What is the current situation of domestic violence in Taiwan? After being subjected to domestic violence, how to protect yourself? 10 pictures to learn about the big and small things and become your most powerful guardian with you!

In January 2023, Taiwanese female artist "Britney" Zhang Keyun posted on the community, telling the story of her husband Song Jinxian's bare hand domestic violence, which caused a wave of social consternation, some people were unfair for Britney, and some in turn accused her of not knowing how to make peace is valuable.

As the incident continues, the issue of domestic violence has once again attracted the attention of society, which inevitably makes people reflect, if a similar incident occurs in themselves, how can they deal with it? As a victim, what methods should you use to accompany yourself out of the haze?

The following ten pictures let us understand the current situation of domestic violence in Taiwan, and also learn the prevention and self-protection methods of domestic violence. From now on, be your own guardian angel!