At first, in order to make money to pay off debts, Pan Yuqing tried all kinds of things, and before starting his business, he changed 24 bosses, stumbled along the road, and was confused. With a sense of persistence, I didn't expect that the "Taiwanese-style" perfume in my heart was born! Let's listen to founder Yuqing talk about the birth of "P.Seven".

Pan Yuqing, who was hailed as a "genius scent designer" by Japanese media, mentioned in past interviews that he is not actually a person who is good at expression.

As the founder of the brand, in addition to shouldering the responsibility of designing perfumes, everything in the team, big or small, is absolutely hands-on, from one-person work to team co-creation, this is a process of breaking through herself, she must bravely step out of her comfort zone and no longer wrap herself up.

A child born in Hualien, smells Taiwan in nature

Yuqing was born in the countryside, and Fuli Township, the land of abundant fish and rice, is located in the southernmost part of Hualien, adjacent to Taitung, and is surrounded by the central mountain range and the coastal mountains on both sides. Fuli is a place of cultural nourishment, whether it is southern Fujian, Hakka and aboriginal culture, it blooms here.

She has been curious about all things since she was a child, iron, rubber, moss, fallen leaves... as long as she gets close to her nose, she wants to smell it, God is like a sensitive nose, memory is like a scent bank, saving all the smells she has smelled.

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Yuqing has said that she is very fond of taste, and when she is troubled, she will go into nature to explore the hints that all things give her.

Whether it is the wet mud on the ground or the moss climbing all over the roots, this is the inspiration given to her by nature, perhaps this is not only a mistake, the natural beauty of Hualien has already planted seeds in her heart, waiting for the opportunity to open "change".

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Your referral opened the door to "change" for her

Yuqing's entrepreneurial journey, twists and turns, at first the family owed millions of debts, a part-time job of four jobs, in order to pay off debts, work experience is varied, convenience super-store clerk, travel agency business, movie salesman, a total of 24 bosses, at that time she was so confused about the future, she could only continue to fill the anxiety of money with work.

With no expectations for fate, she wanted to return to Hualien to stop cultivating in the north, and went to Chishang to help her aunt manage the homestay.

Suddenly, she was stopped by an Arbor who said to her, "How can a young man be here!"

The appearance of this noble man brought a huge turning point in her life, and she came to the Maruyama Hotel to learn the tea ceremony through a referral, and the people who entered and exited the tea room at that time had extraordinary status, dignitaries and dignitaries, and also fell under her monetary values.

At that time, she lived on the top floor and only wanted to spend 6,000 yuan a month, people in Qianjiangyue Tea Shop to learn tea ceremony, but the money value gap was very large, at first she was surprised, how can anyone be willing to buy a pot for two million?

She was deeply shocked by the auction and everyone spent millions just to compete for a string, and at the same time gave rise to a motivation to "use this money to do more to give back to society".

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And to start a business, save courage, every step will not be in vain

Learning the tea ceremony was the gateway for her to start her own business.

At that time, while studying, she read a lot of financial management books, and also found that people are used to going abroad to buy some luxury boutiques back, so what about Taiwan? Is there anything that tourists can take back?

By chance, she found that the bottom of the brewed tea cup had a very charming fragrance, and if this aroma could be connected with Taiwan, it might be able to create a different souvenir, so the idea of making perfume came about.

It's just that want to make "tea" perfume, it's not so simple, in the face of unprecedented reference, can only rely on their own slow exploration, this process makes Yuqing rush countless times, in order to create Taiwan's unique tea perfume, she does not want to rely on European and American imports, looking for perfumers who can establish consensus with her in Taiwan, plus perfume raw materials are expensive, just to develop a bottle of perfume, it will cost millions.

She burns her money and stumbles from self-doubt – she can't look back, she can only look forward!

Without the training of an orthodox perfumer, I can only try and try, finally the fragrance is mixed out, the bottle container is a big difficulty, this road goes on, the more difficult it is. She talked about standing up for her own business, without any foundation, will it be too brave?

Fortunately, her perseverance was not in vain, breaking through the difficulties, not only finding the right manufacturers and perfumers, but also finally achieving the difficult task of making perfumes born.

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Break the box: You can be the noble person of your own life

In the early days of her business, she was fortunate to create perfumes that were favored and loved by overseas Hong Kong and Japanese customers.

Breaking away from the framework of traditional perfume making and injecting oriental culture into it, although she was initially criticized and opposed by her surroundings, her sense of smell has broken the traditional ceiling, and going out and doing her best has become the key to "change" in her life. She became her own nobleman!

In 2019, the brand "P.Seven" was invited by the Japanese neighbor to enter Japan.

Japan has strict regulations, and it is not easy to pass the raw material audit and land in Japan.

She became the first Taiwanese perfume to enter Japan, and then successively Japan exhibition stores, and was invited to cooperate with the Cannes Film Festival "Taiwan Night" and New York's official fashion week, which also made "P.Seven" famous and seen by more people!

Scent has become a symbol in modern times, no longer just in the form of perfume. Aroma, like a fingerprint, can really identify a person and has a soul. Yuqing is creating a unique soul, creating an exclusive smell of Taiwan for all those who are far away and miss Taiwan.

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Only by having no distractions can we do things in depth

We asked Yuqing, the process of walking such a long way and starting from scratch was really difficult. Does she have any "frame-breaking" experiences that she can share with us?

In the face of the modern era that will be overwhelmed by technology at any time, we desperately pursue money, achievements, and camps, and naturally forget the importance of physical and mental healing. She recommends that readers take time out of their daily reading schedules, and she usually calms her mind by copying the Heart Sutra.

She shared a book that influenced her deeply, "Perfume of the Empire", which explains the culture and history of the perfume industry.

Creating perfume, like walking through history, takes time to accumulate slowly, Yuqing quotes a sentence from Emperor Taizong of Tang: "With copper as a mirror, you can dress properly; With the ancient as a mirror, you can know the Xingtuo; With a human mirror, you can see the gains and losses."

Focus on what you see now and practice chasing and competing to see what you really want.

P.Seven founder Pan Yuqing

Many things have to be done slowly and without distractions in order to deepen the depth of things, rather than pursuing everything extensively.

P.Seven founder Pan Yuqing

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