"Single is Hell" In the second season, what kind of people and interaction modes have the opportunity to turn the love situation around? And what behaviors are the interactive minefields that make the relationship tasteless? (Contains the ending thunder, be cautious)

Have you finished watching the second season of Single is Hell?

This kind of reality show album is always enjoyable to watch, and it is a little embarrassing to say. In addition to the stereotypical gender interactions of some participants (such as saying "I want to protect you" to the woman you want, or saying "I won't let people take what belongs to me (women)" and other patriarchal statements), there are also many common interaction patterns in love.

Let's look at a few common types of love interactions, what kind of behavior, and have the opportunity to flip the love situation? How is it a display of security? And what kind of behavior is an interactive minefield that makes the relationship tasteless.

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(Contains the ending thunder, be cautious)

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The popular heroine Seki, why did she make a surprising choice?

In the second season of the show, Sim Seki is the most popular participant, with the beauty of the Korean Chunhyang beauty pageant, and the artistic ability and temperament of the piano department of Seoul National University. From the beginning to the end of the show, Seki has multiple male pursuits at the same time, leaving aside Dongyou, who gave her a sense of oppression, and Seki, who is facing a choice, begins to swing between the object of her active affection, Jinying, and the sincere man Jongwoo.

If you were Serki, would you choose Zhenying, who has always been in an ambiguous stage and has sexual tension with each other? Or Zhong Yu, who silently guards, always accompanies and does not give pressure?

When Seki looked at Zhenying, she smiled like a tulip in the first bloom, and the audience would also ripple in their hearts when they saw it, and they couldn't help but be happy for her, and you felt that it was like the real look of a person. You would want her to always live with that smile and pursue everything she loves.

Such Seki, in the end, chose another object that was not so heart-wrenching, a silly but sincere and clumsy man, who constantly showed his love, Zhong Woo.

In the real world, suitors similar to Zhong Yu may be like crucian carp crossing the river to Seki. The reason why she chose Zhong Yu, in addition to Zhong Yu's sincere support and companionship, also comes from the issue of security created by Zhenying.

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From victory to reversal: Is Jinying honest or insecure?

In the show, Seki gave Zhenying many opportunities to express her heart, but Zhenying couldn't give an answer that made Seki feel at ease.

Compared with another couple on the island, Long Jae and Ryan, the two have always dared to reveal their true feelings to each other and have never been afraid to show them. If you want to talk more, confess to the other person, "Can we talk a little longer?" If you want to be with each other, you will talk and sleep, and no one has ever hid in a protective shell. Two people in love, aware of the common heart, are not afraid to express appreciation with the ball, but are afraid that the other party does not know.

Zhenying always talks in circles to his favorite Serki, and he confesses that he has other curious objects, but he does not know how he likes Seki. Such a lack of frankness, people with ambiguous experience, may also be able to understand.

At the beginning, some people went through a period of power struggle, and more often they thought about how to preserve their status and how to stand in a position that was not affected by the other party's every move. But once a person begins to think like this, he has lost himself.

He may mistakenly think that the more a person surrenders his sincerity, the easier it is to appear that he has nothing to do with the other party, and is relatively fragile, as if he is being slaughtered by the other party. This is no longer acting according to the joy of love, but being led away by fear.

On the contrary, Seki, who has been waiting for Zhenying, puts her feelings on the table, which makes her relatively weak in the relationship between the two, but she dares to take the initiative to express herself, which is actually a more confident and secure demonstration of herself.

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On the contrary, Zhenying did not dare to express her position positively.

Seki is a person who needs verbal confirmation, and the host group says that Zhenying is honest, but in this honesty, he also avoids a lot of truth, and he does not dare to be honest with Seki, Seki is the first order in his heart.

A person does not say it because he is afraid.

He was afraid that in this relationship, he would lose his original status and lose Serki's interest in him. He was restless, he was afraid that he would stagger in love, that he would not love dashing enough. He was afraid that he would be seen by Serki, and he was not so dashing and indifferent, but this was a real loss of comfort.

A person's calculation and fear in love will make people lose control over themselves, and make people's choice of action not based on love, but on fear. Zhenying is deeply afraid that she is actually just another Zhongyu, begging for Zhongyu who is loved and chosen.

Zhong Yu, who seems to have no dominance, and Zhong Yu, who seems to be waiting for Seki's attention, always faces himself honestly, and he is afraid of not being loved, but he chooses to sit in such fear and learn to face it calmly.

It is Zhenying's fear that makes him more vulnerable and makes him lose the object he really likes. Seki may have sensed that such an object would do something that would damage the relationship because of too many internal noises.

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Anyone who dares to be honest with themselves is a winner no matter what

In the love triangle of Seki, Zhenying, and Zhongyu, we saw once that the real leader never dares to express himself frankly, so that the relationship is always ambiguous, is not confident enough in themselves, and still lacks enough ability to love. The ability to love is to dare to be frank, dare to say what you like, and face your fears.

Whether it is Seki, Jong-woo, or Chaohee, Sejun, they all dare to express themselves, and in the process of expression, they put themselves in the other party's shoes and pay attention to whether their behavior brings the burden and pressure of emotional blackmail to the other party. Regardless of whether they really get an emotional response from the other party in the end, their frankness and thoughtfulness have won the admiration of their favorite people.

After all, if you like someone you can't get together in the end, you can't get it, of course, you don't have to lose, as long as you stay frank and considerate, you never lose yourself. Without losing, but still winning sincere appreciation, can you say that this is a loss? This is a win.

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In this play, Zhong Yu went from the opening scene when introducing himself to the beginning of the self-introduction, to because he liked Seki, he gradually understood that he faced emotions, appropriately expressed good feelings, and also attached importance to the other party's reception and mood.

In contrast to Dongyou, Dongyou is not used to meeting women who are not interested in him, and after expressing his affection for Seki, he repeatedly wants to confirm whether Seki can respond to his feelings, without understanding the state and mood of the other party.

Every time the camera is brought to Dongyou, we can see his hurry, see his difficulty in accepting the loss and panic of not being loved, an expression and physical stiffness. On the other hand, when the camera is brought to Zhong Yu, we can see that Zhong Yu, who is more relaxed and can laugh at himself at any time, can joke about himself and get along with him, is also more relaxed.

Even if he looked at Seki, who he liked, and was upset and tearful because of Zhenying, Zhongyu still chose to accompany him every time. While accompanying me, I told Serki that I did this purely to see you happy, and I did it for my own happiness, so you must not respond to my pressure. Stressing you out is also something I don't want to see.

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Since you want to love, you must become braver because you like it

Regardless of whether in the end, whether a lover eventually becomes a dependent, there is no real win or loss in love, in fact, there are no relative winners and losers.

Zhong Yu's victory is that he won himself, won his fear and fear, won the ability to face his loss, won the true understanding of people, and won the opportunity to be brave for himself.

Jinying said in the last episode that he lost to Zhong Woo in both games and love. Zhenying didn't know that he had lost to himself. Losing to himself is not honest enough, losing to himself is not confident enough, losing to his own circles, losing to his lack of understanding of the object he likes, he loses the opportunity to make himself braver.

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In the second season's Single is Hell, we see the growth and breakthrough of some characters, including Li Nating, who is more courageous to express herself and take the initiative to approach the object of her interest. Although he didn't succeed in pairing, he also earned his own growth, as well as new experiences.

This is also very similar to real life, even if you don't want someone you like, but in this process, you have become a better person, you want someone who doesn't love you? Or do you want one, more worthy of your love for yourself?