The editor-in-chief of women's fans teaches the key to balancing work and finding life, making good use of precious time resources to take the initiative to create the life you want.

I was careless today and worked until half past nine in the evening.

A person in Tokyo at a distance, once into flow, it is easy to unconsciously time out, this is already the second day in a row. Because there is no one to poke their heads around, brush their presences and want to talk, there is no ritual of eating dinner together, or things that need to be dealt with together.

I also think that maybe people who do not live with friends and partners, do not have pets to take care of, or people who do not have enough daily rituals and regularity, will have the following symptoms for a long time in remote work: it is easy to work overtime.

This is because of the lack of their own life project dead line, but also the good heart for work, a strong sense of responsibility, but do not realize that it is the state of their own use of time that is wrong. As a result, there is often less energy. Even if the workload is adjusted, it is difficult to improve, and it is still done very late.

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Would you like to examine how you spend your time?

Time as a resource, if you do not examine your own use, it will overspend in some places, gradually bringing its own energy.

If you are not conscious of your time use, do not know how much time it will take you to do something, how to help, reduce the workload, get a way to speed up, or find someone else to share the problem, solve the problem once, but in the long run, the same problem will continue to occur.

This is because you don't see the blind spots in your time use. Without looking, there will be no desire to "solve this state by all means", and without this desire, there will be no initiative to ask methods, take the initiative to make adjustments, take the initiative to coordinate, and take the initiative to discuss with the supervisor.

Passive waiting, passive complaining, passive acceptance of methods from others are useless.

When I was a freshman, I was not an active person, and I was used to burying my head in thinking of ways when I encountered problems, and I didn't know to take the initiative to ask and take the initiative to adjust. If I try my best but don't find a way, I think things won't get better and I have to leave.

But when I looked up, I found that all the people I yearn for have one trait: they can handle many things at the same time, and they can take the initiative to create the life they want.

The key difference is that when faced with problems, these people are more proactive and quick to solve them; In the face of desire, he is also willing to try more quickly, not afraid of temporary stage failure, he will think of new ways to arrive.

I discovered that anything is possible in this world, but it is not designed for passive people.

Waiting to be served, waiting for others to see their predicament, waiting for the Hakuba supervisor, waiting for Princess or Prince Charming, is not only too slow, but slow enough to never get where you want to go.

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The active person is the environment in which he grew up

After being a supervisor for several years, I found that the speed and magnitude of a person's growth also depends on whether a person is active enough.

Passive people, no matter how many methods to learn, the other party will not see, will not learn, and it is easy to complain that they cannot learn things.

The active person, a word, a work, an article, a speech from colleagues around him, he will find something worth learning from himself. The content of what excellent colleagues say in meetings, the way the supervisor gives feedback, and the structure of thinking, he will also see the learning points and take the initiative to learn. Such people, anywhere, can learn. Because he has built himself into a growth physique.

He will take himself to places he never thought of when he started. He must be wonderful and energetic most of the time, and he is surrounded by friends who really support him.

Being a person with the ability to learn depends on ourselves, whether we grasp all possible opportunities to learn. Don't think that only sitting in a classroom and the teacher disassembling it on the blackboard is the way to learn.

Because I don't like people to be passive, what I don't like and don't want to endure, I will be strict with myself, absolutely absolutely, can't be like that.

I have to be persistent, very proactive. I have to maintain as much energy and spirit as possible.

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To be a freelancer or start a business, you need more stable energy and rely on self-discipline

Nowadays, many people who want to be freelancers and be their own bosses are good choices.

But if it is difficult to regulate your time and energy when you go to work, in fact, it is difficult, unlikely to do, or difficult to do it sustainably. The mythical scene of "after leaving the job, freelance work will naturally go smoothly and entrepreneurship will succeed" is presented in the media, and there are a large number of survivor biases.

A sustainable freelancer and entrepreneur must be highly self-disciplined and consciously maintain his time, energy, and health.

There is no way to establish the strong laws and anchors in your own life, and no matter how free you are, you will live as an unfreedom. No matter how great the potential, it will eventually be worn out.

Overtime is a kind of lack of ability, not enough ability to live.

In the past two days, I did not master the time, unexpectedly compressed the time after work, I did not like this, and I wanted to avoid it developing into a pattern. After you turn it over, starting tomorrow, you won't do it again.