Test your fortunes and priorities for the year in three minutes and see what you need to do to prepare for the next test in this new year.

Spring Festival has arrived, how will you spend this holiday?

Although it is inevitable for elders to ask about the progress of life, the Spring Festival is still a warm day to greet relatives and friends and enhance each other's feelings!

Speaking of outlook for the new year, have you written down your goals or plans to be accomplished this year and started putting them into action?

If you haven't thought about your goals, now through this psychological test, find out the topics you must face this year, don't run away in the new year, and let women accompany you to face these vulnerabilities and dilemmas.

Quiz starts:

The following rabbit jumps up in front of you, it says a word to you, please choose what it said to you by your first instinct.

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A. "Hey! How did you do this year? Let's make friends when we meet for the first time!"

B. "I just picked up this treasure and thought you would like it and give it to you!"

C. "Hey, I found a secret base over there, do you want to go play together?"

D. "I'm hungry, I smell good smell from afar, give me some food!"


Choose the answer and watch the commentary!

If you choose A, this year's theme is: tidying up your relationships and expanding your life through new friends

Last year you may have said goodbye to some relationships, but this year you want to break out of your comfort zone and open your horizons by meeting new people!

In fact, there is no lack of confidant friends around you, but because you were busy with work or school some time ago, you can't communicate with them well, at this moment you want to slow down, refocus on your friends, and begin to feel the energy that friends bring you.

This change not only gives you more time to relax, but also discovers aspects that you have not seen before and further understands yourself through conversations with friends! After brave breaking, please maintain these positive relationships this year, and you will see their importance this year.

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If you choose B, this year's topic is: start to manage your finances and live a more confident life

In the past year, you have pursued material enjoyment and spent money to buy happiness, and the result is that you must carry out financial planning this year.

While you've thought about getting into the habit of saving, this to-do list keeps pushing back, and at the moment you have to let go of your playful mindset and face the test of reality. Remind yourself to stop being a "moonshiner" in the new year, make good use of the habit of writing accounts and bookkeeping apps, look back at your expenses every week, or even each month, and then make adjustments in time.

At the same time, you can begin to understand the investment concept from the women's fan "money and its origin", from the recommendation of financial management tools, investment novice lazy bags, analysis of shopping psychology... All kinds of content are worth your time to read, please do a good job of financial planning in the new year, full of the habit of getting rich!

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If you choose C, this year's topic is: developing your career

Are you thinking about changing jobs after a year?

As we enter the new year, many people will examine the future of their careers and begin to plan their next steps. Whether you want to switch tracks, change jobs, or start a business, you have already thought about the pros and cons of various options, and you lack the courage to make a decision at this moment.

Choosing to stay with your current company allows you to learn deeper skills in your areas of expertise; Choosing to leave allows you to switch environments and push the limits in new areas.

Which option is better? Take advantage of the Spring Festival holiday, you may wish to exchange your troubles with trusted elders and friends, summarize useful information from their suggestions, and think about what kind of person you want to be. A small decision at this moment may affect long-term goals and plans!

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For you who choose D, this year's theme is: conscious healthy living

In the new year, learn to take care of yourself!

This refers to health, which includes both physical and mental health. At this moment, you are also alert, right? If there is no warning for the body, the frequency of doctor visits increases, the mental condition is not good... then you must face these problems squarely and develop the habit of keeping your body and mind healthy and healthy.

You can set aside 30 minutes a day for simple home exercise, and over time, your body will change significantly!

In addition to exercise, no matter how busy you are, don't forget to relax at the right time and be the master of your own time. Take advantage of the Spring Festival holiday, you can leave a day alone and do anything you wanted to do in the past but did not have time or opportunity, so that this day is completely your own.

Charge well, and then spread your wings and fly.

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After reading the analysis, did you start to face these issues? Let's practice quitting bad habits in the new year and get closer to our ideal self every day!