How to confess in Korean? In addition to "Salang Hey Yo", this article has sorted out the cute and humorous Korean native confession love words, learn to say it to the other half!

Valentine's Day is coming, and many people plan to confess their favorite object on this day, or plan a surprise to leave unforgettable memories for their significant other.
Speaking of confession lines, the romantic bridge in Korean dramas has become a necessary reference content for lovers before In addition to the most basic "Salang hey yo", there are thousands of Korean confession lines, the following is a compilation of 10 Korean native love lines, you may wish to learn to show your language talent and romantic skills to lovers!

Picture| stills from "Beautiful Sister Who Often Invites to Dinner"

Korean Love Words|1. Future aspirations

너를 만나고 나서 나는 이런 사람이 되고 싶어졌어 (After meeting you, I just want to be a kind of person)
neoreul mannago naso naneun ireon sarami duelgo sipeojyeoseo

너의 사람 (Your people.) )
neoeui saram

Korean Love Words| 2. blood type

오빠 혈액형이 뭐야?(What is Oppa's blood type?) )
oppa hyeolaekhyeongi myo ya

A형(Type A)
A hyeong

아니야 너는 나의 이상형이야 (No, you are my ideal type) 
aniya neoneun naeui isanghyeongiya

Picture| stills from "Twenty-Five, Twenty-One"

Korean Love Words|3.  Son-in-law.

오빠 지금 4위래요! (Oppa is now in fourth place!) )
oppa jigeum sawiraeyo

우리 엄마 사위(My mother's son-in-law)

Note: Hangul 4 is pronounced 사 (sa)
wuri omma sawi

Korean Love Words|4. Pickup pickups

저기 혹시 피카츄세요?(Are you Pikachu?) )
jeogi hoksi pikachuseyo 

제가 방금 짜릿했거든요. )
jega banggeum jjaritae-godeunyo

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Picture| stills from "Beautiful Sister Who Often Invites to Dinner"

Korean Love Words|5. You are an angel

왜 여기 계세요?(Why are you here?) )
wae yeogi kyeseyo

당신이 여기있으면 천국은 누가 지켜요. )
dangsini yeogi-iseumyeon cheongukeun nuka jikkyeoyo

Korean Love Words| 6. Be warned in advance

왜 말씀 안하셨어요? (Why didn't you say it earlier?) )
wae malssuem anhasyeosoyo

당신에게 빠지면 위험하다고 (It's dangerous for you to indulge in.) )
dangsineke bbajimyeon wiheomhadago

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Image| stills from "That Year, Our Summer"

Korean Love Words| 7. Favorite ramen

제가 제일 좋아하는 라면 뭐에요?(What is my favorite ramen?) )
jeka jaeil jowahaeun ramyeon myo-eyo

뭐요? 신라면?(What is it?) Sin ramen? )
myoyo? sinramyeon?

너랑 함께라면.
neorang hamkeramyeon

Note: The last two words are the same as ramen

Korean Love Words| 8. Play the band's Oppa

오빠 요즘 밴드 하신다면서요?(Has Oppa been playing band lately?) )
oppa yojeum band hasindamyeonsoyo?

응? 무슨 밴드?(Huh?) What band? )
eng? museun band?

마이 허즈밴드(my husband)

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Picture| stills from "Goddess Come"

Korean Love Words|9. Favorite bread

네가 제일 좋아하는 빵이 뭔지 알아?(Do you know what bread I like best?) )
naega jaeil jowahaneun bbang monji ara? 

무슨 빵?(What bread?) )
museun bbang?

오빵~(Oppa~)(coquettish tone)

Korean Love Words| 10. The best wine in the world

세상에서 제일 맛있는 술은 무슨 술입니까?(What is the best wine in the world?) )
sesang-eseo jaeil masineun seuleun museun sul imika?

너의 입술(Your lips)
neo eui im seul

Note: The Korean word for "wine" is the same as the lip "lip" "술"

Picture| stills from "Weightlifting Goblin Kim Bok Joo"

After reading the above Korean native love story special, have you learned it?
Through these lines, you and your lover can add some fun to your daily life, and you may wish to share this special with your friends for a meaty and romantic earthy love story challenge!