"Taiwan's Strongest Women Forum" Women Fans 2023 Global Women Impact Summit (GWIS) will be held on March 18, 2023, through a series of curated content, life stories, workshops and forums, to lead everyone to create box-breaking power, here are 5 reasons why you must attend!

What change do you want to bring to the year?

In the post-epidemic era, many newcomers in society are eager to try entrepreneurship and job changes, but also look back at their own influence, eager to re-recognize themselves and help them grow. In response to these troubles and challenges, women's fans will lead everyone to create box-breaking power through the 2023 Global Women Impact Summit (GWIS) series of curatorial content, life stories, workshops and forums on March 18.

If you want to breathe new energy into your life at the moment but don't know where to start, here are 5 aspects to give you some inspiration!

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Highlight 1: How to start a business? Just listen to the best female force forum in Taiwan GWIS!

Entrepreneurship is a difficult road, GWIS speaker and co-founder of U Store Zhou Mengxuan admitted that the days after entrepreneurship can only be described in four words, that is-life is so difficult!

The entrepreneurial process from zero to some is full of uncertainty, GWIS speakers teach them how to accumulate themselves and become future entrepreneurial energy in the existing workplace experience, so that they can accumulate certain hard skills and then bravely embark on new career challenges!

Guo Youqi, Chief Operating Officer of Alpha Camp, has built a new brand of program education, from Taiwan to abroad, from large companies to small companies, from excellent workplace executives to parents, and has made her accumulate a tenacious mentality and thinking, teach soft skills that are not easy to be eliminated by the environment, and methods to maintain workplace competitiveness.

If you are a new person who has just stepped into the society, you can also learn from the speaker's rich workplace experience sharing to obtain future career development directions and goals, and find the motivation to continue to work this road.

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Highlight 2: How to stop feeling lost? GWIS Speakers at Taiwan's Best Women's Forum give you peace of mind by sharing their own experiences!

Whether in the workplace or on the way to study, we will inevitably fall into a state of confusion and cannot find the meaning of what we do. At this time, choosing to give up is easy, but it does not solve the problem. What we need at this moment is to learn to live with our own vulnerability and develop resilience.

Listeners who have participated in GWIS in the past shared: "GWIS is really a gentle and broad tolerance, inclusive of diversity, creating a comfortable space for everyone, and everyone can become a warm force for others in the face of unknown things and issues."

If you still have too many questions about your life, Dr. Shi Cen-yi, "Mountain Chief" of Xincun Fang College, will share her experience in running a school in a small town, share her way to return to her heart, understand herself, and take the initiative to create an environment and opportunity for her growth!

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Highlight 3: How to get out of your comfort zone? Listen to Taiwan's Best Women's Forum GWIS Find Courage!

Every year, many people say that their lives are stuck and they don't know if they are walking in the right direction? Don't know if it's a waste of your time? There are also many activities and books that tell you how to "find talent and passion", why is it useless to attend 101 courses and read 1001 books?

Because when you still think in the old framework, the old experience to look at yourself, and lack the thinking of the frame-breaker, you are actually trapped by your own thinking, not by the environment, not by the current job.  

GWIS will give you the soft power and hard courage to break through the framework, in which Huang Mingchang, the manager of ordinary production, leads you to face the pull of social values and self-realization from the experience of cross-cultural circles in the legal department, and at the same time find the courage to change the runway and cross fields.

Women's fans invite you to create the courage to take the first step in your comfort zone and create a new situation in your life with a group of partners who also want to act bravely for themselves.

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Highlight 4: How to break through the bottleneck of creation? Find like-minded partners from GWIS, Taiwan's Best Women's Forum!

In the field of creation, what you are most afraid of is the exhaustion of inspiration and the bottleneck of creation. In the face of these negative emotions, we must learn to see not only the negative, but also the changes that have been made.

GWIS can bring you not only pure spiritual healing, but we provide you with your mental methods and techniques from the inside out from body and mind to implementation, and accompany each reader to find the first mile of change or breakthrough! At the same time, through their diverse and moving life experiences, they can see different standards and possibilities in life.

Testimonials from previous participants: "Through the real sharing and connection of GWIS, we can all be more courageous to become better selves, and join hands with our partners around us to become the light of the night, be a person who has the courage to support ourselves and support others, and one day can illuminate others."

Also a creator, Chen Jieyao, director of the aboriginal film "Ha Yong House", shared her process of trying to reverse stereotypes and create empathetic "Taiwanese memories" through her own filmmaking experience, encouraging everyone to bravely tell their stories.

In addition, this year's GWIS pioneered Starlight Exchange Night, allowing all participants to break the ice and have in-depth exchanges with speakers and talk about the bittersweet and bitter road of creation and entrepreneurship. I hope this time will bring you not only time to listen, but also to think and act.

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Highlight 5: How to focus on yourself? Learn from GWIS Ambassador Liu Pinyan how to return to your heart!

This year, GWIS invited Liu Pinyan, an idol singer turned powerful actor, as an event ambassador, who once suspended her acting career and went to France to study alone, get rid of everyone's attention, and focus on herself again

Through her study abroad experience and career choices, we can get a way to focus on ourselves and return to our hearts in the environment of information explosion.

At the same time, P.Seven fragrance designer Pan Yuqing will also share the methods of cultivating concentration through "internal" and "external" learning, and through seeing the creativity of life, so that life and oneself can achieve mutual nourishing effects.

"Here anyone can become the power of others or the light in the darkness, have the healing power of the rainbow after heavy rain, take this power back to life, and become themselves fearlessly."

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After reading the above reasons why you must come to GWIS 2023 Global Women's Impact Forum, are you itching? Early bird tickets are about to close at 23:55 on March 16, 2023, heart is not as good as action, click here to see more information about the 2023 Global Women's Impact Forum! Whether you sign up alone or with friends, the most worthwhile investment in the first quarter of this year is to invest in yourself and give yourself a chance to grow outside the box!

List of GWIS speakers at the Global Women's Impact Forum 2023:

  • Event Ambassador: Liu Pinyan
  • Frame-breaking leadership: Yafang Lin, General Manager of Google Taiwan, and Xipeng Lu, Distinguished Professor of Information Management at National Taiwan University of Science and Technology
  • Economic choice: Chen Jiaru, founder of Finance M Square
  • Physical Mobility: Space Cycle Yoga Teacher Rucy 
  • Technology Action: ALPHA Camp Co-Founder & Chief Operating Officer Guo Youqi
  • Choose action: Hu Lingxuan, General Manager of Swire Coca-Cola Taiwan
  • Happy Creativity: Huang Xiaochuan, the head of the "Funny Girl" troupe, Xu Yifei, the founder of Heguangli, and Liu Zhongwei, the writer
  • Diverse relationships: Chen Kaixiang, co-founder of One-forty, Chen Jieyao, director of the Atayal ethnic group of "Hayong Family", and Su Xuanhui, director of Pucheng Psychology Hall
  • Happy Kinetics: Ryan RayRay
  • Momentum of creation: P.Seven founder Pan Yuqing, illustrator Chen Jingrong, ordinary production founder Huang Mingchang, Xincun Fang College founder Shi Cenyi, Unpackaged. U co-founder Zhou Mengxuan