"Antonea" is the wife of the football king Messi, a model and a mother of three children; Switching between multiple identities, she is always able to control everything and always stays true to her choices. Next, let's get to know her unique charm!

The 2022 World Cup in Qatar ended successfully, with Argentina competing fiercely against France in the endgame, and in the end, Argentina won 4:2, and the crowd thundered.

The much-anticipated Argentine king "Lionel Messi" hugged each other with his wife and children in the center of the stadium after the game, leaving a precious photo with the trophy.

For Messi, this is not only the highlight of his professional career, but also a great tribute to his family, especially his wife Antonela Roccuzzo, who has been with him since childhood.

Antonia is not only attracted by the media for Messi, her intelligent intellectual, generous and stable temperament, coupled with precise fashion taste, has made her a breakthrough in the fashion circle.

Switching between wives, mothers, and models, she is always able to manage everything in her family relationship and career development, and always stays true to her choices.

Next, let's take a glimpse of Antonella's multiple aspects, and see how she leads the ball king Messi to win and lose on the field, and still enjoys every moment of life down-to-earth in the flashy and illusory world.

Wherever he is, I will always remember to keep myself

Born in Argentina, Messi was discovered by Barcelona scouts at the age of 13 and trained in Spain for a long time, and it was also during this period of youth from teenagers to adults, Messi and Antonia were promoted from childhood sweethearts to lovers.

Antonia studied dentistry at the University of Argentina and minored in communication and nutrition.

Cross-disciplinary studies have shown that she is eager to learn about what interests her, and even when her lover is overseas, she is still focused on her own track, because she understands that only when she equips herself, no matter what the goal, can she attract all good things.

At the age of 26, Antonea dropped out of school, left home, moved to Spain for love, and began a new life.

Perhaps in the eyes of many people, she may be interpreted as "a silly girl who gives up everything for love", the weaker party in the relationship, in fact, "voluntarily giving up" is Antonea's brave decision after careful consideration;

She cherishes the relationship with each other, so in front of Messi and her studies, she chooses to go both ways with her lover, and the two also formed a happy family in 2017.

Image | Vogue Maxico; Antonia at the LV Spring/Summer 2022 fashion show.

Even after letting go of her dream of being a dentist, Antonea quickly found a new career goal in addition to running her family. She switched tracks and made a name for herself in the fashion industry; Thick eyebrows, beautiful chocolate complexion, and intellectual temperament exuded by the body, it is impressive as soon as it appears.

Now Antoneya is 34 years old, still maintaining a good posture and good skin that everyone envies, in fact, this is all due to the disciplined fitness exercise and diet control on weekdays, she also loves to read, both inside and outside, so that no matter what identity she has in life, she will always remember to keep herself.

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I can feel your sorrow and joy

In 2010, Messi represented Argentina in the World Cup in South Africa, but in the end he lost 0:4 against Germany, left the stadium sadly, and even cried in the dressing room. By then, Antonia had already left the stands to comfort her frustrated lover.

"With her by my side, everything is much easier; She knows me well and knows how to communicate with me." - Messi

The empathetic Antonia, not only Messi's lover, but also his best friend, in addition to verbal comfort, she took Messi to the beach in Rio de Janeiro after the game.

At that time, although Messi had not yet come out of the pain of defeat, the company of Antonia greatly relieved his great pressure on the field - in the undisturbed two-person world, she was Messi's warmest haven.

Image | Baidu Encyclopedia

Image | Baidu Encyclopedia

In fact, regardless of the outcome of the game, Antonia has always been a life friend who shares Messi's feelings first-hand.

After Argentina's 15th victory at the 2021 Copa America, Messi stood in the middle of a vast football stadium, dancing to a tiny mobile phone.

When the photographer brother on the side took a closer look, he found that he was like a child, excitedly showing the gold medal in his hand with Antonea, and Antoneya cheered excitedly on his mobile phone.

Is the sweet interaction between the ball king couple really cute?

I have the power to bring my partner and see all the good things in life

Messi once said: "My greatest teammate in my life is my wife."

In their "family team", Antonea is the captain of the group of wisdom, gentleness and courage, leading 4 boys, including Messi, to create a family experience full of surprises.

When Messi was on the field, she took her 3 sons to cheer for her father on the sidelines; Occasionally, her son is a little naughty, and she will play the role of "strict mother", educating the child righteously and solemnly in the noisy crowd.

When Macy is at home, the family goes to the beach to play in the water, watch the sunset, play with the pet dog, and be with the right people, even if it is just a simple cup of coffee.

In addition to winning or losing her career, Antonia cares more about whether her husband is happy, so every moment when everyone arches Messi as the "king of the ball", despite the world's glory and endless praise, Antoneya and the family life he created together with him allowed him to recognize the essence of happiness and the beauty of life.

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Love is not a one-sided pursuit, but our willingness to walk together

After the 2022 Qatar World Cup final, she took her three sons to the center of the stadium to take a photo with Messi. In addition to the warm photo of the family of five, Messi also recorded Antonea, who raised the Hercules Cup, from the perspective of love, her look of enjoyment and contentment.

Antonia wrote on IG: "We are truly proud of you and thank you for teaching us to never give up and fight to the end. You finally did it, you are the world champion, we know how much hardship you have endured over the years to make your dream come true, come on, Argentina!"

Messi and Antonia have known each other for more than 20 years and have always respected and loved each other.

The germination of a relationship may come from the love of one party at first sight, but the emotional maintenance in the future depends on taking care of each other day after day and sharing the burden, just like the "crown" husband and wife tattoo on their bodies, symbolizing unswerving love, and being responsible for the weight of a home together - they are the kings and queens in each other's minds.

People always say that Messi is a "victory group in life", career and family are proud, and some people envy Antoneya for having a celebrity husband, and he is always the focus of the whole audience when he appears.

In fact, the relationship between them is like pedals at both ends of a bicycle, and only by going hand in hand can they move forward with each other and see the beautiful scenery of life.

In the dazzling world, we have seen many people lose their hearts after becoming famous, and even lose their loved ones.

However, the love story of the ball king Messi and his wife Antonia is not only a good story passed down from the sidelines of football, but also makes all good men and women willing to believe that as long as the two who love each other are willing to trust each other from the bottom of their hearts and become each other's most loyal supporters, even if reality temporarily separates the two, a beautiful fate can grow a loving future under careful care.