Still worried about what to send for Valentine's Day? Women's Fan Editor has selected 12 Valentine's Day gifts for you, so if you can't think of what to give, come and find your gift inspiration!

Text| Angela, Haoting

Are you ready for this year's Valentine's Day gift?

Whether it's surprising your sweetheart or confessing to your beloved, a meticulous gift that can convey love can create a more wonderful time together.

Here are 12 Valentine's Day gifts for you, on the most romantic holiday, send your heart into the other person's heart and let him remember you for 365 days!

Photo | Photo by Ushico on Pixta

Valentine's Day gift recommendation| the first Valentine's Day gift within 500 yuan:

Recreate memories

1. Tintint dot print | 2023 table calendar NT$ 310

Love DIY, but can't prepare gifts because of busy work? Try using dot printing to make your own table calendar!

Dian Dian Print provides a variety of table calendar templates, you can freely choose the arrangement of photos, the starting month, and you can also add creative stickers, text and other different functions; After the production is completed, it will help you print it out, bind it into a book, and send it to the designated address, which is super convenient!

In addition to the table calendar, there are many different paper outputs, and I serve as a designer, carefully combing through the intertwined memories of each other, so that this heart can accompany more future days.

Image| dot print Facebook

2. Sterling silver engraved fine ring NT$ 417

Is he a delicate girl/boy who pays attention to dressing and paying attention to details?

The thin sterling silver ring with a simple design and looks good on both single wear and layering is simply a representative of "texture"!

One person wears a mark of love, two people together are heart-to-heart, engraved with each other's English name, or a precious anniversary that belongs to you, even if they are separated from each other, they feel that the other party has always been by their side~

Image | EM Studio

Surprise flower gift

3. Eternal Flower Vintage Milk Tea Glass Cup NT$ 499

The immortal flower gift, which has become popular in recent years, is a great choice for gifting!

The appearance of the glass flower cup is like the rose treasured in the glass by the prince in the classic movie "Beauty and the Beast", symbolizing the unswerving love between lovers; Immortal flowers are made of real flowers and can be stored for 3~5 years in a suitable environment, while immortal flowers placed in a glass cup can avoid moisture and dust.

There are more different flower cup sizes and designs on the market, the price range varies according to demand, and there are even many floral art classrooms that offer a single product experience class, whether it is a gift or DIY together, it is a beautiful Valentine's Day memory!

Image | UMI Studio

Delicious relationship


Is he a dessert controller?

TEA IB BED small Coolilu, just the right size, sweet but not greasy, with a crunchy coat, a soft heart, you can enjoy slightly sweet and slightly crispy happiness in one bite.

6 flavors with 4 combinations, you can also upgrade the packaging gift box combined with fashion scarves, there are surprises when receiving gifts, daily can be worn as matching pieces, such important holidays as Valentine's Day, even if it is a simple gift, the sense of ceremony still has to be full score!

Picture| Woman fan business

Image| Woman Fan Business; Crelu 6 silk scarf gift box Summer dreams

Valentine's Day gift recommendation| Valentine's Day gift suitable for boyfriend / girlfriend within 500 ~ 1000 yuan:

Cornucopia of memories

5. Transparent wooden piggy bank NT$ 550

Do you have a little dream you'd like to accomplish together? A small trip, or a premium dinner, pay for it with the Common Dream Fund!

Transparent customized money bank, you can choose different illustration styles, and you can also engrave the desired wish words at the entrance of the cave for free, motivating yourself to live with your heart at any time and save your future entanglement!

Visualize the progress of saving money, enjoy pragmatic romance together, and more importantly, let the two have a sense of steadiness working together for the future.

Photo | Machibao Studio

6. Lomography DIY camera NT$ 845

There is a romance that makes the moment eternal.

Suitable for young people and enhance the atmosphere of old-school dating, the negative camera is assembled from scratch, with cute skin stickers to create an exclusive style, and simply enjoy retro fun!

Lightweight design is also easy to carry, go out camping, hiking, daily dates, let hand-assembled gadgets enrich your time together, immerse yourself in happiness every moment, and record each other's sincere smiles :)

Image| Pinkoi 

Care from the inside out

7. womany upgraded version | ME TIME women's personal shower gel (use this set for the first time, classic version 150 ml x 1 + leisurely version 150 ml x 1) NT$ 870

On Valentine's Day, remember to give yourself the most comfortable sense of security for your body.

Many people seek stable relationships, but the so-called "sense of security" cannot be obtained by others, and we can only truly feel "security" if we are in a stable emotional state.

Let's try ME TIME Top Intimate Shower Gel, start by practicing to give your body a sense of security, take care of your intimate parts, and then explore intimacy outside!

For the first time in six years, ME TIME Top Intimate Shower Gel is a top intimate shower gel for women's fans, allowing you to have a more moisturizing and double sense of security, the classic version for daily cleaning, with the leisurely version to strengthen the pampering effect, take care of all your private moments from the inside out.

Picture| Woman fan business

8. Woman Fan Inner Evolution Card NT$ 950

Whether you are single or partnered, caring about your state of mind is a lifelong task! Only when we are in a state of perfection can we achieve a perfect relationship.

Whenever life is in trouble, we often ask ourselves, "What am I doing wrong?"

Instead of falling into self-blame for a long time, it is best to solve the immediate problem.

At this time, please don't be anxious, you may wish to find out the answer through the inner evolution card of the woman's fan, and focus on yourself.

Picture| Woman fan business

Recommended Valentine's Day gifts| more than 1000 yuan Practical Valentine's Day gifts:

Skin care

9. Green vine is | aliveSkincare honey. Valentine's Day gift box NT$ 1,590

Do you know why we like to smell the scent of our significant other?

There are many reasons, including the pheromone effect, the love house and the Wu mentality, but in any case, scent definitely plays an important role in intimacy.

Green vine vitality skin care honey. The Valentine's Day gift box features a rare 100% natural source of pure essential oils, allowing you to impart a natural and gentle scent and unconsciously bring you closer to your partner.

Image| Green Vine comes to life

Take the relationship one step further

10. Womany| Soulmate Group: Relationship Sync Card + Relationship Next Card NT$ 2,400

"Is he in front of me the person I definitely want to go on?"

"Is my current relationship with my partner healthy?"

"How can I make the relationship better?"

If you have the above questions in mind, it may be time to focus on what you expect from the relationship with your partner. Valentine's Day is not only full of sweetness and surprises, but also allows each other to move in the direction of the relationship together.

The soulmate combination of women's fans, combined with "relationship synchronization cards" and "relationship next cards", guides each other to discuss the current and future development trajectories, and eliminates unnecessary suspicions.

Through the questions and actions on these cards, have an in-depth conversation with your partner!

Picture| Woman fan business

11. SVAKOM| Phoenix Neo BDSM couple limited gift box NT$ 3,350

It's time to add a little excitement to the dull routine~

Worried that you can't create a romantic and passionate atmosphere because you are busy with work? Don't worry, decorate the last moments of Valentine's Day with "props" today!

The BDSM gift box for adult couples includes love props such as leather handcuffs, eye masks and feathers, and the most special of them is the Phoenix Neo Smart Jumping Egg!

Phoenix Neo can be connected to 2D interactive videos, allowing you to feel deeper enjoyment in your favorite images; Long-distance lovers can also release their feelings for each other through the interactive function of the Phoenix Neo network lens, igniting the hot night of Valentine's Day (shame).

Picture| Woman fan business

12. 【Double Package】2023 GWIS Global Women's Forum_Women's Power Package (Forum + Dinner) NT$ 5,600

Love is not only lust, but also growing together with your partner.

This Valentine's Day, use knowledge as the best gift for yourself and your other half, cultivate each other's better growth in heart and life, and work together to spend a long-term romance.

From 2/10 (Fri) to 2/14 (Tue), purchase [Double Package] 2023 GWIS Global Women's Forum_Women's Power Package (Forum + Dinner) for a limited time of 5 days, enter the discount code 2023LOVEGWIS, and you can enjoy a discount of 200 RMB.

There is not only one good health, but if you purchase a ticket during this period, you can also get a discount code of 300 yuan for [Women's Fan | Blush Body Bed Tour]. It's better to be excited than to act, go to the GWIS official website now!

After reading the list of Valentine's Day gifts recommended by the editors, have you found inspiration for gifting?

I wish everyone who works hard for the relationship can reap the ideal love of comfort and ease!