potted plants, the crazy Succulents Succulents Succulents puzzle.

The delicate brushstrokes restore the rounded and cute succulent "healing", which is a taste collection that you must not miss as a succulent fan, and let the succulent accompany every small detail of life.

Whether it's collecting by yourself or fighting with friends, there's a different kind of fun to bring some greenery to your home!

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2. Christmas Gift Just for You Gift Box NT$ 990

At the end of each year, the streets are filled with fragrant aromas, including the smell of mulled wine from the Christmas market, the natural flowers and trees of Christmas red and trees, and the aroma of coffee in winter.

So if you want to choose the most Christmas gift, the scented candle gift box will be the first choice!

The recommended gift box this time is not only very particular about the packaging, but also has two flavors to choose from, namely neutral flower and forest phyton, and twilight orange blossom and flower soybean wax.

As more and more people pay attention to the fragrance in the home, at the end of the year, you may wish to give each other a new scented candle and let the comfortable new breath accompany him through the festive season!

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For people who want to pursue popular gadgets, DITOO PLUS pixel bluetooth speaker can be said to be a gift of "it doesn't matter if you don't buy it, you will be very happy if you buy it"!
Why do you say that?

Because in addition to the retro shape of the mini computer, the little one also has many practical functions, including setting alarms, weather forecasts, sleep aids and more.

Bring this retro and cute Bluetooth speaker to the party, which will surely become the focus of the conversation, and play music while driving the atmosphere, killing two birds with one stone.

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4. Japan BRUNO Human Body Sensor NT$ 2,080

Recently, the temperature has dropped, I believe everyone has bought a lot of warm clothes, if you give relatives and friends an electric heater at this time, is it very intimate?

Unlike traditional electric heaters, BRUNO electric heaters are heated with PTC ceramics, which is safer and more energy-efficient overall.

If the human body is out of range for 2 minutes, the electric heater will automatically pause, even if you forget to turn off the power.

Let the recipient not only warm the body through your gift, but also achieve the effect of warming the heart!

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Christmas Exchange Gift Recommended | Self-Healing Type: What Can I Buy From NT$ 900 to NT$ 1,500?

1. Fluid Draw DIY | Bear Party Fluid Bear NT$ 990

At the year-end party, let's have a fluid bear DIY experience with friends!

Recently, many people have begun to experience fluid painting, which does not have too high a threshold for creation, plus there are too many color possibilities, so even with the same color, the finished product will be different, and each work is unique.

Through the process of painting, he emptied his head and focused on the colors flowing under his hands, which indirectly achieved the healing effect.

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2. Gummi Custom Essential Oil | Custom Body and Mind Spray Bottle 50 ml NT$ 1,080

As mentioned earlier, the end of the year is inseparable from the relationship between fragrance, and now I want to recommend another essential oil that heals the body, soul and soul!

Aromatherapist Gummi majors in NAHA holistic aromatherapy, where he hopes to resonate with our bodies through the ritual of sniffing and inhaling, reducing anxiety and healing the soul.

If a friend or family member has been feeling a little low recently, and you want to cheer him on but don't know what to do, consider customizing the essential oil scent for him and communicating with the therapist one-on-one to make this gift more meaningful.

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3. womany Limited Edition | Female Awakening Card Collector's Edition NT$ 1,450

The end of the year is a good time to review your growth trajectory, if you still have some doubts about "yourself" and want to help your friends explore the potential power and heart desire, you may wish to clarify your confusion through the female awakening card!

After a busy year, we often can't calm down to look back on our growth, and occasionally forget what we have accomplished and influenced anyone.

Through the words on the cards, we have the opportunity to reflect on the emotions and troubles that we have suppressed in the past, find solutions through dialogue with ourselves, and use this power to continue to move into the new year.

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4. Relationship Next Card NT$ 1,495

How long has it been since you looked at your relationship with your partner?

Whether a relationship is long, hot or flat, it is necessary to focus with the other party on the imagination and plan of both parties for the relationship, just like a physical examination, regular testing can find the problem and find a way to solve the problem.

Take advantage of the last month of 2022, after the party, find time to sit down and play this set of cards with your partner and enter the new year with a stronger mind!

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Christmas Exchange Gift Recommendations | Stimulus Type: What Can I Buy from NT$1,000 to NT$3,000?

1. WINYI| Wishing Genie Limited Edition Gift Box NT$ 2,999

Adult-only gifts are here!

After the party, you can come up with your secret weapon to bring a touch of excitement to the relationship and make an unforgettable memory of the night.

This gift box contains seven valuable items, including the Sea Angel Vibrating Massage Stick, the Forest Fairy Vibrator Stick, the Quizen Strap-on Eye Patch, the Cardinal Vaginal Firming Smart Ball, etc., not only suitable for the two-person world, but also happy on your own, so that the end of the year adds hot love energy.

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2. HARU| Blush Exclusive 1+1 Combo Hot Climax / Hot Intense Thermal Lubricant NT$ 1,199

With the exquisite props introduced above, how can you do without the lubricant that makes the relationship more integrated?

HARU Thermal Lubricant is the first beauty-grade lubricant specially designed for women, and will definitely take care of your feelings and plunge into the world of two.

In particular, this lubricant also has the first-of-its-kind hemp seed extraction technology, plus the heat-enhancing formula, so that you can have a special hot experience at the end of the cold year.

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Whether it is a practical, healing, or adult-only gift, as long as you observe the other person's preferences, you can make him feel your intentions!

The ritual of exchanging gifts is like exchanging blessings between friends and relatives, wishing each other to spend each day with a sense of contentment and happiness for the rest of the year and at the beginning of the new year.