The town runs a school to light up Ruifang! Twenty years ago, Dr. Zengyi decisively left urban life, listened to his inner voice, and found the meaning of life through reading.

We often hear the term comfort zone, in fact, this is a psychological state, low-level stress life makes people feel comfortable, but also brings the possibility of limited vision, so breaking through the comfort zone has become one of the topics of modern people.

Dr. "Mountain Chief" Zengyi is a very good example. Born and raised in Taipei, she used to be a museum director, and twenty years ago moved to the Yin and Yang Sea, and accidentally embarked on a magical journey to found "Xincun Fang Academy". This venue that combines hostels and academies also injects more new knowledge of art and literature into Ruifang, lights up the light in life through reading, and allows everyone to return to their hearts.

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Leaving your comfort zone is the starting point for breaking the box

"I can't be sure if I'm an adventurous person, but I know I'm a willful person."

Recalling the decision to leave the city, Dr. Shi Cengyi decided to move to the Yin Yang Sea with his husband twenty years ago, and from that moment on, they embarked on a different life journey.

"After leaving the framework, because I live in isolation, I have the opportunity to be with myself and examine everything about myself."

But this decision was not all about romance and comfort, Dr. Szezeni admits that there were countless fears and insecurities in the process, but through a lot of reading, she rediscovered a new perspective on life.

From museum director to mother, drummer, community worker, mountain chief, and writer, Dr. Shi Zengyi revealed that her friends said that her journey along the way was like practicing an artistic action, and living those ordinary daily and life practices became beautiful works.

To read is to see the essence of life

Dr. Shi Cen-yi recalled that he originally wanted to learn to play drums at the old goods run next to Ruifang Railway Station, and the establishment of Xincunfang Academy was a complete accident.

Because of the ups and downs and setbacks of public affairs participation, Dr. Shi Zengyi fell into a period of life when she wanted to find driftwood from words that could redeem herself, and she really realized the different levels and meanings of reading.

"In the past, reading was to show off yourself by passing exams, beating others or accumulating knowledge, while later reading was to perceive through texts about why people came in this life, everyone longs for happiness, but what is happiness?"

Dr. Shi Zengyi planted the seeds of wanting to break through the system, so when she got her doctorate and asked her supervisor about her next goal, she suddenly had the idea of running a school in a small town, and so Shinchon Fang Academy was born.

Through a selection of books, she and everyone in the academy asked who she was and where her life was going in the end.

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Just as the cause of the Diamond Sutra comes from the two questions that Su Bodhi raised to the Buddha: Where should the clouds dwell? How did the clouds surrender their hearts?

These two questions are about what kind of attitude people should use to live in their lives, and how to calm the restless hearts all the time, even if we are separated by more than two thousand years, we need a reassuring answer, and Shinmura Fang Academy is also in the process, gradually finding a companion role as the place of light.

"This process seems to be giving, but in fact, in the end, the most reaped is yourself."

Looking back at her own reading path, Dr. Shi Cengyi said with emotion that through reading, she gradually saw how she came out of the restricted framework and continued to face the unknown with expectation and gratitude.

Proactively generate diversified income and resolve the crisis

Xincun Fang Academy is a homestay, a study room, a lecture hall, and a diversified art and cultural venue, but at the same time, as a public welfare and sensual scholar and a rational and pragmatic homestay operator, it is a great challenge for Dr. Shi Cenyi.

The first issue to be solved by Xincun Fang College is to find a business model to support running a school, especially in the past two years, due to the impact of the epidemic, which has made her feel a strong sense of financial embarrassment and fear.

"But this fear is also a special gift that takes me to see my own limited framework and how to effectively break through it."

In the face of the test of reality, Dr. Sze actively creates diversified income to resolve the crisis of single income, in addition to curriculum cooperation, cooperation with wineries to launch story wines, but also to enhance self-worth, through running a powder specialty, writing columns, publishing books, etc. to carry out lectures, lectures, consultants, judges, etc.

"To be honest, I was really still on the road while practicing and groping, not creating great wealth, but not hungry, but enjoying all the good."

For her, these new challenges are all part of practical life, practical art, and life is a journey of experience and looking at everything with a positive attitude.

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Be serious about being an ordinary self

From deciding to leave the city twenty years ago, deciding to leave the museum fourteen years ago, to founding Xincun Fang Academy six years ago, Dr. Sze has gone through ups and downs, being valued and ignored, and finally understands that only she knows where to go.

"In the past, I spent too much time just trying to prove my ability or the approval of others, so I pushed myself into the bottomless abyss."

She revealed with emotion that she would choose to run a school in a small town because people spend so much time in school in their lives, but the school is a place that frames us, and Xincun Fang Academy is a place that brings everyone to liberation towards freedom and true self.

Dr. Zengyi encouraged everyone to be their ordinary selves, enjoy and seriously meet every invitation in life, whether it is challenges, levels, difficulties, joys, can lead themselves in the moment, talk well, eat well, drink tea well, and be with others.

"My husband is an important companion and supporter of me along the way, and a key co-founder of Xincun Fong College, who often takes hands-off or even full support when he sees my actions and choices."

Speaking of Mr. Sze, Dr. Zen Yi said proudly that Mr. Xincun Fang College spent two years planning, designing and managing.

In addition to the couple, there is also a noble person in Xincun Fang Academy who is Teacher Weng Jiye.

When she first had the idea of running a school, Dr. Sze went to ask him for help, and the teacher gave her the word "breath" and asked her to take it back to understand. For the next five years, he came to Ruifang every week from Linkou to accompany her in reading oriental classics.

At first, she was very resistant to the interpretation of the text guided by the teacher, and she couldn't help but feel angry in her heart, but then gradually accepted and understood.

"I understand that a lifetime of learning and practice is to return to my heart and thank him and Arial for accompanying Xincun Fong College through countless journeys."

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This life is to learn to love each other well

"The purpose of reading is not to prove how good or different we are, but to learn to empathize with each other and everyone has their own life course, suffering and difficulty, desire and need, fear and insecurity, we are so different but so similar, this life is to learn, learn to love each other well."

When asked about the books he recommended, Dr. Stephen recommended the Tao Te Ching.

She believes that this book can re-examine her life and what attitude should be used to face the abundance of freedom and ease.

In this day and age, our pain, distress, and suffering all come from our hearts, and we expect others and the world to be presented the way we want, so we need reassuring texts.

Leaving our comfort zone is a difficult decision, and we are often afraid to take a step because of the fear of the unknown, but Dr. Zengi's story shows that leaving the comfort zone may be a series of tests, but with it comes the wider world.

Instead of hesitating because of anxiety, it is better to carefully sort out our inner thoughts, and perhaps we will gain more than we lose.