Want to switch runways, but don't know where to start? Chen Yuanyu (Board Game Berry) worked in the financial industry, and then despite the opposition of relatives and friends, she successfully turned into a board game instructor and lived a free life of "digital nomadism". If you also have a distant place you want to pursue, why not find your answer from his story!

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Chen Wanyu (Board Game Berry), President of the Gamification Innovation Education Association, wears the glasses of the perspective of "gamified thinking", so that ordinary days and work become like games, full of fun and positive challenge mentality!

"Life is a real game that will never be repeated", this interview will invite everyone to start a new version of the exploration journey and become a better version of themselves!

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Jumping from the financial industry to board games has spawned gamified thinking

The 23-year-old has written about his goals for the next ten years: "Be a manager or executive in the financial industry, work happily every day, be well paid, and live a comfortable life..."

However, less than ten years ago, the idea of the thirty-year-old is not the same as the goal she set - she wants life to be more exciting!

After setting out to find different possibilities in life, she found that in her original work, she always grasped every opportunity to share on stage, and also liked to nourish others, and various explorations guided her to the road of "lecturer".

"Don't fantasize, you must act first, and then see what happens next!" Within a year, Board Game Berry listened to hundreds of lectures and courses, and internalized each experience into the nourishment of the job change.

Then, she also selflessly shared her three thoughts when designing the course: "Make learning fun, make the course useful, and make the training smile!"

But how do you keep those smiles going? How do you know if your course will be accepted by the market?

"Just go to the market and try it!" When the idea of switching runways germinates, the first thing to do is not to quit, but to start trying."

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Before changing jobs, you also need to take stock of your own abilities, judge what strengths meet the needs of your new career, and question yourself one after another:

Can the value services I provide be paid for by the market?

If the road to exploring a new career is not smooth, how much reserve can be burned?

Are you ready to step out of your comfort zone?

In the continuous self-talk, she understands that she cannot compare her weaknesses with other senior lecturers, she must find her own "characteristics", and even the teaching medium that can show her personal characteristics, and "board games" are the weapon she has found.

Some people may think that playing games is a waste of time, but if it can be entertaining and educational, can it spark a different spark? ——Since then, she has embarked on the road of "gamified thinking".

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Finding your own differentiated positioning is always your chance to break the game.

Board game berry

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Before you leave your comfort zone, prepare for the next step

The process of becoming a lecturer "Board Game Berry" sounds very smooth, but in fact, there are many struggles and considerations in the process. For example, her new career may not have a stable income, and she is opposed by her family and friends.

"But if you don't break in, how do you know what the future looks like?" Board Game Berry smiled calmly.

Compared to the comments of others, she decided to try silently before speaking; She set aside her living expenses and formulated "creating stable cash flow" as her primary goal, because she understood that Brother Kong Fang was the foundation for her dreams.

Life is a journey, you are your own life designer, and you have the right to choose what kind of life you live.

Board game berry

In the era when board game education in Taiwan was not yet booming, board game berry saw the potential in it, whether it was the situation simulation of the game process, testing the player's thinking strategy, adaptability, communication skills, all aspects attracted her;

In order to improve her profession, she worked in the financial industry, while studying certification courses in the field of board games, and even used her annual leave to go to Europe to do market research, participate in the world's largest board game event in Essen, Germany, and prepare for her favorite career with full action.

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Doing the job you like is a kind of broken frame in life

Women Fans GWIS, the Global Women's Impact Forum 2023, encourages people to "push the box".

Now facing the advent of the "post-epidemic" era, we would like to ask if you have encountered any difficulties in successfully creating a personal brand of board game berries after changing jobs? And how did she overcome it?

"During the epidemic, we must be clear about our goals, embrace uncertainty, and plan flexibly!" Her rational thinking in the financial industry has given her a better grasp of career and risk;

In addition to real income, the most important thing is to return to the heart, "find a service that you really like, can generate long-term benefits and continue to generate revenue."

If the general environment is sluggish, focus on accumulating works and increasing visibility.

Through multiple media such as writing and short videos, she understands the importance of "network management" in the epidemic era.

Don't waste time complaining, but think about what you can do with your empty time!

Board game berry

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Boardgame Berry has also sorted out several brand adjustments and actions it has made in response to the impact of the epidemic:

  1. Set up a live sharing session

  2. Fixed-time live broadcasting, also began to try to do sales in live broadcast, sell courses and extended services

  3. Record online courses for sale to replace the risk that offline courses may be canceled

  4. Re-learn the tools and media of online marketing, and do innovative services for knowledge payment

Now, as a "digital nomad", she can pick up a pen and paper and a computer to work, can freely travel with her family around the world, and is no longer tied to the office where she works, and her working hours are determined by herself.

From deciding to change jobs to putting it into action, Board Game Berry not only has love in mind, but also has strategies and methods, learning and growing in board games, courageously breaking through difficulties in life, and creating a unique career experience.

The "breaking box" of board games is to break the framework of traditional work, tailor a professional role for yourself, and go where you want without fear!