For the second time, she joined hands with women's fans to launch "Blush Body Bed Game Card Illustrator" illustrator Phoebe, whose creations gather "desire, passion, and emotion", not only make you blush, but also take you to explore the artistic conception of sex in depth with the position card card, and look at "Sex" with a new perspective!

I met Phoebe for the first time, wearing a short black dress and short-ankle boots.

Shoulder-length hair is mature, and adds a bit of cuteness. I imagined that her voice was very childish, and when I spoke, I was surprised, it was a very magnetic voice.

Her gestures, with different contrasts with the state switching, interview shooting, interactive relaxation, with a bit of innocence and shyness, once talking about creation, will immediately switch to a professional look.

Studying Phoebe's past creations, I found that she likes to combine the style of the times, whether it is Mucha, or Pupu style, she has harnessed her personal characteristics, she is small, and her body hides an attitude towards sexual freedom. With her brush, she transforms it into a weapon to convey "self" to the world.

Heavenly Thunder Hooks the Earth Fire: Looking at sex, it turns out that I am a little rebellious

I wondered why Phoebe wanted to extend "sex" to creation?

She laughed at herself that everything was a mistake. When I was a student, there was a project homework, and the teacher asked them to use weather association to design, and she had a backbone in her heart and used the problem to play.

At that time, she made a theme of "turning clouds and rain" and "heavenly thunder and fire", which made the classroom atmosphere so hot, the teacher didn't know how to react for a while, looking at the teacher was funny and angry, she felt that everything was so interesting and full of a sense of achievement.

For a long time, Phoebe's characters have been mostly female, on the one hand, they are women, and it is easier to outline gender characteristics. On the other hand, they don't want to cater to people's imagination of "beauty", and they want to inject more confident beauty into the women in the painting in a plump, humorous and mocking way than being slim and beautiful.

She often receives feedback from friends talking about the characters in the paintings, as if she is painting herself.

Phoebe nodded and winked, and said with a smile: "When I went to sort out my creative context, I found that these are the characters I want to be in my heart, idealized myself.

In reality, I may care about other people's opinions, in fact, I also have a framework, there is no way to break away, but through painting, I can break away through creation."

Many times, we don't have to show our ideal self through verbal actions, in fact, we can also create our inner self through other media like Phoebe, believing that it is also a way to break the framework and show "me".

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I regard lust as an integral part of my life, not everything

Phoebe has long incorporated many "sexual" elements into his creations, and has gradually been labeled as a "erotic illustrator" by the public.

But in fact, her creation is not just about sex, perhaps the Chinese world is ashamed to talk about sex, and there is some sensitivity and distance on this topic. She believes that sex is actually a natural thing, a physiological need, an intimate communication, and a component of life.

She mentioned that the reason why the public is disgusted with erotica may be the first time we are in contact, the erotic industry is presented in a crude and clumsy way, and when we urgently solve the need, we will discard it in disgust and have a disgust for that kind of self.

But Phoebe believes that erotica is how you absorb it, you will look at it. When we can see it in a tasteful way, it means that you are truly facing your own needs and are not self-loathing.

Everyone is disgusted with erotica because it is somewhat distant from reality, detached from the known morality and beauty, and too far away from good things.

Illustrator Phoebe Chan

When Phoebe first drew with "sex" as the theme, she subconsciously emphasized the picture of reproductive organs and sex, as if to present it in a forceful way, as the experience slowly accumulated, through the evolution of different media and creative mentality, she began to grow, she slowly understood the nature of sex, should be very comfortable, very natural.

She believes that with the gradual progress of society, the future can be discussed in a more general way, so that sex exists in our daily lives, and we can also look at these works from a more mature mentality and aesthetic perspective.

It can intersect with beauty and art, and it can coexist with love!

Illustrator Phoebe Chan

Intimate relationships do not shy away from "sexual" communication, so that the body and mind can also become one

We can see from Phoebe's illustrations that she not only uses bold colors, but also has strong lines and charming, and we can feel her long-term observation of human curves and care.

I tentatively asked her, if you want to be intimate with people, do you like it? Will it resist?

She paused, thought for a while, and then began to discuss with me that Chinese society may not be good at expressing love, and it is less necessary to convey it with body and words, especially the influence of the original family, speaking of family members, she said that she rarely expresses love directly to them.

When I heard her say this, I felt very moved in my heart, and immediately nodded in agreement, as if we had all experienced the part where we were not good at saying love to our families. Phoebe said that perhaps it is between parents and is more neglectful to talk about love, so for friends or partners, it is more active to fill the deficiencies of the original family through physical interaction, whether it is hugging, holding hands, kiss Goodbye, is actually a manifestation of love.

Then, Phoebe came up with an interesting saying to encourage everyone to try different languages to change the love they wanted to convey, maybe "I love you" into "I love you", which feels more natural! Through language transformation, the otherwise unspeakable love can be turned into a kind of direct communication. I thought the idea was so much fun that it deserves to be put into my To do List this year!

Then I asked more deeply, does she also dare to express her feelings when she interacts intimately with her partner? Will you be afraid of hurting each other?

Phoebe shook his head, not afraid of hurting the other person, and continued: "In an intimate relationship, I may be a more dominant and open person, but when communication can be based on trust and we feel safe with each other, we will accept more." It's a good practice to communicate openly and honestly, and I encourage everyone to do it!"

In the face of sex, it is inevitable that there will be a time when she is afraid to explore honestly, from Phoebe's words, you can feel that she attaches great importance to communication with her partner, many people always passively accept, and some forget to empathize with each other's feelings.

Phoebe seriously said that sex is not a premarital experiment, fit or not, must be through communication and running-in, let the other party know when they can feel comfortable, when they feel uncomfortable, this is a matter that needs to be explored together.

I feel that in a very naked state, being able to be fully accepted by the other person is a kind of love, no matter what form it takes.

Illustrator Phoebe Chan

Sex can also be as beautiful as a work of art and permeate our daily lives

This time, Phoebe took up the challenge again and worked with women fans for the second time to design cards, this time launching the "Blush Bed Game Card", which uses the concept of 48 hand positions to allow couples to shuttle through sex, find freshness through cards, and get rid of sex SOPs.

Pheobe said that although he has many commercially available body cards, a few are shallow from the edges of sex, and some are filmed by real people and are overly real.

She wanted to draw a card that could interpret what "sex" is with "beauty", and turn sex into art and flow in natural daily life.

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In order to practice the most beautiful cards in the heart, Phoebe interprets the situation represented by each position with non-repeating characters, characters, and scenes. She really hopes that these cards, even if enlarged and printed into paintings, will not feel obtrusive when hung in any corner of the home, just want to be so beautiful and delicate!

I think that as an illustrator, drawing "sex" is no longer her main goal, and how to change the public's label of "sex" is what she wants to convey most in her creation.

Whether it is creation or design, she hopes that every viewer can find their favorite look in her works, and hopes that people can stop talking about sex and embrace boldly in the future!

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