Zhou Mengxuan, co-founder of U Store, just graduated from university, and used his passion and learning to create a package-free store with "no waste" as the core, integrating "sustainability" into life and contributing to the earth!

What new challenges are you ready to take on this year? Let's experience the life of "subtraction"!

Popular things are constantly changing, slow down from the busy chase, integrate sustainability into life, and further understand Zhou Mengxuan, co-founder of U Store.

The "U" in the U store stands for "Unpackage", which means no packaging. As the name suggests, U Store is a package-free store with "no waste" as the core, allowing consumers to bring their own containers to buy, buy as much as they eat, and take action together to love the earth.

Photo courtesy of | Mengxuan Zhou

The reality is there, you don't want to do it, and no one will help you

Inspired by the case of the "package-free store" in Germany, U Store was founded in 2017. Co-founder Zhou Mengxuan revealed that the important driver who will embark on this entrepreneurial adventure is another founder, Huang Shangyan.

"I had just graduated from university, I felt like a blank piece of paper, I could challenge anything, I was full of imagination and expectations for life, and I hoped to use my 22 years of life experience and what I learned in college to bring some changes to society."

But that enthusiasm was soon put to the test. Meng Xuan smiled bitterly and said that the days after starting a business can only be described in four words, that is, life is so difficult!

"Starting a business" sounds very easy, but the reality is not as glamorous and smooth as idol dramas, and there are many things that must be solved by themselves, forcing themselves to grow and grow again.

"When you encounter adversity, you have to solve it, if you can't think of it, you still want to think about it, because the reality is there, you don't want to do it, and no one will help you."

Looking back at this entrepreneurial journey, although it was very hard, as long as he saw the encouragement given by everyone who supported U Store, the customers who came to the store to chat with smiles on their faces, and learned the statistics of how much burden was reduced for the environment, Meng Xuan was full of achievements and happiness!

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Photo courtesy of | Mengxuan Zhou

After honestly facing the glass heart, I chose to continue to cultivate

In the process of starting a business, Meng Xuan confessed that he had thought about giving up countless times: "I am more glass-hearted, so I am under a lot of pressure."

For the new people in society, just after graduating from university, they must face the cruel reality, the voice of doubt, and the uncertainty of the future, and the mental torture and psychological pressure are tormenting.

Fortunately, Meng Xuan has her family as the strongest backing behind her, allowing her to continue to persevere with her faith and the support of her guests.

"I often have the idea of ending this adventure, and then I try to discuss it with my partner and family, and then I take a step forward."

Instead of escaping reality, Meng Xuan chose to face his glass heart honestly, trying to find out the source of problems and anxiety, and did not give up easily.

No matter what you do, "persistence" is always the hardest, especially on the road of entrepreneurship, the effort put in is not necessarily proportional to the result, which is always discouraging.

But at this moment, we should all be glad that Meng Xuan chose to continue to cultivate, and now we can see the thriving U store, and at the same time, let more people know about the new sustainable lifestyle.

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Photo courtesy of | Mengxuan Zhou

No matter how small the power is, it can shake the world when it accumulates

Now in its fifth year, U Store has opened branches to continue to contribute to society.

"The greatest sense of achievement and happiness is to discover that my original power like shrimp can also contribute so little to Taiwan and even to the earth."

When entrepreneurship becomes an ideal, it can be rich and abundant, but once it comes to reality, it will encounter many difficulties.

In addition to thanking his family and guests for their support, Meng Xuan also smiled and affirmed his efforts, encouraging everyone not to ignore individual strength, because these forces, cumulatively, can shake the world.

Recalling that the creation of U Store was just an idea, now the brand has made a substantial contribution to the earth, like the "butterfly effect", one person's actions may be insignificant, but this small change not only affects the people around them, but also drives the development of society and even the world.

Doing what you think is valuable may not feel the obvious change in the short term, but in the long run, the results will definitely exceed the original imagination.

Empty occasionally and enjoy pure pleasure

In recent years, COVID-19 has ravaged the world, not only affecting businesses, but also changing the way we take our lives for granted. Nowadays, in the post-pandemic era, the world is changing faster and more fragile, and focusing on one's own needs has become a new issue.

Meng Xuan believes that the most important thing at this time is to enjoy "pure happiness".

"I recently watched the movie 'Lotto Wars' and I laughed so much when I watched it, and I didn't think it had to be because 'it inspires us.'" 」

She smiled and shared her methods of relieving stress, encouraging everyone to find a movie that can really make them feel relaxed in addition to their daily efforts, find a little breathing space in a mediocre life, and have enough relaxation to find their hearts.

Photo courtesy of | Mengxuan Zhou

When facing the unknown, we will unconsciously feel fear, and even want to avoid difficulties by taking a long detour. But through Meng Xuan's experience, he found that being honest in the face of his vulnerability not only makes him grow stronger, but also reduces the time consumed by emotions and uses subtraction to add to life. Just like the "plastic reduction action" of U Store, it has brought new stimulation and influence to the industry and consumers, and successfully forged a path of its own.