Before womany describes how to preserve and nice summertime honey lemonade , also ice cold sea berries ice, today, introduce three simple fruit drinks to the target today ( bogus Byey-!)Three types of fruit that effectively eliminate the physical and mental problems ), so that you can blow your own air and drink your own drinks at home.

If you want to have a comfortable feeling of vacation in a tropical island

Tropical mango shake

ice ppear x 1/2 cup
mango dn x 1 cup
bananas (slices) x 1 x 1
lemon juice x 2 teaspoon
husk ginger (grinding) x1/2 tea spoon
ice block

Throw the above raw materials in a juice blender until you have a uniform, and then pour it into the cup.When you add a light rain umbrella, you can sit in front of the window, and you can imagine yourself sitting on the beach while you are sitting on the beach.

If they want to go to the bar to relax, but not to drink ...

Lemon Snowbows No Alcohol

sherbet (sherbet) x 2 oz
ginger ale x 2 oz
ppear juice x 1 oz (orange juice can be replaced)

Throw snow, ginger ale and pineapple juice into juice.The slight stirring to the extent of the snow did not melt completely.If you pour the drink into the cup, you can put on a piece of lemonade that is decorated, and you can play music and pretend to dance at the most humid club in the club.

If you want to have a different cup of ice coffee

Banana, iron, ice and sand

Thick black coffee x 1 ½ cup
ice milk x ¾ cup
frozen banana x 2
sugar x ¼ cup
ice cube x ½ cup

All raw materials are added to the juice extractor, and then they can be poured into the cup after being stirred evenly.Take your favorite books, and I'm on the couch and enjoy the coffee and the mild sunlight.

At home, you can do it yourself to drink, not to worry about whether the heat of the pearl milk tea is too high, and whether the store's materials are not in line with the standards of the Department of Health.Just try it next time you want a drink.

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